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The Undoing Nicole Kidman Elegant Dresses

One of the most fascinating clothes worn on The Undoing is Nicole Kidman Green coat. The Nicole Kidman’s Green coat was one of the elegant dresses worn on set by Nicole Kidman, who played the role of a married psychotherapist involved in a murder case. On set she was seen wearing her custom made green coat in the ‘heat’ of all of drama.

Nicole Kidman is an American-Australian actress with an incredible acting career and also a great sense of style. She has been one to prove that fashion is a form of expression, in season and out of season she has expressed herself time and time again. Her style cannot be explicitly defined because she is believed to be a “true style chameleon”. It is not coincidental that she would be seen on such alluring coat style as she starred in the latest HBO thriller series titled The Undoing. The fact that her choice of clothe blended well with her role and personality in the miniseries left many speechless and in awe of her professionalism, because both the coat and her charisma made a statement. Normally coats are not something random people take a fancy to, but this latest HBO series starring Nicole Kidman with her blazing coat collection -of which the green coat is inclusive- will definitely leave a positive impression on the minds of people about coats.

The Nicole Kidman Green coat has an earthly allure with a somewhat rough- looking texture that should normally contradict a classy look but doesn’t. The lined viscose, woolish velvet fabric is very distinctive yet appealing with its slouchy hood, serrated collar and buttoned closure. Its long sleeve, and open hem cuffs makes it very perfect for that graceful autumn look, and its overall length is all-shielding and all-protective. While some people may have their reservations about the Nicole Kidman Green coat, many find this bohemian beauty very daring and statement-making. Most coats are usually tailored to be a little oversize but not this green coat because has a perfect tailoring that makes it the best fit. The truth is every feature of this coat has its own fashion concept yet each concept mysteriously blends well, giving the coat an outlook of perfection. How is it possible that green would be the perfect autumn color or that the rough- looking texture would be simply chic?

There has been a lot of controversy about this coat even between renowned fashion specialists as to whether it deserves such appraisals being showered on it. Some would argue that the whole coat style had an issue while some sincerely thought it was the green color, others didn’t just like it and the rest saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. While these fashion specialists were it, the Nicole Kidman Green coat was and still is widely gaining popularity and changing people’s perspective of the coat wardrobe. For most New Yorkers it is a trending plus one to their coat couture. Also ever since its appearance, it has been a perfect green coat reference for clothing lines and fashion stores for boosting the sale of what they also like to call the Nicole Kidman Green Coat.

The Nicole Kidman Green coat was well incorporated with her role as a millionaire therapist seeking some sort of closure. It is one of the boldest fashion statements made by the actress and continues to be an inspiration for many coat-makers. Seeing the effect that Nicole Kidman and her fashion style has on the public it would not come as a surprise to see her model top styles in the fashion industry.

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