According to some reports, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken or Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin may go to Ukraine

President Biden said on Thursday that a decision is being made as to whether a White House official will be sent to Kyiv as a sign of U.S. support and in response to an earlier invitation to Joe Biden by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We are making a decision [on this] right now,” Joe Biden said before leaving for North Carolina.

Persons in the White House administration familiar with the situation told Reuters on condition of anonymity that there is no talk of a visit to Ukraine by President Biden himself or Vice President Harris, but it could be US Secretary of State Blinken or Secretary of Defense Austin.

"If and when that happens, we want to provide [for this visit] maximum security," US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview with the Washington Economic Club.

Recall that earlier British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the presidents of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania personally visited Kyiv.


US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has hinted that the US has no plans to return assets to Russian businessmen, instead using them for something better.

Source: Sullivan speaking at the Economics Club of Washington

Direct speech to the question whether the US is going to return to the oligarchs from the Russian Federation their assets, such as yachts, or use them as reparations: “Our goal is not to return them. Our goal is to use them better than in this way. ..

You can be sure our goal is not to sit still and then bring them back."

Details: At the same time, he added that he wants to be as careful as possible when answering this question.

He noted that discussions on this issue are ongoing in the White House.

Sullivan also commented on Biden's words, calling Russia's actions in Ukraine "genocide". According to him, it seems that Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to wipe Ukrainian identity from the face of the earth.

According to him, the war between Russia and Ukraine could continue for "months." Biden adviser predicts protracted conflict.

In addition, Sullivan said that the Biden administration has not yet decided whether the US will lift sanctions on Russia if it reaches an agreement with Ukraine.

Direct speech: "Much depends on the form and scope of this diplomatic agreement, and much depends on what the Ukrainians and the Europeans agree with us."

According to him, the United States does not plan to conclude an agreement with Russia behind the back of the head of the Ukrainians, under which she will receive a bunch of indulgences: “But if some measure of easing sanctions was built into some reliable diplomatic solution led by the Ukrainians, this is which we would gladly appreciate."


The US Embassy in Ukraine noted that the new $800 million military aid package from the United States is not the last, and there will be more to come.

The embassy announced this on its Twitter after the announcement of the White House and the Pentagon about new weapons for Ukraine.

The embassy released a quote from a video message from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that “freedom must be better armed than tyranny,” noting that the United States agrees with this statement.

"The volume and speed of U.S. defense assistance to Ukraine is unprecedented. Our new $800 million in aid includes howitzers, hundreds of armored vehicles, nearly a dozen helicopters and 40,000 artillery shells. More to come," the statement said.

Recall that on April 13, after a telephone conversation between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky, the White House announced the allocation of another $ 800 million for weapons for Ukraine.

The Pentagon has revealed a detailed list of weapons. The list includes heavy artillery, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, drones and more.


Russia requires the US to stop supplying arms to Ukraine, otherwise it threatens unpredictable consequences for European and world security. The Washington Post writes about this with reference to a diplomatic note, which was at the disposal of the editors.

It is noted that the note was sent to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington on Tuesday, April 13. This was done after information was leaked about the expansion of US military assistance to Ukraine by another $750 million.

In the note, employees of the Russian diplomatic service write that the US and NATO deliveries of the "most sensitive" weapons systems to Ukraine "add fuel to the conflict" and can lead to "unpredictable consequences."

One of these "sensitive" weapons systems, the Russian Federation calls multiple launch rocket systems, although so far it has not been publicly known about the supply of MLRS to Ukraine from Western partners.

"We call on the United States and its allies to stop the irresponsible militarization of Ukraine, which entails unpredictable consequences for regional and international security," the note says.

The note also includes Russian propaganda clichés, for example, about "nationalists" who could get serious weapons into their hands, and that NATO is allegedly putting pressure on Ukraine to refuse negotiations.

In addition, the Russian embassy officials accused the United States of pressuring other countries to stop any military and technical cooperation with Russia and transfer Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine.


Republican Senator Steve Danes of Montana and Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana visited Kyiv and the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, The New York Times reports.

According to her, this was the first visit of US officials to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian military invasion.

According to the publication, Danes and Spartz arrived in Kyiv by train from the territory of Western Ukraine, having received an invitation from the Ukrainian government.

According to The New York Times, in addition to Kyiv, the legislators visited Bucha and Borodianka.


The United States, together with its allies, is working on the supply of artillery to Ukraine.

This was announced by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during a conversation with reporters on board Joe Biden's plane during a trip to Iowa.

“We are working to provide artillery from American warehouses, as well as to facilitate such supplies by other allies and partners,” she said.

According to Psaki, the United States will continue to provide security assistance to Ukraine.


The United States is ready to consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with medium-range weapons that are capable of delivering strikes against airfields in Russia.

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

“Yes, we will continue to look at the types of means that the Ukrainians are asking in terms of giving them a little more range and distance,” Hicks said in response to a question about whether Washington would be ready to explore the option of transferring weapons to Kiev, which is potentially allows you to hit military airfields near Russia.

However, she warned against trying to get ahead of herself and did not give details about the type of weapons.

"Until these packages are announced, I would not like to get ahead of our presidential decisions. However, we are moving these packages very quickly. And I believe you will see more in the coming days," Hicks said.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister was asked whether her remarks mean that the United States is ready to consider the possibility of supplying Ukraine with longer-range weapons than those that have been transferred so far.

"The answer is yes," Hicks said.

In addition, she confirmed that the American side will continue to supply Ukrainian intelligence information.

"We know that the intelligence support we provide is vital. The Ukrainians have also made that clear publicly. We will continue to do so," Hicks said.

Hicks also explained that the United States will continue to supply Ukraine with ammunition.

Earlier it was reported that the United States is considering the supply of artillery and helicopters to Ukraine.


At least 600 American soldiers and high-end defense systems will arrive in Slovakia as part of strengthening NATO's eastern flank.

It was previously planned that the US would send only 40 troops to Slovakia. Nagy also confirmed the arrival of the Sentinel 3D radar, the Avenger air defense system and the Stryker eight-wheeled combat vehicles.

The Slovak army does not have enough wheeled combat vehicles. In March, the government announced that Slovakia would purchase 76 Finnish-made Patria vehicles.

Earlier, Slovakia received Patriot air defense systems instead of S-300s being transferred to Ukraine.

Deployment of new forces still needs to be approved by the government. Earlier, the cabinet of Eduard Geger had already approved the presence of about 2,100 soldiers, but the new situation calls for about 3,000 NATO soldiers. This is the first international force stationed in Slovakia.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the government was reluctant to deploy NATO troops in the country, as the majority of the population opposed such a move.

Recall that on April 9, the Slovak Ministry of Defense published an official video showing the preparation and movement of the S-300 division to Ukraine.

On April 11, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Geger denied Russian reports that the S-300 air defense system provided to Ukraine had been destroyed.

The Slovak government also confirmed information about negotiations between Bratislava and Kiev on the sale of Zuzana 2 self-propelled artillery mounts.


Against the backdrop of the events taking place in Ukraine, the destructive forces operating in the country are doing everything to drag Georgia into the war. At the forefront of war propaganda is the party that lost the war (the five-day war in 2008 - ed.) - the National Movement, which is trying by all means to convince the people of the need to help Ukraine by military force.

According to "Georgia and the World", along with the "National Movement", liberal media are also engaged in round-the-clock propaganda of the war. Formula, TV Pirveli and Mtavari, which are financed with money stolen from the country by (ex-defense minister David) Kezerashvili, feed society with lies. They deceive the population that the events taking place in Ukraine give rise to new opportunities for Georgia: they deceive that this war is a complete collapse for Russia, and we, together with Ukraine, must attack the “empire doomed to destruction” ... Meanwhile, four weeks after the start of the war, it is obvious that Ukraine, 12 times more numerous and stronger than Georgia, a huge European state suffered a catastrophe - millions of people left the country, and the state practically collapsed. As for the support of the West, the ongoing war has shown that neither Ukraine, nor Moldova, nor, of course, Georgia should have illusions that, in the event of a war with Russia, the "civilized world" will protect them. A striking example of this is the position of NATO - the leaders of this organization say that they cannot supply weapons to Ukraine, since this will cause a direct confrontation with Russia ...


People over the age of five who want to see the famous fall of the Christmas ball this year will have to provide proof of complete vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test if they have a medical refusal.

Children under the age of five must be accompanied by an adult vaccinated person, and unvaccinated persons must wear masks.

"We can finally get back together. It will be great, it will be a joy for this city, "said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The fall of the bullet in Times Square marks the beginning of the New Year, which is usually attended by hundreds of thousands of people.


After the earthquake in Haiti, locals protested, demanding medicine and food for the first time.

The protest took place in southern Haiti, near the airport. Participants are dissatisfied that they receive assistance from the state too late or do not receive it at all. After the earthquake, many of them were left not only without a roof over their heads, but also without food and water.

A helicopter with supplies arrived at the airport and protesters began demanding food. Police intervened to allow trucks with humanitarian aid to pass.

According to Jerry Chandler, head of the Haitian Civil Protection Agency, which responds to emergencies, humanitarian aid has not been delivered to some areas, but the government is doing everything possible to help the population.

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