Wilkes and his friend wanted to make a joke video for the YouTube channel, pretending to be robbers.

The object of the drawing was a group of young people who were in the parking lot.

The deceased and his friend approached them with butcher knives in their hands.

One of the young men they wanted to play - 23-year-old David Starnes Jr. - mistook the rally for a real attack and shot Wilkes.

As a result, the guy was mortally wounded.

When the police arrived at the scene of the incident, Starnes admitted that he shot Wilkes, but said he did not know about the prank.

The police have already launched an investigation. However, Starnes has not yet been charged.



As per the 7 day prediction from the robot-powered weather channel Saildrenone, Nashville is expected to cause moderate showers in the next few days. The rain best opportunity is expected from Thurs through Fridays. Thursday will see the maximum precipitation, with 1.00 inch of forecast precipitation.

Even now the instant weather has light winds in town. On Thurs, winds are expected to rise up to Nineteen miles whereas currently will be cooler with a maximum velocity of just Thirteen miles.

Temps on Sunday will hit their lowest point of the week, dropping to 64 degree and remain cool across Monday.


Nashville Governor John Cooper stated Monday that while partnering with just the biggest Tennessee towns to restart the market he plans to expand his Healthier at Home directive

Cooper made the comment at the media conference of the regular COVID-19 Task group.

"I expect news on the official expansion of the Healthier at house directive, perhaps tomorrow," Cooper said to press . "I believe people would expect, especially with either the news, that this will be prolonged for a duration of time till we are confident that somehow the outbreak rate in Nashville is decreasing."

Police announced on Sunday there have been 152 reported cases, bringing total reported cases for Nashville to 1,903, as per the Metro Population health Unit.

Cooper stated Monday would meet the current committee that was created amongst Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

"This week that a lot of hard work is happening about how to make a reboot and I believe there would be a lot of change by the middle of week," Cooper stated.

The rise in cases reported in Davidson Community might delay a possibility of financially reopening the area.

"Again we're focusing about how to get a stable reboot. We're waiting for the transfer rate to go down so we can resume."


City Nashville Police Department is looking into shooting in the southern area of Nashville.

Police officers rushed to FA Napier Homes, Five-hundred block of Charles E. Davis, south of Nashville, following a man has been presumably shot at Five: Fifteen p.m. on Sat.

Metropolitan Nashville cops claim a target with a gunshot wrapped to the below limbs was discovered and transferred to Vanderbilt University Healthcare Facility with non-life harmful accidental injuries.

Cops are looking into the case and trying to find a defendant.


Weekly layoff declares in Tennessee reaches more than 95,000

Recently, due to the COVID19 recession in Tennessee, the rate of layoff is about 3,000 to over 94,000 every two weeks, as information has been given by the Department of Labor, Tennessee on the 2nd of April, 2020.

The class explained the statistics of cases by the end of the week i.e. on the 28th of March was 94,490. Last week's statistics were 39,100 and the week before that was 2,700.

A large quantity of novel cases is in the specific region, including Nashville, where there were 32,245 new cases by the end of the week.


Metro Health Dept. reports 785 instances of COVID-19, fifth demise in Nashville

There are currently 785 affirmed instances of COVID-19 in Davidson County and a fifth patient has kicked the bucket, as indicated by the Metro Public Health Department.

Wellbeing authorities detailed the passing of a 73-year-elderly person as the fifth individual in Davidson County to have kicked the bucket after an affirmed analysis of COVID-19. Sixty-three of the affirmed cases are medicinal services laborers.

The office reported Thursday the age scope of patients is from one month old to 84 years of age, 373 of which are men, 398 ladies and the sexual orientation of 14 patients is obscure.

The complete number of cases developed by 112 in the previous 24 hours.

Twenty others remain hospitalized and 95 individuals have recouped from the infection.

The rest of the cases are self-detached at their homes and have gentle and sensible side effects.

The wellbeing office detailed of the 7,661 tests acted in the area, 10.2% have returned as positive.

The Metro Health Department COVID-19 Hotline got 603 approaches Wednesday.

To be tried at a Davidson County evaluation focus, call the COVID-19 Hotline at 615-862-7777 to talk with a human service proficiently.


Lethal Shooting Under Investigation

Shooting incidents have increased in the Tennessee state, recent reports coming in from Nashville reported a similar episode that took place this Saturday, 28th March around 6 in the evening near Herman Street. The details coming in tell that a twenty year old man was targeted in the shooting, the shooter came in a blue Sedan, shot the victim from the car, when the victim fell on the ground, the delinquent got out of the car, shot many more fires at the victim and hovered over him for a while as if to confirm that he has been wounded enough to not survive. The eyewitness then took the 20 year old man to the nearby hospital where he died. The police is investigating into the matter, inquiries are being held, facts and information is being collected from the witnesses to extract the motivation behind this lethal shooting. Furthermore, the Police have given a number for locals to reach at if and when they want to share something with the authorities.


'Keep The Faith' - Dolly Parton to Fans

The anxiety won't do any good in times like these, staying optimistic while fighting the scary Virus is the right way to get through, just like Dolly Parton is doing. The country's Icon and music star called out to all her fans that are following her on the social media platform; instagram via a video message and encouraged them to 'Keep the Faith'. The Singer and songwriter further said that there was no need to fear and that everything was going to be alright soon. She can be seen telling her following that God loves the creation and that He will take care of the prevailing situation and things will settle down in the near future. The Star was seen trying to indulge some confidence in people by conveying to them that this pandemic also has a silver lining and how the current situation is and will help us all see how we can improve things around us and eventually make us a better version of ourselves. World leaders and celebrities inculcating a ray of hope in masses is what we all need today.


Cops inspect Nashville firing which seriously injured 1 Individual

Cops tend to be looking into firing in the incident occurred in Nashville.

City Nashville Cops authorities say the firing took place on Lenore Road. 2 different people in the car had been presumably heading door-to-door selling electronics.

Following the firing, the 2 individuals went to the Exxon service station with regard to aid.

Authorities the sufferer is anticipated to live.


Nashville: Private Plane of Businessman was assumed to be stolen

FBI agent successfully traced plane which was assumed to be stolen from airport named John C

Businessman Bobby stated that I flew my plane on Sunday evening and asked lineman to park my plane approximately at 5 p.m. but when I returned to my shed on Monday, I saw opened door and my plan was stolen

According to Bobby statement: It is very strange to hear that the plane went missing

The Plane was worth $80000 approximately

The plane was found on Tuesday evening. Bobby said it was found in another shed, lineman has parked the plane in the wrong shed.


NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Metro Police are asking for help in two murder cases, hoping to finally bring these killers to justice.

Last year, Middle Tennessee father Erik Helffenstein died chasing burglars.

And after three years, Ryan Trent's family of murder victims is still looking for the person or people who murdered their son on Ellington Parkway.

The Trent family has renewed the reward for any information that might lead to the conviction of their son's murderer; the reward is now $11,000, with an additional $1,000 from the crime stoppers.

On the night of September 28, 2016, police say Ryan Trent was driving home from work on Ellington Parkway when he was shot, causing his white Chevy Silverado pick-up truck to crash into a tree line at Briley Parkway.


Nashville police are investigating a fatal stabbing and robbery at a gas station Monday morning, authorities said.

Leonard McKnight Jr., 43, was found dead outside a Murfreesboro Pike gas station with multiple stab wounds. 

An MNPD dispatcher said officers responded at 7:10 a.m. to the Mapco Mart at 1090 Murfreesboro Pike for a report of a stabbing.

McKnight is suspected of beating another man in his face and stealing his wallet in the side parking lot of the convenience store. Witnesses told the police that McKnight was brandishing a sharp instrument when the other man went after him.

Authorities say that the second man disarmed and turned McKnight's sharp instrument, stabbed him multiple times, and retrieved his own wallet before walking away from the area.

According to a statement from the office, his name was not immediately apparent to the police. He is thought to be in his twenties, wearing a black coat, khaki pants, and brown shoes. He wears his black hair long on the top and short on the bottom, said MNPD.


NASHVILLE, Tenn — A man was shot on Monday night while driving in the Briley Parkway and Whites Creek area of Nashville.

According to Metro Nashville Police Officers, the man entered the TriStar Skyline Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the stomach. A woman and a small child were with him-nor were they injured.

The woman told the officers that he was hit while driving down the road. She identified the suspect's vehicle as a white Ford Taurus car The man suffered what doctors said was life-threatening injuries.


Kostas Lazarides has at least 50 guitars scattered around the historic 3 story building he owns in downtown Belgrade.

It is not surprising the prolific songwriter has an abundance of instruments, but it is a bit abnormal that he lives a quiet life in a sleepy town.

Lazarides, known professionally as Kostas, has written chart-topping songs for many artists, including Patty Loveless, Travis Tritt, and George Strait.

On Monday, the Seventy-year-old will join the likes of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Chuck Berry when he is inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He will stand alongside other inductees Dwight Yoakam, Larry Gatlin, Rivers Rutherford, Marcus Hummon and Sharon Vaughn for a formal ceremony in Nashville’s Music City Hall.

But Lazarides said what he is looking forward to most is getting the fuss over with and returning home to his ten-year-old pug, Bella.

“I do not need the limelight to find happiness. I would just as soon take what I need from each day and move forward,” he said.

Lazarides spoke in lyrical prose during an interview in his apartment on Main Street in Belgrade. Almost every inch of space was filled with antiques, knickknacks and, of course, guitars. The grandpa's clock, engraved in 1913, was sitting in the corner.

A stuffed lion's head rested on the coffee table. The walls were covered with native American paintings and beadwork. 

His eclectic living quarters reflect the eclectic life he led.


NASHVILLE. Although it may not look like falling with temperatures in the 1990s, next week Metro Schools will take the week off for a fall break. For some kids, this would usually mean skipping two meals a day, but this year they will not have to, due to one special delivery. The biggest inner-city neighborhood in the State is Napier Place and Sudekum Apartments. Due to a guy from' Papa Joe ' Bradford, 800 families are having a shipment of 25 pounds of food to support them the week they're away from school.

It's one of the most disadvantaged communities in the world and next week it's winter, so when the kids aren't in the School they are not getting breakfast or lunch,'' says Bradford.'' It's a huge help to those parents, they won't have to worry today, how to feed their family tomorrow,'' says Aaron Hazel. 15 pounds of personal care items or essential food stamps are not included in the kit either.

And while the ride is for Metro participants, nobody will be missed. We are happy that people who are usually unable to get these things are getting them here today, ' says Papa Joe. "This is a 17th year of traveling via Elija's Heart foundation, founded by Pope Joe and his family. They are very interested in the truth because we can't get this stuff straight to the house, and sometimes they don't bring it out. 


NASHVILLE — A group pushing to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville has released renderings of a proposed stadium.

Music City Baseball hopes to bring the MLB team, the "Nashville Stars" to Music City. The proposed stadium plans show that the group would like the baseball stadium to be nestled right next to Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans NFL team.

"We are currently focusing on the land owned by the City of Nashville on the East Bank of the Cumberland River near Nissan Stadium. We expect that the baseball stadium, which will serve as a sports and entertainment venue, will be part of a mixed-use family sports and entertainment district."

The buzz around the possibilities of MLB came after Commissioner Rob Manfred mentioned Nashville as an expansion city contender last summer. The group hopes to bring MLB back to Nashville by 2024.

MCB says that MLB owners have a buy-in expansion fee of more than $1 billion. Originally, the group hopes to raise $4.5 million to cover operating costs for the next few years.

"During this time, we intend to secure a major investor or to assemble a group of investors who can pay the buy-in fee," said MCB's website. "To finance the stadium, no taxpayer funds will be used."


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)–According to U.S. Marshals, once a prominent lawyer accused of murdering his mother in Georgia began life in Nashville. 

Richard Merritt changed his look, got a fake ID and moved to the name Mick Malveaux. 

The fugitive frequented West Nashville, and the investigators believed he was living near Music Row.

Merritt had been a regular at several dive bars and worked for a few months at Betty's Grill off Charlotte Avenue, just around the corner from where he was arrested on Monday afternoon. 

"He's just arrived in Nashville, he's started a new identity and he's completely gone," Frank Lempka told the U.S. Marshals Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

He believes that Merritt may have been in Music City since fleeing Georgia in February. "Merritt had changed his ways by grew his hair longer and having a full beard," said Lempka.

He says Merritt was still driving the stolen Lexus SUV from his mother, which had a stolen tag on it. Lempka says it was found off 18th Avenue South last Thursday when some youths tried to break into it, which eventually led them to Merritt.

U.S. Marshal Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force investigators collaborated in tandem with U.S. Marshals in Nashville to capture Merritt.


NASHVILLE — Nashville continues to develop, and with that development, there are some negative aspects like an uptick in various criminal activities. New Metro Police data indicates the most unsafe places in the city right now.

Across the panel, Nashville Metro Police's Central Precinct, supervising the downtown region, crime is on the rise generally this year. Aggravated assault is more than 23 percent in the area.

However, in the county, the aggravated assault rate is down 4 percent from last year. According to the Metro Police, the most unsafe places are right now:

  • Opry Mills
  • 3rd and Broadway 
  • Murfreesboro Pike
  • East Thompson Lane

For tourists and locals alike, downtown can be a pleasant location to be. Getting there through the Pedestrian Bridge, however, makes you anxious.

This arrives after the headlines of Ft. Campbell's soldier and his friends who had been assaulted on the bridge just last week. John Duncan, a soldier who had gone out cold and had to be taken to the hospital, told FOX 17 News that he had been undergoing surgery for his injuries.

"The pedestrian bridge seems safe to me, and walking it so many times, you can tell that you're being watched very closely," Nashvillian Jeff Koch said to FOX 17 News when he talked about safety on the bridge.

OTHER_NEWS United States Of America

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