The Office of Public policy at the Town of El Paso records another extra COVID-19 incident, for an increase of 9 incidents. In his 60s the individual is a man and workers are examining potential underlying health issues.

The Town also records nine (9) confirmed cases of COVID-19 taking the total area amount to 540. Positive incidents involve 278 women and 262 men in El Paso City; see the corresponding illustrations and graph. There have been 38 admitted cases, and actually Thirteen (13) among those admitted are in Intensive care unit.

"Each moment we announce increased death certificates, whether they are nine, twenty or fifty, bear in mind that such recent cases imply that our group has a better opportunity for publicity. It is particularly problematic for those who might have existing disabilities, "Dr. Hector Ocaranza, Healthcare Association Town / District says. "In the fight with this outbreak we can't afford to be paranoid and risking the lives of those who are vulnerable. You need to remain at home whenever we request you to remain at home.

COVID-19 is transmitted by spreading germs, physical contact such as shaking hands, contacting a disease layer and instead contacting the eyes, nose and mouth. There are quick measures anyone can take to prevent keep them from propagating: Clean your hands regularly for at least Twenty sec with washing with soap. If there is no warm water accessible, using a sanitizer dependent on the alcohol.

Do not contact your lips, your nose or your mouth via dirty hands.

Remove personal interaction with patients.

Remain at home, stop big crowds, head only out for important business / functions.

Protect with a tissue around every sneeze, then drop the tissues in the garbage.

Sometimes affected items and structures are washed and disinfected.

Population health authorities tend to advise people when conducting important duties or activities using face coverings. The Prevention (CDC) recommends that the use of plain face coverings in fabric may reduce the progression of the disease by supporting people who might have the virus and don't know it pass this to others.

Illnesses and indications of COVID-19 involve fatigue, coughing and shortness of breath. When such conditions are not getting better, notify your healthcare professional or seek medical help.



1 El-Paso mom sit tight 2 weeks before obtaining returns for a COVID-19 check she had given after she developed indications for the disease.

Mother of 2, Leslie_Collins informed K.T.S.M she was checked at the M.D Clinical community ride-thru research clinic in north east El-Paso at the start of this month however didn't obtain her outcomes after she was informed she would.

"I initially contacted them previous Wed wondering where my tests were yet still no reports Friday I contacted again, yet no reports, I informed them it has been 10 days that's crazy, they told me they'd get in contact with a director to contact me and yet nothing, they actually never return to me," Collin stated.

She described to MD Clinical that she had been going to obtain reports 3-5 days after the study, which later turned into 7 to 10 days and instead 10 to 14 days respectively.

"I pleaded for documents because my spouse had been away for 2 weeks, he wasn't going to get employed without documentation... they said 'yeah we're going to send it to you, no send they actually never got around to me," Collins stated.

It was not till K.T.S.M became interested in the circumstance of Collins that MD Clinical sent her COVID-19 results of the test to Collin.

M.D Clinical informed KTSM that even more than 5 thousand clinicians have been screened for the disease, and that human intervention is possible.


Corona cases in El Paso increased to 301, Thankfully death count stood at 3

The El Paso State Health Unit verified Seventeen latest positive corona cases on Weekend, increasing the cumulative count to 318, but no new deaths recorded.

According to Doctor. Hector of State Health Unit stated, "the number of positive corona people are grown and will keep on to grow, however, we're grateful that we have not recorded new fatalities and all of us keep on being positive of the fact that general public will adhere to the warnings to make sure you to be home more and not travel until it is completely necessary."


EP County chief says 2020 Census could give El Paso more COVID-19 test units

First of April is Census Day in El Paso and under typical conditions, there would have been an open opening shot occasion downtown. Be that as it may, much like the remainder of the U.S., endeavors have moved to internet-based life.

It’s a well-known fact there is a predetermined number of coronavirus test packs, be that as it may, El Paso County Commissioner David Stout said more could be made accessible in the borderland relying upon the consequence of the 2020 registration.

"We are losing cash every day since we're saddling elements. Individuals are not out devouring as they consistently seem to be. They're not purchasing vehicles, not eating at cafés, not visiting lodgings," said Stout.

All due to the citywide exertion to battle the spread of COVID-19.

"Which implies we will have less cash to have the option to spend it on things like our emergency clinics, parks, streets and extensions, veterans," said Stout. "The evaluation is constantly significant above all else in light of the fact that the cash that the government sends down to every network is legitimately identified with the populace size."

Ten years back, El Paso had a 72 percent reaction rate.


EP company providing electricity grants USD 30,000 to an NGO as response aid for pandemic.

In order to aid locality in the prevalence of COVID19, authorities with EP-Electric declared the financial grant of USD 30,000 as response aid for pandemic made by the EP-Community Foundation and other associated non-governmental organizations. According to the company’s authorities, USD 10,000 will be provided to every establishment.

Y. Tracy, CEO of one of these NGO states that the Paso del Norte Community Foundation is amazingly appreciative of the liberal commitment El Paso Electric has made to the COVID-19 Fund.

He also added that El Paso Electric is a colossal network accomplice and as they have done ordinarily previously, they're showing altruistic administration and assisting with supporting the absolute most powerless populaces during this upsetting and testing time for everybody in our locale.

An OC for UW of Southwest New Mexico elaborated that our people group, locally and abroad, is confronting a degree of the affliction that is almost unmeasured by any past overall occasion, which is the reason our reaction as a people should be joined together and incredible.

One more officer elaborated on these details by saying, without precedent for every one of our associations' history, we have banded together to make the 'not-revenue driven secret stash' to intensify our help across southern side El Paso Electric's gift to the store gives the generous authority our locale needs to help defeat this difficulty.

EPE will likewise be coordinating half of every single money related commitment made by the utility's workers to their preferred network establishment.


El Paso Shooting Incident Under Investigation

The El Paso Police Department is investigating a shooting incident that took place on a Saturday morning in the east city suburbs. The injured party of the shooting was a teenager who got shot in the unpleasant event and rushed to the hospital right after to get his injuries taken care of. The Police have been on surveillance since the occurrence took place as people reported similar cases in the neighbourhood as well. As of now, it was told by the public relations department of the city Police that the culprit of the first shooing has been caught and is in the custody of the Police department. Further inquiry is being carried out on the crime scene and the offender is also being questioned to find out the reason behind this shooting. It is also reported that the police is trying to find a link between the first shooting and other shootings that happened in the city. The whole matter is being investigated at the moment.


Number rises in El Paso, Texas

Like every other city of every other country in the world, COVID-19 has clutched masses of El Paso, Texas state of the United States of America in the tight grip of its claws, with the sum number of cases rising each passing day. This Sunday, the city reported a total of 35 people who had contracted the virus among which 21 were females and 14 were males. Breaking down the cases in age groups we gathered that the most receptive age group to catch the virus was of the people who were in their 30's. The next most receptive group whose members tested positive for the virus was the one which had people who were in their 20's. The rest of the age groups i.e. of teenagers, people in their 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's accounted for only 1 or 2 cases for each age segment. One of the local doctors; Dr. Ocaranza had already given a heads-up to expect the spread of the virus and a swell in the number of people who test positive. He further clarified that there was a need in times like such for the community to play their part and shape their behaviour accordingly that would aid in preventing the spread of this disease. Carrying out preventive measures like regularly sanitising hands, taking care of personal hygiene, practising social distancing with a safe distance will help, he said.


El Paso resident in New Mexico faces abduction and rape charges

El Paso man stands behind jail the crime he did last week in Anthony, New Mexico.

Delira is accused of abduction, unlawful sexual assault, and communications intervention after a Doña Ana County sheriff's department investigating the case.

Details have been minimal but authorities are informing that Delira was brought into detention by USA Marshalls ' Department and El Paso Police Force at his house in West El Paso on Saturday.

He is currently kept in El Paso County Detention Facility without bail, awaiting trial in New Mexico.


Local community questions on El Paso Electric powered sales in general public conferences

EL PASO- The very first of 2 general public conferences regarding the sales regarding El Paso Electrical just ended on Tues.

It was truly the very first face-to-face conversation the organization looking to purchase El Paso Electric powered acquired together with the local community.

This arrives precisely 1 week from the date the El Paso Metropolis Local authority or council is going to vote yeah or no for the sales.

For approximately 2 hours, El Paso Electric powered and also the National infrastructure Investment Fund offered an in-depth talk about the details of the merging, all those getting:

If the head office it's still in El Paso and 2 of the Ten board members are going to need to be local community members and present panel members for El Paso Electric


El Paso: 3 main streets are getting upgraded

In El Paso, there are three major streets getting under-upgrade program because due to the absence of

As soon as the sun sets- streets start to get dark- very much dark

According to resident said: It is true that due to lack streetlights, public face the problem

Considering this issue City Council has directed to upgrade

Street-lights will be installed in those three streets

Throughout east El Paso, the road from Lee Trevino will be Pelicans Road, heading west to Interstate 425.

Railroad Route via Mccombs Street to Interstate 425 in the north of El Paso.

According to resident: Sometimes when I get late, it's very dark here particularly without streetlights

According to a neighbor: We have no streetlights here, perhaps only one

For all 3 projects streetlights, signs and landscaping are expected to cost more than $8.5 billion.


El PASO, Texas — The new sandwich company is in El Paso and is ready to serve the Sun City.

Jersey Mike unveiled its new location at West Town Marketplace on North Desert Blvd.

To mark the launch, Jersey Mike is giving away 7,500 free sub coupons while they last.

The chain, with 2,000 restaurants across the country, is known for its fresh-sliced and fresh-grilled subways.

This is the first Jersey Mike site in El Paso.


A woman's family killed in a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, attempts to stop hatred of the Hispanic community by suing 8chan and the family of the suspected shooter.

Angelina Englisbee's children filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in El Paso district court, one of the 22 people killed on August 3 after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart store in El Paso.

"They have a very important purpose: to stop the hatred. We want to send a message that they will be held accountable to domestic terrorists," said Jim Scherr, an attorney representing the siblings. The Englisbee siblings say that Patrick Crusius ' parents and grandparents fostered an atmosphere that promoted hate crimes and tolerated guns in the home of Crusius despite his "dangerous propensities," the lawsuit said.


EL PASO, Texas — The eighth person convicted of brutal dismemberment of a missing man's death was sentenced to 60 years in prison on Tuesday.

The sentencing of Adrian Herrera came one day after he was found guilty by a jury of engaging in organized criminal activity and manipulating a corpse and other evidence. The conviction stemmed from the death in Sept. 2016 of 33-year-old Anthony Trejo in what was believed to be a drug-bound gang-related killing. Authorities said Trejo had been kidnapped, beaten to death, dismembered and dumped in a desert area northeast of El Paso. Steven Ramirez, currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for his involvement in the killing, told police that "La Linea," which is "the enforcement arm of a Juarez drug cartel," was carrying out the death of Trejo. He said Trejo was on the blacklist of the cartel and "needed to be removed with the other trash."


EL PASO, Texas — A high school educator is facing driving charges while intoxicated following an early Saturday morning crash. Samuel Ignacio Rodriguez was detained at 2845 Beachcomber Way, east of El Paso, at about 3:15 a.m.

Rodriguez is a science teacher at Horizon High School, according to officials in the Clint Independent School District. Officials with Clint ISD said they could not provide additional information because it is a matter of personnel.

A plywood board is all that remains of Esmeralda Mata's living room wall after a collision early Saturday morning brought her fiance's truck home crashing. While the couple wants the person behind the wheel to be held accountable, they also want to feel safe in their home again.

Just after 3 o'clock. Saturday, Esmeralda Mata and Martin Garcia thought their house was falling apart. "We were startled by a very loud crash," Garcia said.


MEMPHIS, Tenn .— A 21-year-old soldier from Memphis was killed at a house party in El Paso, Texas, the weekend is reported by the authorities.

O, Spc. Since 2018, DeAngelo Monteza Meriweather, a specialist in information technology, has been stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. El Paso police say he and four other individuals were shot early on Saturday morning, but Meriweather did not survive.

Once Meriweather joined the army in 2017, he followed in the footsteps of both his mother and his uncle, who also served in the armed forces. "Originally, he didn't want to do the military," said his son, Donald Meriweather.

But it's Spc. Eventually, Meriweather had a change of heart. In his short career in the Army, he received numerous decorations and was sent to South Korea before being sent to Fort Bliss. He was at a house party in El Paso on Saturday morning, when a fight broke out, his dad said he had been informed.


In a White House reception, Chris Grant was honored for his "courage," but police say video evidence "does not support the assertions of Mr. Grant."

A Texas man who was honored by President Donald Trump for his "courage, character, and strength" on Monday was "defective" when he told a reporter he had bravely tried to thwart the shooter at an El Paso Walmart last month, according to the police officers.

I did what any good man would have done, Chris Grant told CNN's Chris Cuomo from his bed in hospital, following the August. 3 shooting that left 22 people are dead. He said when he heard the fires, he shielded his mother as he ushered her to safety and then he decided to confront the shooter.

"I started throwing random bottles at him," he said. "I'm not a baseball player, so one went this way, one went that way." But he said one of the bottles hit the shooter, who then targeted and fire him.

Grant was wounded, but El Paso Police Department spokesperson Enrique Carrillo told NBC News that "Mr. Grant provided a defective account of the actions he took."

Carrillo said that hours of surveillance footage reviewed by detectives "does not help Mr. Grant’s assertions."

We are not demeaning his reaction, which are of basic human instincts, but they amount to an act of self-preservation and nothing above that, Carrillo said.


On Friday the Texas Supreme Court terminated an emergency order that prevented El Paso from the destruction of structures in the Duranguito Historic District, where the community wants to build the city's multi-functional downtown arena.

He and J.P said that Max Grossman, an architectural historian at El Paso who had been battling the city for years to save Duranguito. Bryan was disappointed with the decision of the Court of Appeal, the retired Houston oilman who paid for much of the court fight. "Without a fight, El Paso's birthplace will not be destroyed," Grossman said.

"We have other ideas, which I am not free to discuss," said Grossman. "The area of Duranguito is nearly completely abandoned." He said that the town would seek to start demolition. The town has invested fewer than 12 million dollars in the purchase of homes and businesses in the area. It also compensated the renter in other parts of the city to move to new houses.  

Grossman's petition requesting the court to review the lower court decision allowing sporting events in the arena is still pending before the Texas Supreme Court. Grossmann's lawyers argue that the building of a sports arena is an unconstitutional 2019 use of the cash from the quality of life bond to create the venue. Voting for a 2012 bond-emitting vote approved the new venue, officially known as the multipurpose Cultural and Performing Arts Complex. The bond issue included 180 million dollars for the stadium, with around 15,000 seats being planned. But now city officials plan to cost approximately 250 million dollars.


EL PASO, Texas — A bad smell emitting" from a car parked outside the East El Paso hotel may be that of a dead person inside, police said Tuesday afternoon.

The discovery took place at El Paso Inn, 6210 Montana Avenue. Authorities stated that they believed that the body was inside the vehicle and suggested that the death was suspicious.

The policeman at the scene said that no one had yet been taken into custody. He stated that the investigators were looking to find out who the vehicle owner was and to determine how long it had been parked at the hotel.

OTHER_NEWS United States Of America

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