The SpaceX spacecraft landed successfully for the first time, but later exploded.

Flight tests of the Starship prototype were first interrupted shortly before takeoff, about one second before launch, due to too much thrust of one of the engines. On the second attempt, it was launched - at 18:14.

He flew to a height of 10 km, then made a successful landing. It was the first successful landing of the Starship prototype, but then exploded.


Marjorie Taylor Green promoted baseless QAnon conspiracy theories and supported violence against Democrats.

Before the vote, she said that she regretted her views, including the brutal shootings in schools.

Eleven Republicans also voted to exclude Green.

According to the vote, the congresswoman, who represents the district in southern Georgia, will not be able to take her place on the education and budget committees.

This limited her ability to shape policy, as most legislation goes through a committee before reaching the House. The positions of the committees can determine the influence of individual legislators on their party.


The launch of the 18th batch of satellites into space took place on Thursday, February 4.

The launch of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle took place from the SLC-40 site at Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA).

The first stage of this launch vehicle has already been used four times in the past: in two Starlink missions, in satellite launch missions for the US armed forces and in orbiting the Turkish satellite Turksat-5A.


Scientists from Yale University (USA) have proven that anything is possible, reports Yale News.

Researcher Merinelle Vazquez and her research team have created a robot that can customize the emotional interaction between photographer and subject. In particular, a robot can relax a person and tune in to sincere emotions.

The robot photographer is made in a retro-futuristic style. He also has “eyes” on the touchscreen programmed to interact with people.

“The look is what naturally attracts a person, and our robot has eyes that help bring its attention to users,” she said.



are getting ready for a pair of 6.5-hour spacewalks on Jan. 27 and Feb. 1 to upgrade science and communications gear on the station

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