A pedestrian died due to collision with a car in Chandler

A pedestrian died after getting hit by a car on Saturday night, said Chandler Police.

The Emergency crews responded to the incident at 9:45 p.m. near Elgin and Arizona Avenue.

Police identified the pedestrian as 41-year-old Rosario Ortiz, was on his wheelchair and was crossing Arizona Avenue at Elgin Street going west, when a car going south struck her.

As the firefighters arrived at the location, she was declared dead.

Police said that the driver did not flee the scene. According to Police, speed, impairment or distraction were not the cause of the collision.


Two vehicles crashed on Loop 101 at 67th Avenue on Saturday, one died in Action secondary collision

A fatal collision took place on Loop 101 at 67th Avenue, Saturday night, and the investigation is going on said DPS officials.

The incident took place around 9:10 p.m. on westbound L-101 near 75th Avenue, and no injuries were reported from the incident.

DPS said that after this incident, a secondary crash happened at 67th Avenue, in which one person was reported dead.

According to police reports, multiple subjects fled from the scene and were not located, but others said no one had fled the scene.

The reason for the collision is still unknown, and commuters are suggested to avoid the area.


Child with special need started walking on her own, with the help of teletherapy

Many medical practitioners, such as doctors, psychologists, and even physical therapists, are providing teletherapy to the patients to keep them safe in this pandemic. This method proves to be very beneficial for some people and especially the families who have children with special needs.

One Valley family recien=ved great results from teletherapy and found some positive outcomes for their daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Pitt Hopkins syndrome.

Due to this syndrome 5-year-old, Alexandra did not have as much strength in her arms and legs as other children have.

Alexandra's mom Nicole Anderson told our team that their daughter is very strong and has to take physical therapy five times a week for an hour-long session. These sessions even continued after the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Central Arizona closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and families had to switch to online therapy.

After some days of teletherapy with her physical therapist Atelie Ho Lem, Anderson said, things changed for her daughter, and she started making efforts to walk in her own without much coaxing.

Ho Lem said after seeing the first steps of Alexandra that these moments were overwhelming for her.

"She is a sweet little girl that wants to move, she wants to play," said Ho Lem. "When I see them accomplish these milestones, it is just overwhelming," she added.


Teen rescued by MCSO after falling into a mine shaft, teen was sent to the hospital

A 17-year-old boy was rescued by the Daisy Mountain Fire officials after he fell into a mine shaft near Desert Hills Drive and New River Road.

MCSO officials said that a call was reported at around 6 p.m. about when the teen riding a quad fell 50 feet into the shaft.

A total of 34 units responded at the location, and a full rescue team got inside the shaft at 6:45 p.m. The boy was rescued and sent to Phoenix Children's Hospital for an evaluation, MSCO says.

Officials are unclear about the injuries suffered by the teen, but fire personnel said that the boy was alert and speaking to the rescuers.


City of Tolleson is conducting local testing blitz over the next two days, especially of the JBS plant workers

JBS Meat plant has many employees infected by Coronavirus, but President Trump said that they couldn't shut down as they are essential to American lives.

Many employees said that they fear getting infected while working as the factory has a large number of infected employees and wonder why the company is not concerned about their health.

Now finally, after so many weeks, Tolleson is conducting local testing blitz over the next two days. Local traffic was closed for the testing of residents in the Tolleson Fire Station Thursday.

Tolleson Mayor Anna Tovar was trying hard to get testing done in her city and especially for the workers at the JBS meatpacking plant.

It is expected to have around two-hundred positive cases inside the factory only as the testing took a long time to start.

"There's still fear, there's still fear," said United Food and Commercial Workers Rep Martin Hernandez.

Hernandez said that the plant was not telling the employees the exact number of cases, and the plant has a lack of transparency, which is unacceptable. He also said the blame couldn't be solely laid on JBS.

"Blame the company but also blame the state, cause the state has a lot to do with it, if the state is not putting pressure on these companies to be transparent to let us know, it's a safety concern for all of us, inside the plant and outside," said Hernandez.


Two kids severely injured in a crash at 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road were hurriedly taken to the hospital

According to Phoenix fire officials, Two children got seriously injured in a crash at 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road Thursday night and were rapidly taken to the hospital.

Among kids, one was a six-month-old boy, and another was three-year-old, said, Firefighters.

The three-year-old kid is in a stable condition, but the six-month-old boy is in a severe condition.

Phoenix Police is investigating the reason which led to the collision.


Three people injured in Westgate shooting, Suspect arrested

Three individuals were harmed, and a suspect is arrested following a shooting Wednesday night at Westgate Entertainment District in Glendale, as indicated by police.

One individual was taken to the clinic in essential condition, authorities said. Two different casualties endured non-hazardous wounds.

The suspect, recognized by police as 20-year-old Armando Hernandez Jr., was arrested at the scene. The suspect isn't accepted to have been harmed during the occurrence.

The shooting was affirmed by police presently before 8 p.m. A rationale in the shooting was not promptly known.

Stores, cafés, and bars at the strip mall, situated close to 95th and Glendale roads northwest of downtown Phoenix, had been advised to "cover set up" even hours after the fact. At the same time, Glendale police and different offices led optional quests in the territory.

The examination was as yet dynamic Thursday morning, and the territory stayed shut to people in general.

Police struck a home in Peoria short-term. However, they have not yet affirmed whether the house is associated with the suspect or examination.

Arizona Sen. Martín Quezada, who speaks to Maryvale and Glendale, said in a tweet that he was at Westgate when the shooting happened.

He told he just saw an equipped fear monger with an AR-15 shoot up Westgate.

The police representative said they know about a video presented via web-based networking media that purportedly shows the shooting, however, can't affirm if that video is exact.

Any individual who may have video or data about the shooting can contact Glendale police or Silent Witness.

A representative for Westgate Entertainment District discharged the accompanying explanation after the occurrence.

The authority said that they could affirm that a shooting happened tonight at Westgate Entertainment District. We are profoundly upset by this occurrence, and our contemplations and supplications go out to the people in question and their families. Westgate will keep on working intimately with the Glendale Police Department and in-house security to best guarantee the wellbeing of our clients, occupants and inhabitants. Additional inquiries ought to be coordinated to the Glendale Police Department.

Representative Doug Ducey discharged the accompanying articulation Thursday morning saying that they are in close contact with Glendale authorities today around evening time, and checking this episode as more data opens up.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety was in ordinary correspondence with the Glendale Police Department, and the State of Arizona stands prepared to give any assets and bolster required.


Five Five $10,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets sold in Arizona0,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets sold in Arizona

Arizona had five winning $10,000 Mega MIllions of tickets in Tuesday's drawing, three in southern Arizona, one in Quartzsite and one in the Phoenix zone.

As indicated by the Arizona State Lottery, the tickets were sold at the accompanying areas:

  • Hover K at 3651 S. HWY 92 in Sierra Vista (two winning tickets were sold here)
  • Hover K at 1395 W. Supernatural occurrence Mile in Tucson
  • Mobil Mart at 1395 W. Principle St. in Quartzsite
  • Hover K at 6002 N. Seventh Ave in Phoenix

Tuesday's triumphant numbers were 8, 19, 25, 36, 66 with Mega Ball number 9. Till date, none of the tickets has been claimed.



A family of four is searching for a new place to live after a smoke has burned the house in the West Valley.

Phoenix rescue crew were called on early Wed for complaints of a flame to a 2 story residence around 83 Avenue and Thomas Street.

They noticed fire rising from the rooftop upon arrival.

Firefighter operated quickly using hose lines to spray the flames.

At one stage it was suspected someone was stuck inside the building, but the resident was discovered safely outside by additional team members.

The reason for the fire was the leak gas pipeline which was fixed by the rescue but the family have to shift due to mass destruction of the house.


As businesses anticipate COVID-19 lawsuits, liability waivers becoming commonplace 

It is expected that at the time of re-opening of businesses, the Arizonans must adjust to the “new normal.” This means that wearing the masks and maintaining the social distance. In case, you haven’t come across a liability waiver, you will be confronted to sign soon.

Behrens was approached to sign a waiver before observing his PCP a day or two ago. Behrens hesitantly signed the form. Steve Nielson in the interim, says he will never consent to his Val Vista Lakes Community Association waiver.

The Gilbert neighbourhood HOA at first sent a letter waiver without any dates and barely any subtleties. Nielson likewise said the record didn't specify anything about the proactive estimates the HOA was taking to shield inhabitants in the local safe from getting the infection.

That report has since been changed to be increasingly explicit and thin - legal counsellors state that is a need. On the off chance that you won't sign the waiver however, there might be repercussions.

Not all proprietors will implement the waivers, and it is indistinct how condos and HOA's will police things. Lamber likewise says you can generally push back in the event that you don't care for the language utilized in the waiver. There will probably be claims about these waivers planned for forestalling claims. Organizations will have the intense choice of gauging obligation assurance with the danger of upsetting clients.

Like obligation waivers, the marks alone won't keep the organizations from being sued, however, it might make it harder for somebody to indict them and win.


Lori Vallow Daybell's suffering from mysterious deaths of ex-husband and brother and missing kids

In 2019, it had been 13 years for Lori and her then-husband Charles, but something had changed. It was a year full of mysteries for Lori Vallow's house.

Charles in a conversation with Gilbert Police on January 31. 2019 said about Lori, "She's psychologically gone, something has happened to her. She's lost her mind; I don't know how else to say it. We're LDS, and she thinks she's a resurrected being and a God, a member of the one hundred and forty-four thousand," he said. "She took all the money out of her bank account today, and our truck is gone."

Charles was worried about their two kids, JJ and Tylee, who had not seen them in the past two days.

He asked Gilbert Police to check in the house as he doesn't have the keys after returning from his work trip to Houston. Even his truck was missing from Sky Harbor, which he parked before leaving for the trip.

After all this, they told the police about Lori's mental conditions as she refused to recognize her husband.

Only after six months, Charles was killed, and Lori's brother Alex Cox admitted the killing. The pattern of deaths continued as Cox was found dead in December that year. According to a medical examiner, it was not a suspicious death.

Lori's current husband, Chad Daybell free from any criminal charges. And both Lori's kids, Tylee and JJ Vallow are still missing after the family reported their missing in November.



Phoenix cops are interrogating after a person was shot and killed at an apartment building in early Tuesday morn.

Officers rushed to the housing complex between Interstate Seventeen and Bethany Home Road at about 12:35 a.m., according to Phoenix police. They found a forty-eight-year-old man who had been wounded with bullets before they arrived. He was rushed to the hospital and later he was declared dead.

Investigators learned that the victim had been shot by a person with whom he argued. Cops said the suspect was not yet known, and the inquiry is still underway.


Gunfire at Homewood Suites hotel near I-17 and Peoria Ave, woman shot dead inside the room

Phoenix police are examining a fatal shooting at the Homewood Suites by Hilton inn in north Phoenix.

On Saturday, around 11 pm, officials were called to the inn close to Interstate 17 and Peoria Avenue, for reports of shots discharged.

At the point when they showed up, officials found a lady in anguish due to a gunshot injury. As reported by Phoenix police, surgeons articulated her dead at the scene.

During the examination, specialists took in a gathering of individuals who were inside one of the lodgings when two men began contending.

The contention transformed into a battle, and sooner or later, a gun was utilized.

Police say the victim was one of the individuals in the room, and the gunfire struck him.

Police have not yet discharged her name.

As indicated by the Phoenix Police Department, examiners created reasonable justification to capture 21-year-old Dante Barnes.

He has been set up for prison and is dealing with murder indictments.


Chandler: 70-year old Dementia patient missing, Sliver alert cancelled

Chandler police tweeted about a 70-year old missing person with Dementia, white male, height 5’7”, 210 lbs., grey hair and blue eyes- Richard Peacock; he was last seen wearing a white striped t-shirt, grey hat and tan shorts.

According to police reports, Peacock was missing from Friday night, after he left his daughter at home in Chandler. For Peacock, Silver alert was cancelled.

DPS announced that he was located and is in a healthy condition.

Previously, his family was worried when he did not return home in Peoria as he has Dementia.

His Saturday’s location is unclear, and also, where he was found is still unknown.


The Grand Canyon to Remain Closed All This Week; To be Re-Opened Only for the Memorial Day Weekend

One of the world’s most famous tourist place, the Grand Canyon Park, AZ announced on Monday that it will remain closed for the following days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday regarding the concerns of public health amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

But the authorities did state that the park will re-open partially on Friday in the light of the Memorial Day Weekend. However, the authorities have not confirmed the reason for the sudden closure of the park.

A notice on the Grand Canyon’s website read, “ During Memorial Day Weekend, beginning Friday May 22, through Monday, May 25, there will be limited access to portions of the South Rim. Details will be posted on this webpage as soon as they have been finalized,”

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, which has taken the world by storm, the countries worldwide have been shut for the greater good. Many of the government bodies across the world have suggested to strictly follow social distancing, so as to control the spread of the deadly disease. Following the same guidelines, the authorities at Grand Canyon to have partially opened the park with only limited viewpoints accessible, making an attempt at social distancing.


A vehicle hit two pedestrians in Surprise, victims in critical condition in the hospital

A vehicle hit two pedestrians in Surprise on Saturday night. The pedestrians are fighting for their lives in the hospital.

The incident occurred near Litchfield, and Waddell roads at around 9 p.m. Police were called to the scene.

According to Surprise Police Sgt. Greg Welch, after the police arrived, the pedestrians were transported to the hospital in critical condition.

The investigation is going on for the case, and the victims are not identified until now.


UArizona senior got a dream job due to his passion for computers and technology

Angel Aguayo, a graduating senior at the University of Arizona, had no access to a computer or the Internet. His only access to the computer was from the school computer labs. But the love he had for technology, programming, and especially computers brought him where he is today.

He is also a great lover of music and picked up a flute for the first time in his fifth grade. His passion for music led him to enter UArizona as a music major.

But his interest in computers and technology brought him back to choosing majors in computer science and math. This choice led him to get selected in Google and will be joining his job in three months.

Due to pandemic, Aguayo will also have to stay away from a graduation ceremony and lose an opportunity to walk on the stage like other students in the country.

During his college years, Aguayo suffered depression but overcame it. And landing to a dream job and a very bright future ahead, he says: "Seven times down, eight times up. Always stand up after you get knocked down and keep going. It'll be worth it in the end."

UArizona will be giving in-person commencement ceremonies in October.


Single mom ineligible for unemployment benefits with reduced work hours

The working hours for many employees are reduced by the companies to cut operational costs. Chandler resident Constance Cates says that the company she works for reduced the number of hours to 20 hours per week for about 90% of employees and furloughed the other 10% workers.

She is a single mom of a 3-year-old who earns just enough not to meet the needs of unemployment benefits.

"My excessive earnings is like $40 a week," she said.

In Arizona, unemployed workers can receive the help of just $240 per week.

Arizona Department of Economic Security said that if a worker "earns over $30.50 a week, the Department will deduct each dollar in earnings over that amount from their weekly benefit amount. Individuals who receive at least $1 in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance will receive the additional $600 in Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation."

Unemployment attorney Nina Targovik said that if a worker is earning $240 or more per week-- regardless of working hours-- workers will not qualify to get unemployment insurance or the additional $600 CARES Act benefits.

And if a worker refuses to work, then they will be ineligible for the benefits altogether.

"I feel really overwhelmed right now," Cates said.

Cates said that she feels Overwhelmed and underemployed. She is now focusing on her little boy till then; she will figure out what's next. "I don't know what I'd do without him," she said.


Ben Avery Shooting Facility with new operational guidelines amide Coronavirus pandemic

The Ben Avery Shooting Facility reopened on Wednesday, but shooting range had issued some operational changes amide Coronavirus pandemic. This shooting field is located north of Phoenix near Anthem.

If you like shooting and want to come to the shooting range for some target practice, here are guidelines you have to follow.

  • Make an online reservation for shooting: Now, you have to book an online appointment as no walk-in appointments are available. You can book for rifle and pistol shooting and the Clay Target Center. According to a news release from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the bookings can be made based on hour increment as it includes a safety briefing, setup, cleanup, and 50 minutes of shooting. Online reservations can be made on www.azgfd.com/shooting/tempguidelines. Once booked, the bookings can't be cancelled or rescheduled.
  • One Shooter per table: Each table should have only one Shooter and up to two firearms. The backbench is off-limits. There will be five family lanes for juniors, where they can shoot in adult supervision.
  • No paper targets: Rifle and pistol shooting will be done on steel targets only without the use of paper targets.

To maintain social distancing their will be no personalized instruction for new shooters.

For more information, visit www.azgfd.com.



Rescue teams pursue their quest for a nineteen year old teenager who had disappeared during hiking with his friends on Sat.

Rescue starts looking for the guy in the Southern Mountain Park & Preserve area with the aid of Park crew when a mate of the teenager told police that their friend is missed during hiking.

As of Sat at three o'clock in the noon, land & air rescue have not found the lost Teenager.

The Phoenix Police Force will keep looking for the teenager.

This story is developing.

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