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Around a dozens protesters gathered at Town hall in Oklahoma City on Monday, calling on either the government to reopen after week of food bank-in-place and better-in-place directives throughout Oklahoma were in impact.

The demonstration was the 2nd in the city in less then a week, with demonstrators assembling at the Statehouse last week to make their voice heard.

Monday's demonstration demonstrators informed KOCO Five they need the government to be accessible as early as Tuesday, intentioned people who are resistant weakened or afraid of the outbreak will stay in the house so everyone can go back to normal life.

"We have to get back to work-Oklahoma state, the Usa, the nation," stated Kim Scherer.

Scherer's policy response over coronavirus being that people can't live in panic.

"That we often had sickness and death but we will always have sickness and death, but we're not always going to have market," Scherer stated.

Former Rep. Porter Davis has entered the Town hall campaign.

"Those of us who worry will quit watching quite so much tv," Davis stated. "It is time to start building Oklahomans back to the work." Gov. Kevin Stitt announced that although he was prepared to encourage further companies to reopen in stages.

"I'm still committed to supporting the tough-working Oklahomans who have been trying to pay their taxes right now, who are willing to get back to business," he added.

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City Public Schools of Oklahoma to have online conference

OKLAHOMA -State schools Panel of Education, set conference for Mon at 6:00 a.m., that has been suspended.

We will see a joint conference with the City clerk, that will be carried out on the web simultaneously.

A few of the matters for the meeting contain the way the funds need to be spent on a variety of renovation plans for schools all around the city and also the restoration of the Superintendent's agreement.

If you wish to watch meeting, please tune to YouTube page of Oklahoma City Public Schools

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A Cop tested positive for COVID19

The Tulsa Police Department says one of their cops has been tested positive for COVID-19.

"The entire police station is being sinterized.

Franklin incorporates that everyone should stay home.


In Oklahoma City, the order of Shelter in place extended till April 30, 2020, during corona virus pandemic

Oklahoma City – An order has been circulated to extend the shelter in place till April 30 as the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds, city authorities declared Thursday.

The activity has been suggested by the city hall leader's COVID-19 Public Health Advisory Group and is in accordance with the augmentation this week to government and State of Oklahoma rules currently set up until April 30, authorities said.

The City of Tulsa is doing likewise, as Holt and Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum keep on cooperatively adjust predictable arrangements and informing in the state's two biggest urban areas as we cooperate to defeat the corona virus.

Shelter in-home means to stay at home with some exceptional given to facilitate citizens. By staying at home spread of corona virus can be eliminated through social distancing.

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Shelter In Place order in Oklahoma

Leaders around the world are taking considerate steps to save their people from the effects of the new situation that has arisen as a result of the spread of a disease that has paralyzed the normal functioning of everyone worldwide.

The old ways have gone obsolete and a new normal has emerged, the most important being; no meeting and greeting for the social animal that man is and sticking to the privacy of one's home practicing social distancing to protect themselves and their fellow humans from this fatal virus that’s on the spread.

Likewise, the Mayor of Oklahoma City publicized new guidelines under the tag line 'shelter in place' to educate and drive people to stay at their places and leave the vicinity of their homes only when it becomes too important to be ignored like for groceries or jobs. The mayor further said if someone does not comply with the orders, the police might force he public to do so.

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Churches In Oklahoma Go Online

When everything has closed down and people have been restricted to their homes, businesses too, have limited their activities to just trading online.

In the midst of all of what is happening in the world we live in today and how these happenings are changing us and shaping us to the new place this globe is becoming, Churches too have found a new way to reach out to its followers.

Churches in Oklahoma City followed suit and announced providing online services for the believers. 70+ churches in the whole state of Oklahoma will cancel their in-person services and move to providing them online.

When the whole world is moving forward, religion can't stay back, that’s how things work in the 21st century whether it be for centuries old religions.

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A person who attempted to bomb City Bank of Oklahoma sentenced to years in jail.

An Oklahoma resident who attempted to bomb city bank in what police characterized as an anti-government plan was convicted on Mon, and he is sentenced to 26 years in state jail.

Via a release, Northwestern Oklahoma's U.S. prosecutor Tim Richmond stated Jerry Drake 26-year-old conviction left him responsible over an attempt to copy USA's worst act of national terrorism.

Investigators also charged Varnell with attempting to explode a 2,000-pound ammonium nitrate explosive in 2017 in an alley close to BancFirst in central Oklahoma City. The Alfred P. Murrah Government building bombings of the city in 1995 murdered 189 people and wounded dozens of others.

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Americas Rapper and Radio Personality Andre Roxx has called out Donald Trump for being repsonsible for the Global Panic that is currently going on, and that Trump has an agenda of boosting Americas economy through massive sales,

He also explains how thousands of people die of hunger everyday and it gained no media hype or panic. The rapper says if less than 11,000 people has died out of 8billion of the worlds population in the past 2months, then it shouldn't be a global panic. We should worry more of the thousands of people who daily dies of hunger. He calls the trending pandemic (COVID-19) a common cold. Andre Roxx who is currently in Africa does a live broadcast of his show the chamber and he streems live on social media.

He caused a massive attention when announced that he has got the cure for CoronaVirus. He gave millions of listners hopes while he got lots of critics as well.. In his words:

Corona virus cure: chicken soup, plenty of fluids, rest, and aspirin


Mr Independent as he's called has been in West Africa for a month now, has been showing off how happy and free he is in Africa. And has been encouraging African Americas to come experience what he is experiencing. To make it easy he has established a tour program through which he calls Andre Roxx Black Stars Tour. He shows off his pictures on social media to show Americans how he loss weight naturally in few weeks without any major diet. His social media post this few days has been very controversial, and also has been serving as eye opener to lots of Africans globally

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Elizha Sander is arrested by the police of Oklahoma City he is charged for opening fire on another person

Elizha Sander is being arrested by police at city mall for opening fire on another person

According to police: Elizha sander got suddenly involved in an argument with another person named Gerron, due to heat of argument Elizha fired on Gerron by which he got severely injured and shopkeeper started to hide.  Elizha got bailed after giving $600,000 surety bond

According to a police statement: Elizha was detained on Thursday for opening fire on Gerron inside Shopping Mall

Gerron is injured and the doctor said she is in stable condition

The investigation is under-way!

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Investigators are looking for a man who posted several flyers around the Oklahoma City University Law School campus declaring "It's all right to be black." Flyers are posted on tables, across the front doors of the building and around the school crest.

Active and retired students said it was disappointing to see the kind of messaging that has always been so welcoming around a campus.

"It concerns that the history and threats of white supremacy in Oklahoma City have preceded it. We are located two blocks south of the Memorial," said Jose Cruz, grad of OCU Law, to News 4. "No, I don't think we're talking about the norm of Oklahoma. There's no place here for that."

Cruz already finished high school from OCU Rules back in May, saying he was shocked when he was told by friends on Thursday about these flyers popping up around the campus.

"That's sad that this is how people think they need to express themselves," Cruz said. "I really want people not to resort to this kind of messaging, because it's not really a form of conversation, it's just bullying."

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A serious accident on early Friday morning shut down a busy intersection in northwest Oklahoma City. A multi-vehicle crash near N.W. was called by emergency crews shortly before 10:30 a.m. In Oklahoma City, 63rd and May St.

Upon arrival on the scene, firefighters discovered several dismembered cars spread across May Ave's north and southbound lanes. First res-ponders worked immediately to close the entire May Ave., just south of N.W. 63. St.

Preliminary reports clearly show that several people have been injured and in the crash one person has been killed.

Authorities are still working at this point to determine exactly what caused the accident. Meanwhile, motorists were advised to avoid the area and brace for the closing of May Ave. near N.W. 63rd for a while.

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As she glanced down to check her mobile at a stoplight, Kaitlyn Newell was on her way home from work. She says she would have been involved in a horrific wreck in N.W. Maybe if seconds before she hit the gas. Sixty-third and May Ave.

"Psychologically damaged. Best thing I ever did was look up at my smartphone and go at the right moment," Newell said. The operator of a dark blue Dodge Charger was heading south on May when witnesses say he was jumping a red light, striking a silver car. 

"My lights turned green, but instead apparently his light turned red," said Kaitlyn Newell. As the roadway was covered by debris, police say that speed might have been a factor in the crash. "We're looking into that at this moment, but it seems to be," said Lt. David Steiner, with the Police Department of Oklahoma City.

The silver car driver died on the spot, whereas the nurse was killed by a passenger in that vehicle. Four vehicles, including an Oklahoma State Employment Security Commission truck, are involved in all.

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GUTHRIE, Okla. — A man from Logan County faces charges arising from a deadly hit-and-run crash in Guthrie on Saturday. Zachary Simmons is connected with getting out of the car of the October 26 accident that killed Mandy Gorsuch, 33, wife and mother, who was hanging out with friends.

"Whenever he took her, that night, because I was there, he took part of me," said the mother of Mandy, Jenny Gorsuch. "I should never have to lose another mom and he shouldn't have to," she stated.

Researchers have scientific proof, according to court records, that Simmons was driving his truck the night that killed Mandy Gorsuch and that he was drinking with his girlfriend.

Court documents evidence of the wife of Simmons shouting homophobic slurs from the truck at Mandy Gorsuch after leaving the bar. According to court records, Mandy Gorsuch got angry and hit the car.

According to Simmons ' arrest affidavit, "Simmons was more worried with his truck than a human life." He gunned it and I turned and it's the hardest thing I've ever encountered in my life, "said Jenny Gorsuch." My best friend has gone away, and I can't get her back, "she explained.

When officer asked Simmons why he had not reported what had happened, he told them he was scared, and according to court records he had not seen any police cars. The bail of Simmons was set at $50,000.

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OKLAHOMA CITY - When intense flames burned through a large home, firefighters worked to defend nearby homes in Oklahoma City. Firefighters from Oklahoma City were called to a house fire near Memorial and Eastern Ave on Thursday afternoon.

Preliminary reports suggested that when they arrived at the scene, fire crews could see heavy smoke coming from home. Chopper 4 was over the scene with Air Comfort Solutions as heavy flames and smoke devoured the home's roof.

Emergency crews were pushed against the fire to take a defensive stance and operated to defend nearby buildings. It is also unclear how the fire started at this point.

Luckily, firefighters say it was made safe by all the residents and animals. KFOR announced that even this blaze was the daughter of Kevin Ogle, the home of Abigail. Fortunately, it was made safe by all the people and pets inside.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The serious accident on Friday morning shut down a busy crossing in northwest Oklahoma City. A multi-vehicle accident near N.W. was called by emergency crews immediately before 10:30 a.m. In Oklahoma City, 63rd and May Ave.

We found that there are many mangled cars scattered around May Ave's north and southbound lanes as firefighters arrived on the scene.

Emergency responders quickly operated to close the entire May Ave., just south of N.W. 63 St. Early reports suggest that several people have been injured and one person has been killed in the incident.

Investigators are still working at this stage to assess exactly what is causing the crash. Meanwhile, motorists were advised to stay off the roads and brace for all the closing of May Ave. near N.W. 63rd for quite a while now.

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OKLAHOMA CITY— Oklahoma City Police Department wanted to recognize one of its own for a personal achievement that would make most people tired of thinking.

Master Sgt. Jason Burgess has been running two marathons for only seven days. Police officials said they were running marathons in Kansas City and Chicago.

MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma — The corpse that was discovered in a pond near Midwest City on the weekend was confirmed as a 25-year-old man with Asperger's Syndrome who had been reported missing earlier this month, police officers said.

Around 1:35 p.m. On Sunday, an elderly couple walked along a pond near Southeast 29th Street and Hiwassee Avenue, where they believed they saw a corpse. Firefighters and police officers replied, found a body and dragged it out of the sea.

Originally, the police only said the body was a white male, probably in the 20s. Police said the person was named as Philip Manzi on Tuesday.

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Holberton School, the coding school that bills itself as an alternative to college for budding software engineers from all of life, keeps growing. After recently opening new schools in Colombia and Tunisia, the organization today announced that it will open a new School campus in Tulsa, Okla. on January 2020. With this, Holberton will soon operate 3 schools in the U.S. (San Francisco, New Haven, and Tulsa), three in Colombia (Bogota, Cali, and Medellin) and one in Tunis, Tunisia.

For the Tulsa campus, Holberton is partnering with the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation to offer students need-based living assistance of $1,500 per month to help cover expenses. Once students pass the blind entrance exam and gain admission to its 2-year program, classes at Holberton are free until students get a good job that pays more than $40,000. At this point, they pay Holberton a share of their income for the next forty-two months, capped at $85,000.

"Holberton education will bring Silicon Valley expertise to the heart of America," said Pauline Cohen Forms, Holberton’s director of business development and partnerships. “By training the students in the Tulsa area in high paying, in demanding jobs, we can contribute to both the workforce development and economic growth in Tulsa.”

The school argues that its admissions process has allowed it to recruit one of the most diverse classes in the technology industry and that it has put students in companies such as Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tesla. Like with some of its other campuses Tulsa brings Holberton's program to communities that are not typically viewed like rivals to Silicon Valley but that definitely have a large pool of engineering talent.

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY — Health officials have confirmed that they are investigating active tuberculosis cases in Oklahoma County.

Oklahoma City-County Health Department officials say that they are investigating an active case of tuberculosis in a student in the Western Heights Public School District. They said the student is not in the main student body of the school but attends a small program in the district.

"The administration and staff of the Western Heights School District have taken all necessary precautions to protect their students and staff," said Dr. Dale Claflin, TB Medical Director of OCCHD in the news release. "As the student is not in the main student body of the school, we are confident that only a few students will be affected. OCCHD will continue to update the district as our investigation continues." 

According to the news release, the student program is separated from the rest of the Western Heights population. A small number of students and staff members have been informed that they will need to be examined.

"OCCHD officials have initiated an investigation, including the provision of TB testing of household contacts and other close contacts to the student," the news release states.

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Some of the things that Steve Buck said recently about his agency's budget request for next year should be noted by the lawmakers as they consider their appropriations to the Juvenile Affairs Office.

Buck, the Executive Director of OJA, is seeking a 7.6 percent increase in state funding or an additional $7.35 million. Of this total, $1.6 million would go to prison providers, and $359,000 would be used to rebuild a research and data analytics unit that was eliminated several years ago.

The former is needed, Buck said, because providers are "struggling to serve young people who are experiencing very acute mental illness and very high levels of developmental disability."

This isn't supposed to arrive as a shock. High levels of mental illness in Oklahoma have been a long-standing problem. In a recent study, the Oklahoma Policy Institute observed that, according to national research, 92.5 percent of juveniles arrested experienced trauma, and two out of three recorded diagnosable mental health circumstances. Oklahoma has the largest frequency of kids with at least one adverse childhood experience, according to OK Policy.

Buck also said that having solid data is a must for OJA to ' identify hot spots for a specific investment, but then also develop strategies for those hot spots on how we can do things differently. It's a way to help us make use of our time, effort, and energy.

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Xeyoa emerges as a beacon of innovation and support for musicians and producers alike. With a unique blend of managerial prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, Xeyoa has carved a niche for themselves in an industry known for its challenges.

At the core of Xeyoa's mission is the unwavering dedication to helping musicians and producers thrive. His journey began when they recognized the struggles faced by independent artists and aspiring producers in navigating the complex music ecosystem. Armed with a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for music, Xeyoa embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Xeyoa's managerial acumen shines through as they meticulously curate opportunities for their clients. He provides strategic guidance, helping artists build their brand, negotiate contracts, and secure placements. Xeyoa's extensive network opens doors that might otherwise remain closed, creating a dynamic environment where talent can flourish.

But Xeyoa's impact extends beyond managerial expertise. As a visionary entrepreneur, he has also spearheaded initiatives that empower musicians and producers to take control of their careers. From launching platforms that connect artists with collaborators to organizing workshops on music production, Xeyoa ensures that the industry's next generation is well-equipped for success.

In a world where the music industry is often criticized for its challenges, Xeyoa stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and innovation. His unwavering commitment to helping musicians and producers is not only changing lives but also reshaping the music landscape for the better. Xeyoa is, without a doubt, a name to watch in the music industry—a true visionary who is turning dreams into reality, one note at a time.

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