FBI promises a FBI promises a $10 K incentive for the offender who shoots a six-year-old Milwaukee child.0 K incentive for the offender who shoots a six-year-old Milwaukee child.

MILWAUKEE - The FBI is now promising a $10,000 incentive for details contributing to the capture of a gunman who fatally shot a 6-year-old Milwaukee child.

The boy was killed on Sunday, April 5 by a gunman around 25th & Locust.



Corona virus mortality rate in Milwaukee County is now twenty four.

The Milwaukee County Health authorities confirmed that twenty-four fatalities from complications of corona virus had occurred.

There were Eighteen fatalities confirmed Thursday.

This takes the overall death rate for the state to forty-three.

Corona Virus is the disease specifically affect the pulmonary system and if not treated in time it will lead to severe consequences. County also has taken measures to reduce the fatalities.


Four Milwaukee County patients passed because of corona-virus

In any event four new fatalities have kicked the bucket from the corona-crisis Thursday in Milwaukee State.

The Milwaukee state Medical authority Office posted on social media notice of the passing.

The first was an eighty-year-old lady. The second casualty was a 92-year-old man. Both passed due to the corona-virus. The third was a sixty-year-old white lady and the fourth was a seventy-five-year-old lady. The more details about them haven't been disclosed yet. That brings the absolute cases of corona-virus passing to 20 in Milwaukee State. At least 39 individuals have kicked the bucket in Wisconsin


Religious centers providing services online due to corona virus lock down in Milwaukee

People in Milwaukee are asked to stay inside in the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19. This has been done in order to assure the safety of citizens and to stop the spread of the corona virus across the city.

Due to this staying at home orders, all religious centers, churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples across the region are providing their services online ensuring the safety of the citizen.



Close to A Hundred state health employees are now helping Milwaukee City and 2 other counties monitoring corona virus outbreak.

He State Department of Health Care has stationed its staff in Milwaukee, South Milwaukee and Wauwatosa to focus on case analysis and touch tracking, said Melissa Baldauff, spokeswoman for Governor.

Identifying cases of corona virus and monitoring their contacts — which basically means monitoring individuals who have come into touch with newly infected patients — can help to avoid the progression of the disease by notifying people who are susceptible to COVID-19 so that they can be easily quarantined.

Many of the recently deployed state health staff operate for the City of Milwaukee, which had about eight hundred reports as of Friday evening.


Empty Cafes Bring Fear For Owners

Everything is suffering in each corner of the world due to the orders of social distancing and authorities chanting 'Stay at Home' all the time, so are the businesses. Restaurant, eateries, bistros, hotels and cafes are closing down giving in to the fear of Corona Virus, the ones that were left open closed down giving in owing to the authorities and their orders. Similar shutting down has been reported from Milwaukee where owners are upset as they a plunge in their daily sales. Sundays used to be the busiest of the days for restaurant owners and workers but now for two weeks sales have gone down as people prefer to stick to their homes, cook and eat their meals indoors. Avery few people show up to grab something from these eateries but leave immediately with take-aways. One owner said these are very uncertain times and people are afraid as to for how long things will continue like this and how much time it will take things to get back to normal. He further showed apprehension that if their eateries, especially the smaller ones kept suffering like this for a little while longer they will go out of business. The owners and the customers, everyone alike is hoping for things to normalise soon.


Robber On The Loose

Latest news from Wisconsin reported an armed robbery in Milwaukee, the robber flew and the police asked the locals to assist them in catching the offender. The police requested people of the vicinity to aid them in identifying the suspect of an armed robbery. The incident took place around 6 p.m. in the evening in the neighbourhood of Milwaukee on 26th of March. The suspect is said to be a woman in her twenties who was caught stealing items from a business outlet, when she was approached, she threatened the owner with a dagger and managed to run away from the store with the items of robbery from the store. Vehicle, the robber used for fleeing away from the crime scene was also described to locals to extract information as to if someone has seen it around. The police has given a number and other details to reach them if someone has some record on the incident or the robber.


Murder investigation: Man found deceased inside the car on Milwaukee’s southern side

MILWAUKEE - A homicide investigating is in progress following a person was discovered deceased inside a car on Milwaukee’s south side Mon night, March Twenty three

Authorities say the officers went to the 13th and Wilson neighborhood about 7 p.m. for A social security check.

On arrival, a 38-year-old victim was found dead from a bullet wound.

Police say the homicidal unit is presently investigating the matter.


Bus Driver Rescued to Two Dogs Who Lost Their Way to Home

On 17 December News came from Milwaukee around the late-night that two dogs lost their way home, The public transport driver found pair of two dogs wandering in the road and the bus driver dropped them to their home. The owner of dogs thanked the bus driver.

When she found a pair of two dogs, she stopped her bus and opened her window and shouted 'Hiya, What you two are doing here this time, let’s drop you two to your home. She is heard saying this in a surveillance videotape. She informed the MCTS unit, and we waited for police to reach later police has transported dogs to their owner.


MILWAUKEE — First time I-43 billboards track debts, national debt hits $23 trillion. Friday's national debt struck a record high. For the very first time ever, the federal government debt hit $23 trillion. That breaks down throughout the country to around $70,000 per person.

At McKinley Avenue in Milwaukee, there is a billboard near Interstate 43 that tracks the national debt. A advertisement on billboard sponsored by a non-partisan, semi-profit organization. Although the billboard made its Milwaukee debut in September, the total debt has risen more than $400 billion. In Cleveland and Las Vegas, comparable billboards have gone up.


MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. — If you recognize the person, Menomonee Falls police investigation for man wanted to call Menomonee Falls police in gas station robberies. Police at Menomonee Falls attempt to identify a man wanted in connection with two thefts at the gas station.

The robberies occurred at the N56 W17450 Silver Spring Drive at the BP Corner Pump on Oct. 14 and at the N56 W14250 Silver Spring Drive on the Kwik Trip.

The guy was driving this red two-door Ford Escort ZX2, likely a 2000 model with a vanity plate on the front Bucky Badger and a broken headlight on the side of the car. If you understand who the police are or where the police are in contact with him.


Milwaukee -- In an alleged racist attack, Milwaukee man suffers from acid burns to his head. The suspected incident took place around 8:25 p.m. on Friday.

Authorities believe a suspect white male poured battery acid on a 42-year-old man who was said to be a Peruvian immigrant by a family member. Based on the most recent police, the victim's sister and NBC affiliate WTMJ in Milwaukee, a Peruvian immigrant living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suffered acid burns on his head in an alleged racist assault.

"When the fight deteriorated and the defendant threw acid on the victim causing 2nd degree burns, an unidentified attacker began a verbal altercation with the 42-year-old male victim," Milwaukee police stated that in a statement Saturday.

Investigators are looking for a perpetrator white male who was last seen carrying a black satchel and a battery acid-filled silver aluminum container, the statement said. WTMJ confirmed that when he threw the acid, the victim and witnesses said that the suspect shouted "go back to your country."


MILWAUKEE — Bounce Milwaukee's co-owner, Ryan Clancy, cracked a world record by playing pinball for just over 30 consecutive hours on Saturday. 

The challenge was also an attempt to raise money for Children's Wisconsin, formerly known as Wisconsin Children's Hospital, where his son Alex had been treated years ago for kidney failure.

"That was really scary. He'd been sick for around six weeks, and we didn't really point it out," said Clancy. "I thought it would be a great opportunity to raise some funds for that and ensure that other kids had the same great care that Alex used to have."

Clancy stated that the rules are tiring, but nothing like the daily challenges facing Children's Wisconsin's patients. For each hour of unbroken play, Clancy was allowed a five-minute break. The former record was 30 hours and 10 minutes in 2016 for the longest pinball play.

He used to have a crowd just after 3 p.m. to support him and cheer him on ." it was really awesome to see the community support we had on this, "Clancy said.


MILWAUKEE — Halloween may have come and went, but Wisconsin is still home to one of the world's most famous Halloween legends. Houdini is such a famous name that almost a century after his mysterious death it is still familiar.

"Houdini was definitely one of the best-known figures in American culture at his death," said Ellie Gettinger, director of education at the Milwaukee Jewish Museum.

A display as shown at Milwaukee Jewish Exhibition highlights the world-famous escape artist and magician and his not-so-known Milwaukee attachment.

"The man is dying on Halloween. Houdini is dying on Halloween, of course. On what other day can he die?" said Gettinger. As just a skeptic among all mystic and supernatural things, on his death bed he made a promise to his wife. "If anybody can come back from beyond the grave, it's me," said Gettinger, citing Houdini.

His widow held a meeting every year for a decade after his death on the night of Halloween. Still, it's another tradition, but they're still waiting to hear from Houdini. The show "Inescapable: Harry Houdini's Life and Legacy," runs until Jan. 5 at the Milwaukee Jewish Museum.


Werner Electric Supply, a business-to-business manufacturer of electrical components and equipment, has introduced to its range of electronics manufacturing services to customers across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Yokogawa field instrumentation devices.

Yokogawa products are designed for accurate field measurements, zero malfunction and ease of installation, making these products particularly important for industries like those of food, beverage, pulp, paper, power generation, metals and mining.

The new partnership allows Werner Electric Supply to store and advertise the entire range of Yokogawa mechanism instrumentation and digital information recorders as its line card of suppliers continues to be expanded by the Process Control team at Werner Electric.

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