A guy was shot while driving in southwestern Charlotte.

Cops also said the incident took place about seven p.m. To S. Tryon Road just off Remount Lane.

The guy told the police that he has just parked his car when he got shot. He had a minor bullet injury on his foot and had been taken to a medical facility.

Strong cop operation was on Barringer Road, at surrounding Rebellion Estate.

No charges have been bought yet.

No further details were given.

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2 individual expired on a separate crashes in Charlotte on Monday, cops claim.

The first collision occurred just around 5:30 pm on Lees Crossing Drive in northeastern Charlotte.

Cops also confirmed a car has lost all control and entered the wrong lane. The person was admitted to the hospital and died afterward.

The other accident occurred when an S.U.V smashed into an eastern Charlotte house on Cello Row.

Emergency medical officers stated that 1 person was declared dead within the building, and 2 others have been hospitalized.

Authorities say they 're trying to gather further details about the accident.

No further detail has been given yet.

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As per Physician, a guy is badly injured after he is hit by a vehicle in northwestern Charlotte.

Officers rushed to the incident along Beatties Ford Rd between Ave East and the intersection with the highways 85 and 77.

The doctor also said the individual has been transported with severe injury to Novant Healthcare Primary.

There were no more specifics published at this point.

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Cops inquiring after 2 different murders in northwest Charlotte late Friday.

Inspectors first replied nearly at Nine p.m. to Hoskins Street in northwestern Charlotte.

Policemen said that a neighbor who knew the victim called Emergency asking cop. When cops came inside of the rented house, they discovered Cashona Tate, 39, killed inside.

Officials did not say what resulted in the tragedy, and did not release the details of Tate death. No one charged.

The secondary inquiry was held shortly after 9:30 p.m. In Vice-Court.

When police officers arrived, they discovered Paul Belsham, 65, killed within the house.

Crime Stoppers and officers on the murder scene arrived to carry out an inquiry and obtain information.

Ultimately a preliminary inquiry showed Belsham was killed — he had been stabbed repeatedly during an attack.

Officials did not know what prompted the attack and no one was charged

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Hendrix Motors

I applied forr Accounts Payable position through Addison Group Ms. Emily. I went to an in person interview with V.P. Finance and Controller all went very good. they asked me to make up some new was of doing Accounts Payable. I emailed the V.P. of Finance and Controller to advise I took a position with Goodwill and wanted to remove my name for their position. They wrote back thank me for my time and the information I sent to revamp the Accounts Payable position showed leadership and very maticial thinking. Then V.P. of Finance called Ms. Emily of Addison Group and told her how unprofessional I was and They will never do business with Addison Group again. Ms. Emily call me to see what happened. Ms. Emily advise me she had to drop me as a client and my 10 year relation ship was over.

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Goodwill Industries

I applied for an Accounts Payable position. I received and viedo interview with Ms. Henry and V.P of Finance. Three weeks later got email invite to see facility and reviefew Accounts Payable position. My experience of 35 years in Accounting field made me think this was the perfict oppturnity. I went to office and stood out side the building 45 mintues before the security officer allowed me in. Ms. Henry came down stairs and signed me in. We walked to the second floor and started our walk of the office, she showed me my desk the computor system and said the job was mine and I had to wait 2 weeks for the payroll syscle and would receive a offer letter and laptop to work from home. I waited two weeks and sent email to Ms. Henry to find out were my offer letter and laptop were. Ms. Henry and V.P of Finance sent email back you did not get the job.The next day the Director of employment Chip Bryan called me and said I was one of three candities and I did not get the job because I was 45 minutes late to interview and I brought personal effects to office. I tod him that is a silly excuse and who did get the position? Mr. Briant replied no one. They have relisted the position and look for better candiates. I said thank you I gave up two jobs Drypro and Hendrix Moters and now in jeporty of lossing my dream Mountain Cabin . He said that was the cost of doing business.

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Officials are interrogating after an individual died in a workplace incident involving a forklift in northern Charlotte on Thursday afternoon.

It occurred around Eight o'clock in the morning, Cops informed local news channel. On the Long Creek Park Road, seemingly situated at the Bic factory.

It's unknown what contributed to the death of the worker, or whether anybody else got injured.

No identities were published.

O.S.H.A was called upon to ask.

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On the coins, a woman is depicted as a symbol of the struggle in Ukraine, as a symbol of the struggle in Ukraine, a defense against Russian occupiers. In this way, the United States increased the support of Ukrainian defenders and the efforts of Ukrainians to defend their independence and sovereignty.

On one of the coins, a woman is engraved, behind which a Ukrainian ensign develops, and on the other, she is encased in a black-yellow color. The women's hair is embellished with flowers and dormouse, like they are trimmed in their hands. For the creation of coins, they took the sketches of the artist and medalist Adolf Oleksandr Weinman “Freedom, what to go”.

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Do you toss and turn in bed every night? Do you watch the clock as your wake-up time mercilessly approaches and only manage to fall asleep at some point in the morning? Have you been counting sheep for hours and still can't sleep?

Everybody sometimes can't fall asleep. The problem is when this condition lasts a long time or recurs frequently.

Professionally, the condition where you cannot fall asleep is called insomnia. It is dangerous and it is not pleasant to play with it. Sleep is vital for a person. A person suffering from insomnia cannot fall asleep or wakes up frequently.

Common symptoms are:

- difficulty falling asleep at night.

- waking up early in the morning without the ability to go back to sleep.

- frequent nighttime awakenings

- night watch, confusion of day and night

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Prostate enlargement usually occurs in men with age. The enlargement can be benign or malignant.

If classified as benign, the enlarged prostate is called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As for whether it is malignant, it will lead to prostate cancer.

Although it does not endanger the life of the victim, the complaints that arise due to an enlarged prostate are very disturbing activities.

Some people who have an enlarged prostate will feel dissatisfied when urinating.

Symptoms can include a weak urinary stream, increased frequency of urination, frequent awakenings at night, and an inability to hold back the urge to urinate.

In severe cases, an enlarged prostate can cause urinary retention, which is a condition in which a person is unable to excrete urine that is in the bladder.

To overcome the prostate, whether to surgery? Actually, the action to treat this condition depends on the severity.

The main goal of treating an enlarged prostate is to improve the patient's quality of life. The therapy offered also varies, depending on the severity of the symptoms experienced.

To determine the severity, the doctor will perform a series of tests including:

- International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) test score.

- Lab tests, such as urinalysis, prostate- specific antigen (PSA), and kidney function.

- Urophlometry (evaluation of the urine stream), calculation of residual urine.

- Images of the prostate that can be an ultrasound exam.

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EDK Media attends a film, music and dance workshop in Umlazi

Ezase Durban Media KZN better known as EDK Media is a Film and TV production company established back in 2011, based in the heart of Durban KwaZulu-Natal. It offers a variety of services including: TV Presenting Training, Photoshoots, TV Shows, Documentaries, Events management and many more.

On Friday the 15th of July 2022, EDK Media production team attended an art workshop in Umlazi, the south eastern part of KwaZulu-Natal which was held in Umlazi Cinema Hall.

The event was solely based on ways that the youth could utilize to venture into the corporate sector and the entertainment industry. The gap has been identified, that the youth is seeking employment rather than self employment. With the unemployment rate at its peak in South Africa, it is crystal clear that having a degree does not automatically translate to employment.

Dignitaries and speakers from different places graced the event with their presence, amongst which Mr Xolani Dlamini, the founder and event organizer of Urban Arts Entertainment attended. Menzi Theo (executive director of EDK Media), Bella Mnyandu and Smangele Sokhela commended the event organizers for pulling off such a great event in such a short space of time.

We still have a long way ahead to ensure that our government is democratically accountable for its people and for the young people to be granted equal opportunity. We're hopeful that events of this nature make a dent.

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