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Authorities prepare to ensure social distancing during Memorial Day Weekend

Lake Merritt in Oakland will remain open this weekend, but parking will not be permitted on the street surrounding the park. People will be out trying to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, but the City Park Ambassadors will also be there to remind and ensure people follow social distancing rules.

Most of the people are acting responsible and following the social distancing norms, but there are a few who do not follow. The Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, consistently promotes the message – “Give the Lake a Break.” Schaaf brought out some guideline regarding the park use during the recent virtual town meeting. Vendors are not allowed in the parks, parking areas are also closed, but a lot of streets will be open to slow street movement. Officers will also be present to monitor the traffic on the Lake Merritt area. The local area residents hope that outside area visitors do not crowd and act sensibly.

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Victim’s mother wants justice for her daughter’s brutal homicide

On 31st March, police discovered Anika Crane’s body, stuffed in her grey Ford Fiesta Sedan’s trunk at the intersection of Liberty Street and 159th Avenue, near a 7-convenience store, SanLeandro.

Her mother, Anita Cole, described her daughter as a people’s person, loving, kind and responsible, and thus when Crane missed her work for the first time, her mother felt suspicious. One week later, the officials found her abandoned car and her body stuffed it its trunk.

It was hard for the victim’s mother to accept the suspect arrested as he was the 35-year old victim’s 65-year old boyfriend. Initially, their relationship was not accepted by Crane’s family due to the age-difference, but out of love for her, they embraced the man. Jasmine Shivers, Crane’s cousin told that Crane had started a new job, bought the new Sedan and was talking to go out of Oakland. It seems that the boyfriend could not accept her independence and that if he cannot have him, nobody else can have her. The family told that Anika died due to blunt force trauma to her head and neck. It was a brutal homicide, her death was wrongful, and thus Cole wanted justice.

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Huron Valley Guns has a whole intricate in New Hudson, and it's not merely guns

It additionally has a hairstyling parlour and a cafe. Proprietor Ed Swadish has chosen to revive his bistro Thursday amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A post on the store's Facebook page says they won't comply with unlawful requests. They obliged the straightening the bend idea; however, never consented to shut until the infection is destroyed. The condition is genuine, and unfortunately, numerous lives have been lost. Nonetheless, when all the states that are still on lockdown are Democratic, they need to expect there are politically charged inspirations and they are not losing my business for that.

Local four connected with Swadish, who declined on a camera meet, yet discussed his thinking. He revealed to Local 4′s Mara MacDonald that he feels this infection has been politically armed.

He's not worried about his licenses however the on-location hairstyling parlour will stay shut because the beauticians are concerned about their support. The café will have tables outside and social separating. He isn't expecting clients to wear a cover. However, servers will be wearing them alongside gloves.

Everything on the tables will be expendable. The menu has just been printed up and named the "Opportunity Menu."

It is indistinct whether Attorney General Dana Nessel will move to close down the eatery, similar to the state never really hairdresser who revived in Owosso. However, Huron Valley Guns and its Molly Pitcher Cafe could likewise end up in a difficult situation with the Oakland County Health Department.

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Oakland may reduce the minimum age for voters to 16 years after considering Ballot Measures

San Francisco and Oakland may reduce the voting age on some municipal ballot issues to 16 years.

The Oakland city council will decide and announce on Tuesday that whether these 16 and 17-year-old residents should be allowed as a voter for the Oakland School Board elections.

City Council President Rebecca Kaplan authored the Oakland Youth Vote measure, which received support from Mayor Libby Schaaf and other city leaders.

The measure will be done for the November ballot, and if the results turned out to be good, the city might adopt it. By adopting this, Oakland will become the fifth city in the nation to allow a minimum of 16- year-old voters. Voters already passed a similar measure in Berkeley in 2016.

According to the office of board president Norman Yee, the measure would make San Francisco the first major city in the U.S. that allows minimum 16-year-old voters to vote.

According to the proposed charter amendment, the young voters have to qualify for all the criteria for voter registration and have to register with the city Department of Elections to vote.

Many cities are looking forward to lowering the voting age to create an early habit to vote and gaining momentum on the state level.

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Oakland: New protocols announced

David Coulter, County Executive informed that “We believe these policies and other steps we have taken will help keep visitors to our county buildings and our employees safe and healthy”. The state official report that the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Michigan has taken a rise to 51,915 on Monday and 4,915 deaths Therefore for taking measures the county has decided to check the temperatures of anyone entering the Oakland county government building as a precautionary measure.

They also made the face-covering to be necessary before entering. This is to ensure the safety of employees and visitors to the county buildings. Coulter also added that their team has been evaluating buildings, public spaces and offices for better services. Virtual appointments are enabled for county government services during the stay in order and county employees are equipped to telework. Although, from 26th the county will begin onsite services.

The human resource wing of the county government has prepared a digital COVID-19 playbook that can be downloaded by village, cities and townships. This gives a guideline of roles and responsibilities of county employees as well as give a framework when they reopen services which were limited.

Therefore, the above mentioned measures have been put into force for the improvement of public health.

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Lake Merritt: Parking-ban continues

During these tough times, ensuring safety was necessary and thus, weekend parking ban was issued around Lake Merritt, Oakland. The ban was essential to keep away the sunbathers and people partying at weekends.

People removed many No-Parking signs, and thus many people got away parking their vehicles near the lake but not taking tickets from the parking authorities.

Oakland resident Denise Williams-West told that since the parking signs were down, probably people were protesting that officers cannot ticket them. There was ban ion the Food Trucks as well, but one taco truck denied taking off his truck as he needed money and there were no signs of “No-Parking” put up. Lake neighbours admitted that the activities place made them feel the absence of coronavirus. On the other hand, a few disagreed saying they were penalized despite abiding by social distancing and wearing masks.

Eventually, the police managed, and there was lesser crowd comparatively. No-Parking signs were put up, and authorities resumed ticketing vehicles. The fines imposed are $70, and the city will ensure the parking ban around Lake Merritt on Fridays and the weekends, throughout the month of May, which includes Monday Memorial Day.

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Details: Virginia Beach town current Business Openings

As a greater part of Virginia moves into Phase One of reopening, neighbourhood associations are planning to welcome customers back through their gateways.

Virginia Beach Town Center has assembled a rundown of stores and restaurants that are formally opened at this stage.

The shops and restaurants listed below are presently open:

  1. Cantina Laredo | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m. -12 a.m.

  1. Anthropologie | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours:

  • Monday-Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12-6 p.m.

  1. Eclectic Design Florist & Gifts | In-Store Shopping, Delivery

Business Hours

  • Daily, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  1. California Pizza Kitchen | Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 11 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

  1. The Cheesecake Factory | Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours:

  • Daily: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

  1. Cold Stone Creamery | Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours:

  • Daily: 12-9 p.m.

  1. Lamia’s Crepes | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours

  • Monday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Friday, Saturday: 8 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Sunday: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  1. Einstein Bros. Bagels | Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours:

  • Daily: 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

  1. Free People | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours

  • Monday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Thursday-Saturday: 10 a.m. -6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12-6 p.m.

  1. Jones Art Gallery | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours:

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Jimmy John’s | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours:

  • Daily: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

  1. Michael Michelle Nail Spa | Nail Services

Business Hours

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Macaron Tart | In-Store Shopping, Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Thursday: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 10 a..m. - 7 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

  1. Modern Salon | Hair Services

Business Hours

  • By Appointment Only
  1. Monkee’s of Virginia Beach | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours

  • Daily: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

  1. P.F. Chang’s | Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours

  • Daily: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

  1. Pottery Barn | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Ramone Photography | Photography Services

Business Hours:

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Quirks | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours

  • Sunday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
  • Monday-Saturday: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

  1. Saffron Indian Bistro | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours

  • Daily: 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. & 5-10 p.m.

  1. Town Center Cold Pressed | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining

Business Hours

  • Daily: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

  1. Tupelo Honey | Delivery, Carryout, Limited Outdoor Dining beginning Tuesday, May 19

Business Hours

  • Daily: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

  1. The Royal Chocolate | In-Store Shopping, Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday-Saturday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 12-5 p.m.

  1. West Elm | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Zushi | Carryout

Business Hours

  • Daily: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

  1. Williams Sonoma | In-Store Shopping

Business Hours

  • By Appointment Only

  1. Yard House | Delivery, Carryout

Business Hours

  • Daily: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.
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Oakland city council bans sale of flavored and menthol tobacco products in retail stores and pharmacies

On Tuesday, the Oakland City Council voted to ban the sales of flavored and menthol tobacco products at all tobacco stores and pharmacies.

The vote out resulted in being 8-0 banning the sales of flavored tobacco products in Oakland completely. A similar ordinance was passed in 2017, but it gave the shops an exemption to continue selling flavored tobacco at “adult-only” tobacco stores.

When the original ordinance was passed, Oakland had only around 2-5 such stores, but the number grew to 56 adult-only tobacco stores, which comprised roughly 15% of all the retail tobacco stores.

According to city council officials, many shops were regular tobacco retail shops before the ordinance for the ban of flavored tobacco was released, and they just added a sequestered adult-only area so that they can continue to sell of flavored and menthol tobacco products.

Many such shops were located in the flatlands of East and West Oakland, which made it easier for the low income and people of color to access flavored tobacco, according to city staff.

The council also voted to require the on-site purchase of tobacco products and commission a minimum package size and price for cigars, cigarillos, and cigarettes, which according to city officials, is very readily affordable for low-income people and other demographics that are vulnerable to disparate health issues.

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Oakland’s Morcom Rose Garden being live streamed in the rain

The 7.5-acre city park, the Morcom Amphitheater of Roses, in North Oakland is filled with new flowers, and the smell of rose essence is all around the park.

This park was established during the Great depression by the municipal corporation as rose gardens became popular in many communities across the nation. This garden is made on an arroyo that slopes downward from Oakland Avenue and opens to the south end of the Jean Street just above Grand Avenue through the federal Works Progress Administration. According to The Living New Deal, the landscape was designed by landscape architect Arthur Cobbledick.

One of the top 10 municipal rose gardens in America, this garden was laid out in 1933, and this year it will be celebrating its 87th anniversary.

The first rose bush of the garden was planted by Mayor of Oakland Frederick Morcom in 1932, and the number of bushes had grown to 5,000 roses since then.

The garden was considered part of the City Beautiful Movement, which developed the quality to establish parks in the city to provide a natural setting in a town.

The park has Formal Florentine-style rose beds, with pathways on the axis. A Mediterranean-style loggia was installed, housing restrooms, and a shed to store tools.

The rose garden became an official landmark in 1980.

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The Bay Area comfort dishes people are ordering most during a shelter in place

As cover in situ has the unbroken U.S.A. from feeding at our favourite Bay space restaurants, locals area unit showing their support by the manner of take-out or delivery. But once it involves delivery, what are area unit locals ordering most right now?

We reached bent Postmates for insights on the highest metropolis, metropolis and Berkeley restaurants customers have ordered delivery from the foremost amid the continuing pandemic. We tend to conjointly ask to grasp the fashionable central meals they've picked. In short, it's all and concerning comfort dishes.

Among the native businesses chosen most enclosed Pancho Villa Taqueria, 4505 Burgers and BBQ, and store Delfina. The dishes customers ordered most featured burritos, cheeseburgers and pizza, among others. Postmates reviewed month-long orders placed for delivery between March twenty-six to April twenty-six for its findings. The food delivery company conjointly reviewed deliveries created before the Bay space issued a shelter in situ the orders on St Patrick's Day to search out trends.

Keep going to visualise the complete list of the star ordered meals from Bay space businesses, in step with Postmates: silver pizza, burger and bbq, proposition chickens, cholita Linda, store Delphina, pakwan, a+ burger, very little star pizza, volcano, Mexican Grill and their area unit numerous dishes.

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A person dies in an accident in Oakland

A vehicle that veered off Grizzly Peak Boulevard led to an accident on Sunday at about 6 p.m.

and led to the death of a person.

The California Highway Patrol said that the accident took place a mile north of state highway 24.

Witnesses of the incident said they saw a silver SUV that went off it's ours.

The case is now being investigated by the Oklahoma police department.

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Delta Airlines upholds customer and crew safety first in this pandemic

Starting 13th May, Delta Airlines to stop flying to secondary airports in Los Angeles, New York City and five other large metropolitan areas. Delta is also seeking federal approval to consolidate service in nine other U.S. cities.

Flight operations will be suspended until at least September, and affected passengers will be moved to San Francisco International airport. “Pay protection options” to be offered to workers affected by the closure. “The safety of our employees and customers remains our primary focus as we navigate these challenges together. By consolidating operations while customer traffic is low, we can allow more of our people to stay home in accordance with local health guidelines.” Sandy Gordon, senior vice president for domestic airport operations, said in the news release.

Delta has decreased domestic capacity by 80 per cent and international capacity by 90 per cent.

Delta has only been flying a daily flight from Oakland to Salt Lake City. Flights from Long Beach and Hollywood Burbank airports will be consolidated into Los Angeles International. Delta’s plans to suspend flights to 10 small airports will not impact many travellers. Delta only planned to operate an average of 1.5 departures from the airports to its Atlanta (ATL), Detroit (DTW), and Salt Lake City (SLC) hubs in May, according to Cirium schedule data.

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Delta airlines suspend services in Oakland international airport amide reduce passenger count

One of the country’s largest carriers, Delta Air Lines, had announced that they would be suspending service to Oakland International Airport as due to pandemic, the air traffic had reduced to a large extent. All the airlines are suffering losses due to reduced passenger count.

According to Delta airlines, their services will be suspended in Oakland and nine other airports in the U.S. starting from Wednesday that may last till September. Most of the areas which will be affected are metropolitan, and other airlines will still be serving there.

Sandy Gordon, the airline’s senior vice president of domestic airport operations, said: “The safety of our employees and customers remains our primary focus as we navigate these challenges together by consolidating operations while customer traffic is low, we can allow more of our people to stay home following local health guidelines.”

Some of the airports which will be affected by this suspension include Chicago Midway, Burbank, Long Beach, T.F. Green International Airport in Rhode Island, Westchester County, and Stewart International in New York Akron-Canton in Ohio, Manchester in New Hampshire and Newport News/Williamsburg in Virginia.

Delta also told that the customers affected by this decision will be able to change their flight without a fee and can travel anytime till September 2022.

The airline had to reduce its local flight count by 80% and international flight count by 90% at this time.

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3 died in a multi-vehicle collision on westbound I-580 in Oakland

In a multi-vehicle collision that occurred on westbound I-580 in Oakland, two children and a woman had died, and the third child is critically injured late Thursday morning. According to officials, the lanes of the freeway were closed for several hours.

According to Oakland CHP officials, officers responded to a report of a crash on the highway at around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. This incident occurred on I-580 westbound just east of Lakeshore Avenue, in which three vehicles collided. According to officials, a white Honda Accord lost control and collided with a white Ford F-250 parked in the center divider. The Ford F-250 was a rental vehicle that was rented by Cal Trans. At the time of the collision, both the employees of Cal trans were outside the vehicle for conducting maintenance.

The Honda was struck by a white Toyota Sienna minivan due to which the two children in Honda Accord suffered fatal injuries, and the third child in the Honda got severe injuries. The woman driving the Honda got significant injuries and was immediately taken to the hospital.

There were no other injuries.

According to CHP, due to investigation on the incident, only one lane was opened for traffic on westbound I-580 for hours.

All westbound lanes reopened at around 5 p.m., said CHP.

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Local people doing their bit to help the ongoing crisis

Furniture dealership to install 'heroes' sign at Beaumont Royal Oak

A Southfield-based commercial furniture dealership owned by former Piston Vinnie Johnson is planning on setting up a 35-foot sign saying "Heroes work here" in the front lawn

of Beaumont Royal Oak. To achieve this feat employees of Area, their company has made

donations to set up the board and provide dinner for staff working in the emergency wing.

Waterford restaurant keeps workers in mind while closed

Owners of the Lion’s Den in Waterford located at 4444 Highland Road is a 30-year-old well

A recognised restaurant owned by Mike and Beth Chairs. The restaurant has been closed for a

quite a while now due to the pandemic and the owners wanted to their bit to help the situation

and thus made pizza kits for employees and frequent customers.

Kristine case an employee at the restaurant said “When they closed, they gave us all the

food in the restaurant, including steaks. They emptied the coolers. The food kept us all going for

A while.”

Credit union employees donate to charities, including Oakland County Animal Shelter

Every year MSU Federal Credit Union employees support four local charities throughout the year

by raising funds, this year in the first three months of 2020 the Union raised funds worth $44,627

to do their bit to the community.

Silvia Dimma, MSUFCU chief human resources officer said “Now more than ever, these

organizations need our support, Many nonprofits are struggling to meet clients’ needs all

while having to cancel crucial fundraising events. We are proud of our employees for providing

continued assistance to our charity partners as we are all in this together.”

“On behalf of the 4,000 animals that we care for each year, thank you to the very generous staff

at MSUFCU for choosing the Oakland County Animal Shelter and Pet Adoption Center as one of

their 2020 Charity Partners,” said Bob Gatt, Manager of the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

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Online senior honour night and summer prom

In this pandemic of COVID-19 Oakland school district planned to have online senior honour night and summer prom. On Friday, this event will happen online. This presentation will be seen on social media at 7 p.m Thursday, May 14. They will do honour for all 2020 class student and will provide scholarship.

The dance has postponed to July 18.they have the permission for the prom on July 18 if not granted then the ball might cancel for a year.

Preparations are being done by the district to announce graduation plans. However, the State Board of Education tweeted on Friday, “We know how important graduations are in the lives of students, and ISBE is developing updated recommendations for graduation ceremonies in consultation with the Illinois Department of Public Health to align with the new disaster proclamation and updated stay-at-home order that Gov. Pritzker enacted yesterday.”

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Oakland County manufacturers transition to producing medical equipment to meet current requirements

Oakland County Executive, David Coulter has announced awards to county's manufacturers

who would step forward to shift their production priorities to making masks, gloves and other

medical requirements which are of paramount importance in the current scenario.

The said awards will be coming from $700,000 funds and $344,000 of this will be shared

between several manufacturers to make personal protective equipment or PPE and ventilator


Following are the companies that would be receiving grants :

• Oxus America of Auburn Hills: An engineering, manufacturing, and service company

specializing in medical devices and gas separation technology will be manufacturing critical

ventilator repair parts.

• Connexion, doing business in Pontiac as Tangico: It will be manufacturing award-winning

custom promotional products face shield parts.

• PolyFlex Products Co. of Farmington Hills: The company provides design, prototype, tooling

and manufacturing services along with face shields.

• Signarama of Troy supplies a wide range of custom-made signs, banners and decals for

buildings, vehicles and face shields.

• Acme Mills of Bloomfield Hills a private firm recognised for providing industrial textiles and

textile solutions has transitioned to produce face masks, gowns and hair covers.

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Thank you to all the helpers during COVID-19 crisis

The board and management team of the Great Oaks Country Club of Rochester had decided to give meals for the hospital staff, even when the club is closed. The members had donated over $12,000 for the purchasing of food and supplies for the meals. The chef's at the club are volunteering to prepare delicious food, and even the staff members are volunteering time to pack and deliver the meals to the hospitals, ensuring the standards of the hospitals.

All the meals are being packed separately in disposable silverware with napkins. They are also offering some gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian/vegan meals are included.

For more information, visit our website:

'Shine Your Light for Firefighters', May 4

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) will be celebrating the International Firefighters' Day, which began on May 4, 1999, after the deaths of five Australian firefighters in a wildland fire. Since then, International Firefighters' Day is celebrated every year on May 4.

Every firefighter is sacrificing is day and night for the safety of people and had to suffer not only physical but also mental and emotional injuries during their duty. Here are some ways to thank them:

  • The NFFF is asking the public to light their house in "red" on May 4-5 to celebrate International Firefighters' Day.
  • #Give2NFFFNow: On May 5, the NFFF will mark #GivingTuesdayNow as #Give2NFFFNow. This day of giving will help the NFFF honor America's fallen fire heroes, assist their families in rebuilding their lives. For more information, visit

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Oakland County Board Of Commissioners voted for the extension of State Of Emergency

The State Of Emergency in Michigan is supposed to expire on Thursday, hence voting has been held on whether or not to extend the emergency, though the Republic led house votes against extension, Governer Gretchen Whitmer stated that it will be extended anyway until May 15th. The State of Emergency was declared first on March 13 by County Executive David Coulter when the first cases of coronavirus were reported in Michigan, now the number rose to 7267 cases across the county. Chairman David T. Woodward said that “The extension of the emergency streamlines procurement processes to get the testing, supplies and other essentials to get through this

pandemic, We need to continue what’s been working so Executive David Coulter can continue to respond quickly to protect county residents.”

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Local news for Oakland April 28th

U.S. navy and air force plan to show tribute to healthcare workers.

As the pandemic continues, the frontline responders continue to put their life at risk so that the nation feels secured from COVID-19. The U.S. Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds are carrying out a plan to fly over multiple cities. The flyover by the defense forces will be to show the mark of respect towards the frontline responders.

Although the flyover was planned for April 29th, due to bad weather forecasts, the plan had to postponed. A new date for the flyover would be announced soon.

The defense forces will pay tribute to the health care worker by flowing over the areas which have suffered most from the pandemic.

Residents of Oakland can now access testing services for COVID-19

To help the frontline workers, people above age 65, the county has decided to merge with U.S. Rep. Brenda. Lawrence., D-Southfield, which will offer to test of COVID-19. The County Executive David Coulter said through a press briefing that the residents of the county will now be able to access testing services for COVID-19. He said that an appointment could be made through a phone call.

The testing of patients who are having symptoms of COVID-19 will begin on May 4. The time for testing is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On Monday and Wednesday, testing will be done at South Oakland help center while on Tuesday and Thursday testing will be done at Oakland county government campus in Pontiac. There are discussions going on testing sites for Friday.

It was made clear that any prescription or note from a doctor is not necessary, and an appointment could be booked by calling the health division's nurse at 800-848-5533.

Comcast extends its commitments through June 30

Comcast has decided to extend its commitments of "no disconnects" and waving of late fees through June 30. Due to the pandemic, the schools are closed because of which students need internet access to attend online classes.

The company is also offering Xfinity hotspots to everyone. Anyone who needs the service of these hotspots will not be charged even a single penny.

Comcast has also decided to extend till 30th June the offer of 60 days complimentary service for new internet essentials. Generally, internet essentials cover all qualified low-income households. The internet essentials were charged with $9.95/month.

C&L to hold video conferencing for their client's home improvement.

As the pandemic continues, the residents have been advised to stay at home. During the quarantine, the house owners are looking forward to improvements that can be made in their home.

C&L Ward president Patrick Ward in a press release, said that his company is receiving enormous demands of home improvement. To respond to the client's demand, the home improvement company has decided to give an opinion to the house owners through online conferencing.

Ward said, "it really is a win for everybody. Both homeowners and C&L Ward staff remain safe in their own residences. This is something we'll continue to offer well after the curve has been flattened."

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Other News United States Of America

Xeyoa emerges as a beacon of innovation and support for musicians and producers alike. With a unique blend of managerial prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, Xeyoa has carved a niche for themselves in an industry known for its challenges.

At the core of Xeyoa's mission is the unwavering dedication to helping musicians and producers thrive. His journey began when they recognized the struggles faced by independent artists and aspiring producers in navigating the complex music ecosystem. Armed with a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for music, Xeyoa embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Xeyoa's managerial acumen shines through as they meticulously curate opportunities for their clients. He provides strategic guidance, helping artists build their brand, negotiate contracts, and secure placements. Xeyoa's extensive network opens doors that might otherwise remain closed, creating a dynamic environment where talent can flourish.

But Xeyoa's impact extends beyond managerial expertise. As a visionary entrepreneur, he has also spearheaded initiatives that empower musicians and producers to take control of their careers. From launching platforms that connect artists with collaborators to organizing workshops on music production, Xeyoa ensures that the industry's next generation is well-equipped for success.

In a world where the music industry is often criticized for its challenges, Xeyoa stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and innovation. His unwavering commitment to helping musicians and producers is not only changing lives but also reshaping the music landscape for the better. Xeyoa is, without a doubt, a name to watch in the music industry—a true visionary who is turning dreams into reality, one note at a time.

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