Students with a disability to suffer th Houston

Students with a disability to suffer the most with special ed at a distance.

Children who have special needs are struggling with the change in their routine. Many reports have emerged that they are having meltdowns and unable to cope up with the fact that they have to stay home. Schools across states are trying to shift to online learning to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus. Education leaders are trying their best to find ways to serve their students with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, including English language learners. So far, it is proving a challenge. Under Disabilities, Education Act students with so-called 504 plans, which offer accommodations such as more time to take tests, must be given equitable access to schoolwork. However, the law does not account for times when students cannot meet face to face with speech therapists, dyslexia interventionists, physical therapists, or special education aides who help them through general education coursework.
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Houston police shot a man to death in the Denver Harbor area.

A 27-year-old man, who deliberately jumped out into traffic to get struck by vehicles was shot to death near the crossing of Market and Gazin on Tuesday night, April 21. Houston Police Department reported his death in east Houston. Witnesses have reported that he attempted to come into the traffic in the East Freeway feeder road.

After the arrival of the police in the scene, the man started jumping through the fences. According to the statement of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, the man was armed with a knife. Moreover, he took out Taser prongs and pondered towards the officers before HPD started shooting. No police officers got injured in this shooting.


Fort Bend County releases ethnic data for COVID-19.

Fort Bend has released the data of coronavirus cases based on ethnicity and race on Tuesday, April 21. The diverse Houston suburb has reported 34 per cent of coronavirus cases are black while 22 per cent are Hispanic, 21 per cent are Asian, 19 per cent are white and remaining are others. Currently, there are 783 confirmed cases in the county with 17 fatalities.

The highest numbers of cases of COVID-19 are from Harris County, which is a total of 4,823. There are over 205,000 positive cases of this deadly virus in Texas, out of which 6,486 people have recovered. The governor, Greg Abbott, gave all the updates of coronavirus in the state.


Houston-area thunderstorm killed a man in Huntsville.

The Gulf Coast was vulnerable to gusty wind, heavy rain, and frequent lightning on Wednesday morning. The knockout of terrestrial rain and thunderstorm killed a person in Huntsville. Moreover, thousands of people got affected by it. The citizens faced a delay in reaching the testing sites sue to rain showers.

The police reported a death due to a thunderstorm and said that a tree fell on the main in the city and killed him. Currently, the state of Texas has confirmed a total of 28,087 cases in the state with 782 fatalities. Out of these cases, 5,827 cases are from Harris County, and 3,240 is from Dallas Country.


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