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The SpaceX spacecraft landed successfully for the first time, but later exploded.

Flight tests of the Starship prototype were first interrupted shortly before takeoff, about one second before launch, due to too much thrust of one of the engines. On the second attempt, it was launched - at 18:14.

He flew to a height of 10 km, then made a successful landing. It was the first successful landing of the Starship prototype, but then exploded.

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Marjorie Taylor Green promoted baseless QAnon conspiracy theories and supported violence against Democrats.

Before the vote, she said that she regretted her views, including the brutal shootings in schools.

Eleven Republicans also voted to exclude Green.

According to the vote, the congresswoman, who represents the district in southern Georgia, will not be able to take her place on the education and budget committees.

This limited her ability to shape policy, as most legislation goes through a committee before reaching the House. The positions of the committees can determine the influence of individual legislators on their party.

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The launch of the 18th batch of satellites into space took place on Thursday, February 4.

The launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle took place from the SLC-40 site at Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA).

The first stage of this launch vehicle has already been used four times in the past: in two Starlink missions, in satellite launch missions for the US armed forces and in orbiting the Turkish satellite Turksat-5A.

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Scientists from Yale University (USA) have proven that anything is possible, reports Yale News.

Researcher Merinelle Vazquez and her research team have created a robot that can customize the emotional interaction between photographer and subject. In particular, a robot can relax a person and tune in to sincere emotions.

The robot photographer is made in a retro-futuristic style. He also has “eyes” on the touchscreen programmed to interact with people.

“The look is what naturally attracts a person, and our robot has eyes that help bring its attention to users,” she said.

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are getting ready for a pair of 6.5-hour spacewalks on Jan. 27 and Feb. 1 to upgrade science and communications gear on the station

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WES MOORE EXPOSED: Lies and Left-Wing Lunacy, Militant Marxism and Race Hustling

IF YOU WANT A GRIFTER FOR GOVERNOR and An Enemy of the State, Go Ahead and Vote for Wes Moore.

Did You Know?

* He lied for years about where he was born in order to curry favor with Baltimoreans, the core of his Leftist constituency.


His actual place of birth was Washington, DC or in his first place of residence, Takoma Park, Maryland, as his website now attests -

* He's only spent a relatively trivial amount of time in Baltimore, and only because of his studies at Johns Hopkins. A portion of his college career was spent abroad in South Africa -

* He's backed by George Soros - the Hungarian but Globalist billionaire who spends his fortune meddling in the political and social affairs of other nations.

Wes's charitable foundation, Robin Hood, funded in large part by Soros, has come under fire. It's difficult to determine what its specific objectives have been, or, how it has actually helped those who would be its clients.

Incidentally, it's reported that Wes draws an annual salary from the organization of $900,000.


* He advocates for open borders and using massive amounts of revenue, both from private donors and taxpayers, to afford newly-arrived migrants with subsidies such as food stamps and Medicaid.

It ensures that those persons will eventually be Democrat voters - because voting for the opposite party when the opportunity comes to cast the ballot would be like biting the hand that feeds them.

* He concerns himself with issues of race when we would do better in being a colorblind society. Dr. Martin Luther King said that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

* He's a definite Marxist. There are cues in the language he uses - such as the term "Anti-Racist". (It's Ibram X. Kendi's favorite -

His aim is to Indict The System, overhaul it entirely, and punish those members, especially the police, who do the most to make it function.

He would have Qualified Immunity removed, so that cops would be prosecuted or sued for the ordinary acts of force necessarily used to properly defend against violent assailants who resist arrest.

He seeks to defund the police, and reroute that funding to social workers. He would send them in place of the officers, to be potentially stabbed and / or shot.

See and

* He used the other Wes Moore, and threw him away, like a dirty Kleenex.

After weeks of pressing him for information on his life for the book, the free Wes stopped visiting, does not speak to the other, nor does he send any form of support.

The book, which contains numerous discrepancies according to persons named within it, is here to obtain in PDF form without cost -

* He is denounced by both families directly involved in the tragedy that launched this controversy.

The other Wes Moore's relatives, and that of Officer Profero, would prefer that he stop exploiting the images of their loved ones, and invading (by proxy through press conferences) the precious little privacy they've had since the scandal first broke.

In fact, the other Wes's community, led by his uncle, has asked that Wes Moore step down.


* He is endorsed by the embattled Biden Administration and Hillary Clinton (who now wants to blame Paul Pelosi's attack, committed by a Nudist, on "MAGA Extremists").

Both said entities are overly controversial in their own right, and represent their own perceived or actual forms of extremism.

Clinton is the author of the Russia Collusion Hoax - - and Biden is noted as the most authoritarian President we've ever had - issuing several hardline Executive Orders that were challenged in court as being unlawful - in particular his "Jabs for Jobs" imposition.

It would likely be Wes's plan to reinstate lockdowns, shutdowns and / or mask mandates, and possibly to mandate vaccine passports. It's been his requirement that we be vaccinated to attend his rallies.


It appears that Wes's desire is to violate the larger portion of our Constitutional rights.

We don't need that kind of "leadership". It's Dictatorship.

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