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Free food distribution to West Ohau families; also an opportunity for food waste in the agricultural industry

Over a thousand boxes of food were offered out to families deprived at Waianae Mall on Saturday. The free food dissemination is likewise assisting with disposing of waste as coordinators state the shutdown of the travel industry and restaurants has prompted a more noteworthy open door for food squander in the farming business. They also mention that the number of families experiencing an absence of fundamental necessities and food uncertainty has ascended by half, in the course of these few months. The circumstance led the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box Program, which is interfacing nearby ranchers and farmers to food banks and different non-profits who may require those provisions.

Rich Bettini, CEO of Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, sponsored the event and said that few out of every odd network had encountered the infection similarly. In a lower salary network, they have lost their jobs. Some fundamental needs should be dealt with, and in Waianae, they are dealing with on their own.

Ham Produce and Seafood is one of the Hawaii-based organizations to get financing through the program. At present, it's working with nearby ranchers, for example, Aloun Farms, and Dole Food. Co. Hawaii to orchestrate almost 100,000 boxes of food and convey them to neighbourhood non-profits, who can help distribute them across the islands.

They'll be disseminated through June 30th.

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Visitors in Hawaii continuously increase

The count of tourists has consistently increased in the state. Hawaii has reopened its parks, beaches, trails and other outside spaces, but the authorities urge the public to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend safely. Everyone should wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash hands frequently. Gov. David Ige appeals to the people saying that as everybody remembers the sacrifices of the service officials, one must ensure the social distancing norms and connect with people keeping up with safe practices. As per Hawaii Tourism Authority, around 363 outsiders visited the state on Thursday and made up to 30% of 1203 total tourists. The count included 72% of 262 passengers who came to visit family or friends, 6% for vacation and 11% for business reasons. 332 residents, 140 airline crew members, 75 military personnel, 111 relocating to Hawaii, 151 transit passengers were also among the incoming passengers. Officers are urging people to follow the emergency orders, including gatherings of not more than ten people and six feet distance unless of the same family.

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Colorado visitor who broke quarantine elects to return home

As indicated by MPD, Ashley Ruth Degraaf, who was in search by Maui Police for not following the quarantine, has been in touch with the Maui Police Department and has consented to meet with officials. Degraaf demonstrated she saw the online life post concerning her abusing the 14-day travel isolate. Degraaf gave his statement and is helping out specialists. Degraaf has intentionally chosen to get back to Colorado.

The case is being sent to the Prosecutor's Officer for the survey. A guest from Colorado needed by police for defying isolate guidelines stays on Maui and still can't seem to hand herself over.

The lady giving ABC News a selective meeting shared her side of the story.

It's the side one does not regularly hear, and she's guaranteeing miscommunication.

Ashley Degraaf says she's been travelling on Maui with her sister.

She showed up from Colorado last Friday, and the two ladies have been remaining with a companion.

On Monday police gave a notification saying Degraaf had dropped her lodging reservations and they haven't had the option to get in touch with her since.

In the meeting, Degraaf conceded she didn't give specialists the location she's remaining at because her companion is awkward, revealing where he lives.

Degraaf proceeded to state her telephone quit working which prompted miscommunication that she's been dodging calls from police.

Those under the compulsory 14-day isolation must check in every day on an application or call.

Degraaf's sister says they've been enduring an onslaught from people in general with contrary messages towards them and she feels police should direct their concentration toward others.

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Consumers of Hawaii turn toward produce grown locally 

There has been a significant increase in the buying of produce grown locally, all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, an increase in the demand for produce pickup as well as delivery services is also witnessed.

Throughout the state, the farmers are the most hurt because of the shutting down of the hotels and the restaurants. However, a few operations have witnessed a huge increase in direct sales to consumers. This demand is so high that services can’t keep up.

Mainz along with her mother run 808 Organics, a 4-year-old company where locally grown fruits, vegetables and eggs are packed in produce boxes and then made available to be delivered or picked up as per the need. According to her, the order has now grown to two to five times because of the new coronavirus that hit Hawaii recently.

She also says that she does personal shopping for customers. Every week, it is her routine to pick up hundreds of pounds of produce from the which is grown on neighbour islands.

Currently, the waiting list is as high as 100 people. As of now, only one of her pickup locations —remains open - at Coffee Talk in Kaimuki.

The support will wane, she says, after the re-opening of the economy. However, she thinks that people will still seek out locally sourced produce.

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All the things you should know about Coronavirus on Sunday, May 17

As most of the cases had recovered and the virus mostly contained, China had started reopening. Life is returning to normal, and lockdowns are being loosened, and many schools and factories have opened.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan, one of the top medical advisers in the country, says that they fear a second wave of COVID-19 because it is not determined whether people develop immunity for the virus after contracting it.

One more reason for the worry, as recently eight sailors from the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt had been tested positive for the virus second time.

Zhong also told that Wuhan suppressed the first reports and the magnitude of the initial outbreak. "At the very beginning, they kept silent, and then I said probably we have (a larger) number of people being infected," he said.

New clusters of cases had emerged in China. More than 8,000 people were quarantined in Shulan on Friday.

Some cases for the second wave had also been observed from South Korea. The number of confirmed cases related to Seoul's nightclub cluster had reached 168.

Many leaders fear the second wave as they reopen the country for their economies. Still, people are getting impatient, and many protests were seen this weekend in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

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Hawaii struggling with quarantine enforcement to be followed by Travellers or tourists

A 23-year old New York boy, Tarique Peters, was arrested after heading to Hawaii when he did not follow the local quarantine regulations. This man posted his beach pictures on Instagram at a time when he is supposed to stay in isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Hawaii governor’s office made a statement that the man was taken into custody as he defied the mandatory 14-day quarantine rule of Hawaii and also for “unsworn falsification to authority”.

According to reports, the state has a total of 638 cases, and 17 have died. Also, few tourists have been arrested for violation of the quarantine rules.

As per the news discharge from the Hawaii Covid-19 Joint Information Center, Peters, 23-year old from Bronx borough of New York City, arrived in Honolulu. The release also informed that reportedly, he left the suite room on the day he arrived, and used public transport to travel to various places. The citizens who saw his Instagram posts- sunbathing, on the beach with the surfboard, strolling at night around Waikiki

During the isolation period, tourists or travellers are barred from leaving the hotel room or residence; they do not get any housekeeping facilities and food to be delivered needs to be arranged.

Authorities are striving to upgrade the enforcement quarantine as there are still various people entering the state. Hawaii Tourism Authority informed that recently, 252 visitors and 318 residents stepped in Hawaii. The state attorney General Clare also appreciated the support of the local people in reporting to the right authorities about people who are violating the emergency rules on social media.

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Tattoo business to remain closed in the next phase of reopening said Mayor

Many businesses are opening in this new phase of reopening, but one business still has to wait and continue its struggle. The niche body art industry and the artists who work in it have only the City and County of Honolulu's new Small Business Relief and Recovery Fund as a lifeline.

Anthony and Carey Hunter are in the tattoo business for more than 20 years and work for both local and tourist clients at Electric Paradise and Victorian Tattoo in Waikiki, West Coast Ink in Kapolei and Hula Girl Tattoo on Maui.

Like other businesses, they also pay taxes and need to have close contact with customers, but they all wonder why they had not received any help from the government.

Hunters work with dozens of independent artists, so have a plan to apply for the City of Honolulu's grant program, which gives needy businesses $10,000 for different expenses.

During the conference this week, by Mayor Calwell, the tattoo parlor would not be a part of the next reopening phase.

Mayor Caldwell said that the tattoo parlor leaves the customers at high risk and did not provide any timeline for them nut state lieutenant governor Josh Green said that beauty salon and spas might get reopened by the end of May.

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Missing teen’s body recuperated off Yokohama Bay

A missing teenage boy's body was discovered near Yokohama Bay on Wednesday morning, 13 May. Twelve officers were staffed in five units by The Honolulu Fire Department, responding to a diver’s missing report, off-shore of Yokohama Bay on Tuesday night, May 12; around 5:32 p.m. Reports say that the diver was a 15-year old boy, last spotted at 10 a.m.

Authorities attempted to locate the missing young person via air, by land, and underwater, however couldn't find him. Tasks were briefly suspended for the night at 7:49 p.m. and furthermore, continued on Wednesday morning from the start light, which was around 4:49 a.m. After over 12 hours of search, around 7:20 a.m., the body of the missing kid was recuperated 100 yards seaward. He was taken back to the land where he was recognized by his family.

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Hawaii gets funds from CBDG

Hawaii will be receiving more than $5 million to utilise for preventing, preparing and responding

to the virus.

The funds will be coming from Community Development Block Grants.

The money will be spent for the welfare of public health, housing and economic disruption

needs, testing, diagnosis, and treatment facilities.

Also to support new businesses or business expansion thus creating jobs and expanding


“The pandemic has exposed the deep divisions and inequality that are present in our nation. This

funding will help our state with flexible resources so each county can appropriately address the

needs of particularly vulnerable populations" said U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono.

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Walgreens to remain closed until June 1st

Walgreens company located on Keeaumoku Street and Kapiolani Blvd announced they will be

close until June 1 and gave the following statement "Walgreens has been operated our store

at 1488 Kapiolani Blvd for about 5 years and the decision to close was not easy. Please be as

that the community will remain well served by Walgreens. Prescription files will automatically

transfer to our store at 1121 S. Beretania St. Customers need to take no action; the transfer is

automatic and out teams at those stores look forward to serving them. We will continue to be

the strong community supporter Honolulu has known to be. Pharmacy patients will receive a

letter in the mail providing more information about their prescription records."

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Child and Family Service (CFS) organized an event named "Festival of Hope for Families" for people who suffered in these tough times

Child and Family Service (CFS) organized an event named "Festival of Hope for Families" in collaboration with First Hawaiian Bank. It was a drive-thru event that served hundreds of Leeward Oahu residents as a support to encourage them in the present conditions of Stay-at-home order.

The event had booths for groceries, chef-prepared meals, family-friendly activities, and more to help those who suffered due to COVID-19.

For the occasion of Mother's day, mom also received self-care items, cookies, and flowers in the event.

This event was made possible by the First Hawaiian Bank's $175,000 donation from the "Aloha for Hawaii" initiative.

"The Festival of Hope for Families offered our Leeward neighbors a fun way to safely leave their homes and receive the support they need during the pandemic," said Child and Family Service President and CEO Karen Tan. "We are so thankful to First Hawaiian Bank for their generous donation, and we are grateful to all the community partners that helped make this all possible. Today was about providing hope to families needing a positive lift as they cope with the stay-at-home, work-from-home orders. This community effort is a fantastic example of just how strong we are when we support each other."

CFS was also joined by some other organizations, including Aloha Diaper Bank, Aloha Harvest, Chef Hui, Domestic Violence Action Center, The Parent Line, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

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Local hospital and health service providers receive millions in federal coronavirus relief

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control, local hospitals and health service providers had received millions of dollars in the form of donation in federal coronavirus relief funding, and the amount of donation is still rising.

The money is being provided under the Provider Relief Fund, which was created in the CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act a few months back. A total of $175 billion was allocated in the fund. The amount to be distributed is based on a distribution formula for the hospital's total number of beds, patients testing positive for COVID-19, and some other criteria. H.H.S. is distributing these funds through the Health Resources and Services Administration.

According to the data on MAY 6, the top local recipients are:


Queens Medical Center: $21,995,964

Accredo Health Group: $40,913,020

Bristol Hospice: $1,359,636

Kuakini Medical Center: $2,912,627

Rehab Hospital of the Pacific: $1,175,881

Avalon Care Center (Honolulu & Hale Nani): $688,713

Across the state:

Maui Health System: $5,479,131

Castle Medical Center: $3,286,590

Hilo Medical Center: $3,728,457

Hale Makua Health Services: $1,462,232

Kona Community Hospital: $1,552,094

Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital: $819,759

North Hawaii Community Hospital: $1,388,922

Molokai General Hospital: $226,576

Kahuku Medical Center: $213,639

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House sales decline in Hawaii and Kauai due to COVID-19 impact

The impact of COVID-19 on the housing market is coming into the light now, the data from Hawaii Island

Realtors and Kauai Board Of Realtors suggests that the residential property sales declines by

20% and 60% respectively.

The biggest decline is seen in Hawaii Island where there were 109 sales last year compared to

only 43 sales this year and Big Isle single-family home sales fell by 19% compared to last year.

In Kauai, single-family home sales dropped by 29%, with 41 sales in last month compared to 58

sales the previous year, condo sales too fell by 22%.

In late March and April, Local residential real estate brokers stressed the consequences

related to house sales due to efforts made to curb the spread of the virus.

The impact is expected to be greater in May and June. Some sellers are reluctant to let

strangers in their homes and brokers to are prohibited from hosting open houses.

Other problems related to home sales include job losses and wage cuts, more than 225,000

residents have filed unemployment claims since March.

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Three new burger places in Honolulu are turning heads of food lovers

Just like every year, the hunt to find out the best food, shopping, services and also for the Best

of Honolulu issue has happened, and few local businesses have stood as the top contenders for

Best Smash Burger and they all offer takeout too.

Chubbies - Chubbies which was established in 2016 was a total game-changer for local

businesses, though there have been already established are much loved Teddy’s and Honolulu

Burger Co., Chubbies special and mouth-watering crispy-edged, the juicy patty is a total winner.

Jeff Nedry’s burger baby started as a truck parked on the makai side of the old Sports Authority

using local beef and a house-made potato bun as the base for its burgers. They offer 50

different options and you can get up to three add ons too.

Daley - Daley likes to keep it simple with a very easy, simple menu but still stays in the game

and all thanks to their crispy and rich in flavours beef patties. The dijonnaise with diced pickles

keeps the double from being overwhelmingly beefy, making it my go-to order

Betty's burger - Though a newcomer Betty's burgers are totally slaying with it's a menu that has

A wide range of options, which can be customised too with the multiple add ons available. Though

there are varying reviews on their patties this burger place is worth giving a shot for its varieties

are low price.

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Hawai’I Pacific University prepares to provide in-person classes in Fall

Hawai'i Pacific University is soon planning to restart the in-person classes starting in fall, from August 24, assuming that the State of Hawai'i and City and County of Honolulu directives will permit the reopening and in-person instruction by then.

HPU had also prepared with some special facilities to keep students and staff safe by enhanced social distancing for its classrooms and facilities, health screenings, and improved cleaning and maintain sanitization. This can lead to the smooth functioning of the campus, announce President John Gotanda on Monday.

Gotanda also added that HPU had expanded its Holomua Commitment program to all Hawai'i residents who want to get themselves transferred to HPU. HPU will also pay for each student's tuition fee that is not covered in any other financial aid, which will make the education more affordable.

HPU had successfully shifted to a completely online campus to complete this spring, said Gotanda. Even if the conditions remain the same in future university is entirely prepared to teach students online.

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50-year-old woman dies in Maui County due to coronavirus

Maui County recorded another coronavirus-related death Sunday, raising the county total to six and state fatalities to 17, according to state health officials.

The state Department of Health in Maui County has reported the death of a 60-year-old woman thus taking the total death toll in the county to 6 and that of state to 17.

The woman is said to have been having underlying health conditions and was admitted in Maui Memorial Medical Center in February and she contracted the virus in the mid of


“COVID-19 is not believed to be the primary cause of death, due to her other serious illnesses, but may have been a contributing factor to her passing,” according to a news release from the

Hawaii COVID-19 Joint Information Center. State Health Director Dr. Bruce Anderson offered his condolences to the woman’s family and friends and stressed on the importance of being vigilant to reduce the spread of the virus.

He said, “Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of another valued member of our community, Please follow social distancing guidelines and current emergency rules to help protect our most vulnerable people.” Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino yoo expressed condolences to the woman’s family and friends and said “I continue to ask everyone to care for their loved ones and work together to keep our people safe and healthy, We face many uncertainties in Maui County, but we must always be certain about the compassion and care we have for one another.” The state count has increased by 2 on Sunday afternoon with one case each in Honolulu County

and one in Hawaii County but the Officials announced that data cleaning has led to decrease in the count by one number due to duplication of count in Honolulu County. The state now has a total of 620 cases including 400 in Honolulu County, 116 in Maui County, 74 in Hawaii County and 21 in Kauai County, of these 73 required hospitalization and 544 have completed quarantine period.

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Missing report of bob Johnson

People department of CrimeStoppers and Honolulu is finding bob Johnson who has had dementia problem with the help of the public. He was last seen walking away from his Leilani street residence in the Kalihi area on Thursday, April 30, at 11:00 a.m. roundabout. He knows the Kamehameha shopping centre and the Lanakila area. He travels only on OTS bus. His loved once are worried about his health. He is 61 years old, weighs 160 pounds and 5.8 tall. He has grey hair and brown eyes. He was last wearing a blue jacket, black pants and a baseball hat. Anyone know anything about him contact CrimeStoppers at 955-8300 or may pin on website.

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Pet groomers and retailers adopt new techniques to reduce interaction

Carol Nihanu owns a dog and is a regular customer at Live Love Pet in Kaimuki. Shop owner Krystal Hensley is making certain changes in the store to keep the employees as well as clients safe. Hensley is trying a new contactless system where the client doesn't come into the shop to drop their pets. She had also installed some new kennels and increased spacing between grooming areas. Due to stay-at-home orders from the state, pet health is essential, but businesses necessary for maintaining pet's health are being considered non-essential. Hensley says she called the Mayor's office and the city hotline and was told pet grooming services are not essential.

Hensley said she wanted to follow the laws and keep her store closed, but seeing other local pet salons open and even some big chains like Petco and PetSmart continue their grooming services made her upset. So she decided that it is time to reopen. For Nihanu, the service is essential. To reduce contact and interaction in retail set up, some businesses are adopting new techniques. Simply Organized in Kahala Mall, for example, is offering a "Buy Online, Pick Up at Store" service. Customers can buy products at and pick up at the store Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Customers can also call at 739-7007 to place an order for items not listed on the website.

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Skydive in Hawaii facing challenges to reopen

On Wednesday Skydive Hawaii posted on social media that the company is considering reservations for tandem jumping which is planned to start from Monday, One of the representatives said that they are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of customers and employees by following usage of face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and frequent temperature checking

They also mentioned that the Governor's order did not list them as non-essential and that they should be allowed to open. To this, The Department of Transportation responded as follows "Skydiving is a non-essential business, and has not been designated by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency to be open. It is not possible to maintain social distancing while tandem skydiving, It also sends the wrong message to visitors who must abide by the 14-day mandatory self-quarantine order."

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