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A metro clinic in West Omaha begins testing for Antibodies

Doctors at 88Med in West Omaha are ready to serve the community in need during the pandemic. They want to get further research and say that antibody tests will determine if one has come in contact with COVID-19. The entire process of testing requires 10-15 minutes; healthcare professionals take a small amount of blood in a vile to be tested, and one can get results in 2-3 working days. The authorities say that there is so less information on this virus that these tests could help the researchers in the long run.

The Med Medical Director, Dr Darin Jackson, said that these tests could provide better data with accurate numbers which might help the epidemiologist sand can help make well-informed and better decisions for public safety. The Doctors are ready to work even at weekends as long as the community is in need.

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Omaha hospital may get overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases

The local and state official said on Friday that they are keeping a close eye on the healthcare centers and other medical centers as they worry it may become overwhelmed and workers may get fatigued.

Leaders at Nebraska medicine said that they are dealing with around 70 patients every day on an average.

But as the number of severe cases is increasing, they face some problems showing how delicate the system is.

"It's, you know, critically important to understand that the system is relatively fragile and can still be overwhelmed," said Dr. Mark Rupp, chief of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Division of Infectious Diseases and medical director of infection control and epidemiology.

According to these leaders, the number of patients who require extra and intensive care is increasing day by day.

Douglas County Health Department Director Dr. Adi Pour said the hospitals' high capacity is not directly related to COVID-19 only.

She said that they are looking at the factors which are making up the full percentage.

"We've been dealing with the COVID pandemic for several months in our area and, quite frankly, the folks who are caring for these people in the critical care setting with the most ill patients, are fatigued and we are stressed," he said.

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Omaha Summer Arts Festival goes virtual

The Omaha Summer Arts Festival will be virtually conducted for the first time in its history of 46 years. The festival fans can celebrate the arts from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, June 6 at the time of Virtual OSAF. Cameron Logsdon, local comedian and writer, will be the host for the festival. OSAF will be streaming live on the OSAF channel, OSAF Facebook page as well as Omaha’s public access television station, KPAO- Cox channel 22 and channel 89 Century Link.

Gift cards worth $2500 will also be awarded during the fest, as informed by the event organizers.

Schedule of the day:

Hector Anchondo – 10:15 am

Topher Booth – 11:00 am

Joshua Sinclair – 11:45 am

Little Joe McCarthy – 12:30 pm

Nat King Cole Centennial Celebration, Robert Glaser Production featuring Jordan Smith – 1:15 pm

Andrew Bailie – 2:00 pm

Omaha Street Percussion – 2:45 pm

Omaha Street Percussion – 3:30 pm

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Omaha recalls a real hero Kerrie Orozco

This morning Omaha recalls a fallen hero- Kerrie Orozco

Omaha Police tweeted out this image of Officer Kerrie Orozco, which shows her accepting an honour for her work with Special Olympics Nebraska. Omaha police had tweeted out a picture of Orozco that depicted her receiving a laurel for her work with the Special Olympics Nebraska.

On this day, Douglas County Dispatch will pay respect to official Orozco by playing her final call. People recollect Orozco's work on the police force and with kids in the network.

There are numerous tributes around the zone including plaques, a bridge, honour horses, and a baseball field at Miller Park dedicated last June. Orozco's five-year-old girl, Olivia, tossed out the absolute first pitch at that field.

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Waterloo-shooting death investigation remains ongoing

Officers are investigating a fatal shooting in Waterloo.

According to Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports, on a notification of a shooting casualty, police were called to UnityPoint Health-Allen Hospital around 8:30 p.m. on Friday.

Police informed the man was taken to the medical clinic in a private vehicle, and passed away, on a shot time subsequent arrival.

An autopsy has been booked at the State Medical Examiner's Office. No different subtleties were promptly discharged, including the man's name.

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Horse-drawn carriage rides resume in Omaha's old market

Due to lockdown in many parts of the world, a city in Omaha has reopened it's horse-drawn carriage rides in the old market. According to the owner of Magical Journeys Carriage Service, Mark Donovan of age 61 said it was the right time to reopen it and the horses looked very happy to see them after a long time. Donovan tested the Waters on Friday and Sunday as Saturday was rained out by making rounds of two carriages. The owner, the horses, as well as employees, looks very happy to see him as it gave back a little normalcy. Due to coronavirus, some precautions were taken as the drivers wore masks and disposable gloves and the carriages were sanitized between every ride. Donovan told all the riders wore masks but the customers don't wear anything. Till now half of the restaurants were opened and he operates only two till now. The rides are started at 6 pm on weeknights and 2 pm on weekends and shifts were rotated the keep the eight horses fresh. He was curious to see how his horse reacts after a long time. Now all things are normal.

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Omaha experiences advancement in Residential Construction permits

According to the new economic information discharged by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, the permitted activity for Commercial construction in the Omaha region multiplied twice the first quarter of the current year contrasted with a similar time a year ago.

The estimation of grants issued for non-private construction and rebuild extends through March added up to about $430 million, in comparison with $212 million the initial three months of 2019.

The estimation of license movement for March alone, when contrasted with March of 2019, far dominated a year ago by 120%.

Also, the residential construction of single-family home data shows that the number of licenses given for new houses rose advanced 40% in the Omaha territory the first quarter of this current year in contrast to a similar period the previous year.

Current year March homebuilding licenses alone demonstrated improvement by 75% compared to the previous year. This improvement was undoubtedly due to the coronavirus grasp on the area.

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A cutting report in West Omaha leaves two men severely injured

Authorities state there was a cutting report at the Legacy Common Apartment complex in West Omaha. This incident left two men seriously injured who were sent to the hospital.

One man was seen thumping on windows at various organizations close by, police say, to find support.

The other man, officials state, stood outside the loft when they showed up, with a severe cut on his throat.

Police say they discovered one lady in the apartment and brought her in for interrogation.

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Omaha has disproportion in number of positive, higher in minorities

Silverio Diaz Castelan, 33, came to South Omaha Health clinic last week with his wife into a parking space designated to have COVID-19 positive people like him.

He was diagnosed for the COVID-19 last week and was again her to get his oxygen levels checked and to get her wife tested for the disease when her wife was crying quietly in the passenger seat. She was feared by illness as she had lost her sense of smell and was experiencing terrible headaches.

This scene shows the reality of some parts of Omaha, and some segments of the population are being hit harder than others.

OneWorld Community Health Center serves many immigrants and low-income populations and is located in the old Omaha Stockyards, where cattle are used to await slaughter. It was found that Silverio was himself a worker at one of the Omaha-area processing facilities as a meatpacker- a job which was very vulnerable to Coronavirus across Nebraska.

In Omaha, people are getting disproportionately ill as Latinos, Asians, and Black residents have a higher percentage share in infected people in comparison to their share in the population.

This had shown that health officials are not doing enough for the local minorities. Even online registration is becoming a hurdle for minorities.

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Holocaust survivor dies of COVID-19

Jack Diamond has died of COVID-19. He was at age 97 and a popular furniture salesman at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Known to generations of shoppers, he had a long career of 58 years.

Many people don’t know that he spent his childhood days in Poland as Zelik Dimenstein. He had a near-death experience when he narrowly survived the Holocaust. He arrived in Omaha in 1949 along with his wife, Minde. He came from a postwar displaced persons camp which was in Germany.

When he retired in 2012 in Omaha at the age of 90, he along with his wife moved to Monsey, New York, to live near their two daughters - Leta Greenstein and Florie Gasner. Both of them are Omaha Central High graduates. He is survived by his wife, age 74, their daughters, 10 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

His death was announced from a New Jersey hospital located across the Hudson River on April 27. His funeral was live-streamed on Zoom and was watched by Ron Blumkin of Omaha, the chairman of the Furniture Mart.

Zelik (also knows as Jack) fought as a member of the Russian partisans, a resistance group. He used to actively help in hiding other Jews from capture.

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COVID-19 continues to impact Latino community

Many patients are coming in South Omaha to get tested for COVID-19 and the health providers are finding it hard to handle the increasing numbers. The local leaders are requesting for more tests along with safer work conditions.

Highlighting general wellbeing information, Neb. State Sen. Tony Vargas, who speaks to the region, said the infection has excessively affected ethnic minorities in Douglas County - specifically, its Latino people group.

For Vargas, the best concern revolves around straightforwardness. He said if neighborhood meatpacking plants and nursing offices can not share case information openly, nearby government and wellbeing offices can not viably treat individuals

The push to check cases and passings remains profoundly close to home for Vargas. His own dad as of late died from COVID-19. Finally check, the Douglas County Health Department detailed about 43% of recorded COVID-19 cases are Hispanic. A map indicating the province's distinctive ZIP codes shows both south and east Omaha stand apart as the hardest-hit division with regards to the quantity of cases and number of tests finished.

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Millard North Freshman Funds PPE For Healthcare Community 

In a time when people all over the world are grappling for some semblance of survival in the pandemic hit society, the Healthcare community is working tirelessly on the frontlines to restore and maintain normalcy with their efforts.

The sacrifices they make are something we cannot understand unless we are in their shoes, experiencing the desolate situation with our own being. The most we common citizens can do is provide support in many forms to help convert their efforts into lasting care and concern.

Furnishing quiet and powerful support, in the form of Personal Protection Equipment, is the Millard North Freshman, Mahika Kanchanam. Apprehension for the health care workers has motivated her helping nature to raise $3,800 in donations and convert them into personal care items like scrub caps, masks, goggles, ear savers and face shields.

Terming this act as a ‘learning project’, Mahika has coordinated with volunteers, hospitals, suppliers and 3D printers for the items. Her donations have been split between the Millards Public School Custodial Staff, the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, the Lakeside Hospital as well as the Methodist Hospital.

A work in progress, Mahika is grateful to all the volunteers and donors who have contributed their time and effort towards crafting her efforts into a successful and satisfying reality.

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Saving wildlife from COVID-19

During the birth of any human, the child has small eyes, lovely small hands and legs and we care and love that small child a lot.

The same condition is with our wildlife living beings i.e. animals, birds, water-born animals and many more.

As today we see that Coronavirus is spread throughout the world targeting all living creatures existing in our environment, but suppose when a small child gets targeted we will immediately rush for medical help.

The same rule is to be applied to wildlife lives too. We can also see that, Nebraska Wildlife Rehab is on pace to receive a record number of animals this year. It shows that human is caring for animals too, which is good.

300 babies were admitted due to COVID-19 attack in the hospital organization. As nowadays, people are free having no work to do at home, rather than wasting time by watching movies, calling our relatives unnecessarily, they can keep a watch at their surrounding backyard animals where they are safe or not. As per WHO, we know the symptoms of COVID-19, so whenever we observed that kind of symptoms in wildlife animals we should call for an emergency medical help. So this is the only time that we can show and help our environment by caring for each and every living lives.

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18 positive cases reported in Omaha’s open door mission campus

Omaha's Open Door Mission had reported 18 positive cases of COVID-19 until now.

The Douglas County Health Department sent a National Guard team consisting of 30 members to do testing in Open Door Mission, as said by Candace Gregory, Open Door Mission's president, and CEO, in a press release.

The first round of testing covered 84% of staff and guests, in which 18 were found positive in COVID-19. Among these 18, six were staff members and 12 guests. Three test results are still pending.

Till the results of the testing were coming, new isolation and quarantine rooms were prepared.

Last Monday, members of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's infectious disease team came to the shelter's campus near Carter Lake in northeast Omaha, to determine its safety measures and protocols being followed. They worked with shelter staff to make new quarantine and isolation rooms in the campus.

The next round of testing will be done on Monday to find any new cases.

Shelters immediately need washable face masks, washable gowns for nurses entering the COVID-19 areas, and supplies of disinfectant.

World-Herald reporting in the late march shown the challenges being faced by Omaha's biggest homeless shelters during a pandemic. Gregory also said that they had taken some steps to keep people safe.

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Omaha city weekly conference by Mayor

Mayor of Omaha Jean Stothert had asked all the Omahans to continue their efforts in fighting COVID-19 and try to keep the curve as flat as possible following all the guidelines.

As the businesses begin to open up people, have to be more careful and alert.

In her weekly conference on Thursday, Mayor reminded sports teams are not allowed to practice until the end of May.

She also reminded some restless people that COVID-19 is still here and deadly and only precautions can stop it being as devastating as Spanish Flu.

People should continue wearing a mask and as things begin to reopen only restaurant servers don't have to wear masks, but nail and hair salons do have to. Police will be doing a Compliance check for this.

Budget update

This week, City Finance Director Stephen Curtiss said that the city funds could she a shortfall of $127 million, but he doesn't know the impact service tax can make.

Case update

Douglas County Health Department Director Dr. Adi Pour said on Thursday that she expects that the number of cases in the city may keep increasing by 100 daily as the testing will increase. The county has a total 1,205 confirmed cases, according to her.

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Rock band in Omaha to donate funds made from online streaming of their show

A rock band from Omaha that had been doing shows from the decades with triple platinum

and platinum albums are now going to do an online streaming concert on Tuesday.

The money made from this show in the form of donations will be used to feed local people in

the present crisis, Nick Hexum lead singer & guitarist said "A lot of people are scared and hungry

and stuff, so benefiting the Heartland food bank was a great way to just spread some love and

entertain people and raise some money."

Footage from a show made in Pittsburgh last year will be streaming and the donations will be

given away to the Food Bank for the Heartland.

"It just seems like the best bang for your buck. When you know how much one dollar, how many

kids that can feed, We just put it in the vault, and now this opportunity to entertain people and

raise some money for hungry people was just a win, win," said Hexum.

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The man died after the motorcycle crash during a test drive

A 31-year-old man killed after a motorcycle crashed during the test drive into a concrete wall in the centre mall parking lot.

A man named Jake Dunwoody of Omaha was seriously injured in the crash. The incident happened at 1:40 p.m. at the mall,4001 centre St. he was then taken to the Nebraska medical centre, and there he was declared dead.

Dunwoody was having a keen interest in buying a motorcycle. Dunwoody was told that he will be driving dirt bikes while growing up in western Nebraska.

He was already told that if he goes fast and able to control it, then he might get injured.

Dunwoody was going smooth, and he was comfortable with the rid but suddenly speed increased. Stock told Dunwoody to slow down the speed with pressing the clutch at that time, but Dunwoody accelerated more and then he hit the wall and crushed.

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Two players win the ticket for the mega millions multistate lottery

In mega million multistate lotteries, two players win the tickets at bunky's convenience store in Omaha. The ticket win worth $20000 sold out at 9405S 144th St. in southern west Omaha. The ticket has matched four out of five numbers and the yellow number. $10000 winning ticket sold out at 6003 centers st. That ticket also matched four out of five number plus the yellow number. The prize on Thursday would worth $215 million with the cash option $173.1 million. The jackpot worth $59 million or $48.1 million in cash on Wednesday. $110000 winning ticket was sold in a lucky draw on Thursday at tom’s Midwest liquor on Washington boulevard.

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Looking forward to the interstate crash incident

In Omaha, an interstate crash incident occurred, which left two people with serious injuries. Omaha police are looking forward to the further investigation on this matter. On Saturday I-80 emergency crew was called up at I-L-Q ramp before 4 p.m. Two injured persons were taken into Bergan mercy. They had marked skid where the car went off the road just before it landed on its top in a near ditch.

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Mayor projects a shortfall of $80 million in Omaha due to COVID-19

Mayor Jean Stothert said in her weekly update Friday afternoon that the city of Omaha is suffering from a shortfall of $80 million due to the financial crisis caused by COVID-19. City officials are already doing whatever they can do to make up for the losses by reducing spending and overtime as well as freezing hiring and purchasing, said the Mayor. According to Omaha's finance director, Steve Curtis, the primary revenue sources of the city that are the restaurant tax and the hotel tax- both are down. The city estimates it has already lost $400,000 in revenue from the restaurant taxes- a 15% cut, while hotel taxes are $350,000- or 57% below budget. City leaders are working with the federal delegation and have asked Douglas County to share its CARES act funding to recover the losses caused by Coronavirus. Rep. Done Bacon said Congress is already working on a plan to assist cities and towns to recover the shortfalls. The CARES Act sent $150 billion to the state and local governments, but the usage of funds was restricted to COVID-19 expenses and prevention efforts.

Lawmakers will again meet on Monday in Washington to find a way to help local governments fight the economic drop and regain some financial strength.

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