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Two missing children’s mother in custody, police are still searching

3-year-old Miracle Lashay Crook and 2-year-old Tony Demone Crook were last seen on May 22 near 21st and Insterstate 44, whose mother is in custody. Tulsa police are in search of the missing children, and they released a picture where the children were last spotted with their mother at a convenience store around 8:15 am.

The dive teams looked for the children in the ponds surrounding the place where the children were last spotted.

Although they have used all that the department has, Chief Franklin says that they are appealing the public to help in bringing the kids home. As per the officers, one of their family members was the last person to see the children.

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Shooting in south Tulsa under investigation

Similar to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frier puts out an order that An eighteen-year-old man was shot on his lower back and was taken to the local hospital. Police reached the crime scene on Friday afternoon near 81st and Lewis. Along with the victim, two other youngsters were present in the car. The victim is expected to recover soon. However, police are conflicting stories among the three occupants, and the detectives are investigating the situation.

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West-Nile-Virus-carrying mosquitoes detected in Tulsa

Authorities of the Tulsa Health Department (THD) confirmed the presence of West Nile Virus (WNV) in the mosquito samples collected from a trap in Tulsa County. As per WHO and the American Mosquito Control Association, there is no evidence that mosquitoes can transmit COVID-19, a virus that affects the respiratory system and spreads maximally via droplets when an infected person sneezes, coughs or talks. Mosquitoes can transmit viruses like WNV, and hence, people are recommended to use repellents containing DEET.

THD functions on an efficient budget to control mosquito populations by nationally-recognized mosquito surveillance programs which also helps to affirm the presence of mosquito-borne illnesses in the community. The target of the surveillance is to identify the presence of mosquitoes, to know its abundance, species, make a hazard appraisal, and give a premise to control. Control strategies incorporate larviciding and spraying when required. The mosquito surveillance has implemented new testing guidelines and is working to trap potential WNV positive mosquitoes as soon as possible. Every year since 2003, human cases of WNV disease are observed in Tulsa County. The virus infects human via mosquito bites, and the symptoms of this disease include headache, sudden onset of fever, muscle weakness and dizziness. Precautions to be taken are:

  • Do not dump waste materials in stagnant water and drain out such items, so that mosquitoes do not get a place to breed.
  • Use DEET containing, or CDC approved mosquito repellents.
  • Ensure gutters are not clogged.
  • Encourage people around you to dump and drain as well as use repellents.

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Golden Driller’s new look revealed, part of campaign promoting Tulsa for Tesla

To promote Tulsa as a capable site to put on Tesla’s U.S. Gigafactory, the Tulsa for Tesla committee came up with a campaign. It revealed the temporary look for the Golden Driller as a part of this campaign. It told the temporary look for the Golden Driller as a part of this campaign. Information about Tulsa, OK and Austin, TX is the finalists in the competition for Tesla’s Gigafactory that will make Cybertrucks and Model Y small SUVs, was already out.

The Golden Driller represents Elon Musk, pioneer that founded Tulsa, temporarily sporting a belt and t-shirt of Tesla-brand.

They state the financial necessities of carrying Tesla to Tulsa would positively affect the city as well as the whole province of Oklahoma. In only 12 short years, the Greater Tulsa area has put more than $3 billion in sports, education, entertainment, arts, downtown lodging, parks, waterway advancement, and a 100-mile trail framework interfacing it all.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum talked about Tulsa and its revered entrepreneurs and said that he could not imagine a better place to carry forward their work than Green Country.

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For allegedly robbing two banks, Tulsa fire captain arrested

Skiatook police arrested Captain Jerry Brown of Tulsa Fire Department on alleged charges of robbing two banks. He was taken into custody on Monday and charged for a bank robbery and concealing stolen property knowingly.

His involvement was found in two bank robberies – one that happened on March 12 at the Oklahoma Capitol Bank and the other on May 7 at the Exchange Bank in Sperry.

A similarity was found as per the police records with suspect descriptions. Further, in both the robberies, it was found that the suspect asked the teller to take him to the vault so as to open the ATM. As per the witnesses, the suspect drove a Silver Chevy Equinox and had a dirt coating on the side tire of the rear driver.

Further, it was the teller who contacted the FBI and ruled out Brow as a possible suspect. When investigated, the police got suspicious that Brown has embezzled money from a construction account. Further, the deposited money was identified.

Police took in Brown's mom drove a silver 2012 Chevy Equinox and upon assessment took in the Chevy Equinox had similar earth covering on the back tires.

He is being held in Osage County on a $20,000 bond. He is additionally confronting a $50,000 hold from Tulsa County for the bank burglary in Sperry.

Various organizations are engaged with the examination, including Skiatook police, Sperry police, Tulsa police, and the FBI.

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A man was stabbed by his stepson, injured in back and later died in the hospital, said Police

A man who says that he stabbed his stepfather was arrested by the Owasso police on Sunday morning.

The police were informed of the incident, and police arrived in a home in the 8400 block of North 116 East Avenue. After the arrival, police found a man injured on his back in the house whose man is not released, said Owasso police.

The man was immediately taken to the hospital, but he died in the hospital due to injury.

According to the press release by Owasso police, “The incident is still under investigation, but appears to have stemmed from an argument and physical altercation between family members.”

Jordan Kuykendall,23, the victim's stepson, was arrested by the police for domestic assault and murder, said Owasso Police.

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Tesla to be brought to Tulsa

Tesla’s new U.S. assembly plant reportedly will be larger than its factory in California which has 10,000 employees. As per the Associated Press reports, Tulsa and Austin are the elected finalists for this electric car’s upcoming assembly plant. There was no confirmation on these reports by Gov. Kevin Stitt’s and Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum’s statements.

State and local leaders consider Okholama as the best place for this new Cybertruck Gigafactory.

There were various tweets:

Elon Musk: “Scouting locations for Cybertruck Gigafactory. Will be the central USA.”

In reply to this tweet, Sean Couplen tweeted: “My name is Sean Kouplen and I am Secretary of Commerce for Oklahoma. The electric vehicle capital of the world (200+ charging stations), lowest cost biz state, 2nd lowest utility cost, amazing quality of life and best labour force. Please meet with me and our Gov!”

And afterwards, there’s the smooth site of obscure source with a not family-accommodating name that puts forth a valiant effort to catch viewers’ eye and put forward the defence for Tulsa.

What’s more? The Twitter account- similar name

Indeed, even Car and Driver magazine has expounded on the vividly named internet based life crusade.

Without a doubt, the internet-based life crusade will strengthen since the potential finalists for the Tesla plant have been uncovered.

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Virtual commemoration of class 2020: Tulsa Public Schools declare “drive-up” graduations

Tulsa Public Schools declared that it would conduct "drive-up" graduations for the class of 2020 in place of a conventional function due to COVID-19. These elective graduations will be held from May 18 to May 22 at each school site, as per a news discharge by TPS authorities.

Superintendent Deborah A. Gist told that as each one would want to hold a customary festival, the 'drive-up' graduation incorporates the components that they think would matter most to their seniors. Although this was not the apparent expectations of how any of us expected to commemorate the class of 2020, yet the school heads, class backers, educators, and staff are anticipating making an essential encounter for their alumni regardless of whether it is virtual.

Gist said that the area wants likewise to hold conventional graduation celebrations in July if social distancing limitations are lifted and if the Centers for Disease Control urges that it is protected to hold huge get-togethers, as indicated by the new discharge.

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Governor and mayor say Oklahoma, Tulsa ready for Phase II of a reopening plan

Governor Kevin Stitt said Oklahoma is ready to phase two of his plan to reopen businesses.

Governor Stitt said numbers from the State Health Department show things are looking up for Oklahomans.

The Governor stated at a news conference on Monday that the state now has the 8th fewest COVID-19 cases per capita and the 8th lowest infection rate in the country - that’s also the weakest in our region.

Stitt also said testing increased by 50 per cent going into last week, yet the infection rate declined.

As Oklahoma enters phase two of the governor’s reopening plan, bars will be able to reopen and organised sports, weddings, and funerals can continue.

The city’s civil emergency will be changed May 15 to allow gatherings of up to 50 people. The city will begin reissuing special event permits.

Bars will be allowed to open in Tulsa as long as they follow reduced capacity guidelines based on 36 feet per person in the bar area to maintain social distancing.

Tulsa Municipal Courts will reopen May 18 at 8 a.m. with limited guests and mask requirements for visitors.

However, for the health experts stressed people need to continue social distancing as businesses reopen.

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Terrible road accident snatched 2 lives at tulsa, us states 

The incidences of road accidents are just increasing day by day. Two people were killed and one was seriously injured in a car crash. The road accident took place on 51st Street on Monday afternoon. The two passengers were Nicole Underwood, 33, and Troyanna Lane, 2, in the car which collided a pickup truck exiting Interstate 44 in the 3600 blocks of East 51st Street about 4:30 p.m. Monday, according to the police.

Nicole Underwood shifted reportedly died on the spot and the child named Troyanna was shifted to hospital where she was declared dead by the hospital doctors. The car’s driver, whose name was not released Tuesday evening, was taken to a hospital in critical condition, police said at the scene Monday. Police also informed that He broke traffic rules as he reportedly had run at least one red light at 51st and Hudson Avenue while fleeing from a beer theft in the 7600 blocks of East 61st Street. Whereas the truck driver was hospitalized with injuries who aren't in the life-threatening critical stage but the woman and the infant in the car were marked death.

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Arrest made in 2011 murder of Peggy Gaytan

Tulsa police department chief Franklin announced that an arrest has been made in the long

pending 2011 murder case of Peggy Gaytan.

This particular case that has been under investigation since a long time now took the TPD to

other states as well looking for leads and finally Patrick Hamstard, was arrested who is believed

to be involved in the murder.

In events of the arrest, Detective Jason White stated that Hamstard has been a suspect for a

long time now but they lacked enough evidence to prove that he is guilty.

The police believe, one more person suspected to be involved in the murder is deceased.

After the announcement of arrest, Chief Franklin said, "If you commit a crime in the city limits of

Tulsa, you stand a 90% chance of getting arrested."

The murder occurred nine years ago, at a midtown Tulsa convenience store located at 36th and


According to the detectives, the murder took place 9 years ago at a midtown Tulsa convenience

store located at 36th and Harvard, a man walked into the shell station and went straight up to

the counter and shot the clerk thus killing her.

Though another person is suspected to be involved he never really entered into the store and the clerk was identified as 55-year-old Peggy Lee Gaytan.

Close associates of Peggy said she is a friendly person and had no enemies, her friends

reminisce her memories every year before Christmas.

And now this murder case which has been unsolved since 2011 has finally seen a conclusion.

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A heated argument led to shooting a person in Tulsa

A man in Charles Page Boulevard was shot in upper torse region after a heated argument with

the shooter.

The police received three calls from a man who said he is being harassed by the victim in this

case, by the time they reached the spot, they found a man shot.

Tulsa police officials immediately rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead

before he could receive any treatment.

The Police identified the suspect as Matthew Boll who has been arrested and sent to the Tulsa

County Jail.

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Local Boy Scout Troop is searching their trailer that got stolen on Saturday

The trailer owned by the Boy Scout troop 117 was stolen from the Bixby First United Methodist Church. The incident happened on Saturday, May 9th,2020. Now the boys searching for the trailer they used for camping and police is also helping Scouts to find their trailer.

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Local Toy stores being featured in an international TV show

In this new age, the shows are changing the way they show our society and lives.

Now a local toy store is getting international recognition due to a new Television show.

The new show "A Toy Shop Near You" will be featuring around 50 toy stores across the world.

Two local toy store named Fan Fortress at 61st and Sheridan in Tulsa will be featured in this TV show.

The show is being produced by the producer of Netflix documentary "The Toys That Made Us."

The show will demonstrate how these toy shops all around the world coped up with restrictions caused by COVID-19.

Fan Fortress also told us that in the present time, their eBay page and Facebook toy collector groups gave them an outlet so that they can continue their business in these closures and restrictions.

The date of release and the platform on which the show will be premiered is still a secret, and they will announce this on their YouTube Page.

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Tulsa police investigate shooting case

A shooting took place on Thursday evening in 7 West 49th Street North and North Boston Ave,

authorities are currently investigating the case.

Three people were shot and they were admitted in a local hospital and are so far doing well,

said the Tulsa Police Department.

The investigation is going on and no details or information about the suspects is revealed by the

police yet.

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City of Tulsa and bus manufacturer company debates over lease renewal

The city of Tulsa found a 20-year-old tenant IC Bus of Oklahoma in January with a lease default

for its 1 million square feet owned property. The city has thus notified its parent company

Navistar regarding the termination of the lease on Fev 14th but the company expressed their intention

of extending the lease-up until May 29th and both parties agreed to this.

The company is a local school bus manufacturer with 1600 employees, the agreement originally

took place in late 1999 to Navistar for as long as it dutifully maintains the facility well.

The assessment carried out by Cynergy in August reported under maintenance after thoroughly

examining roofing, heating, electrical and plumbing system.

Navistar's president of operations, Phil Christman said “Over the past 20 years, we’ve been

able to create 1,600 good-paying manufacturing jobs, “We spend $750 million each year with

vendors and suppliers, and support more than 100 local businesses. We do not understand why

City officials suddenly want to break the long-term framework and threaten to evict us.”

The lease was originally drafted for a term of 15 years which could be extended by five more

years on renewal of the lease, but in case of violations of terms stated in the agreement the lease can be terminated.

Tulsa Mayor G.T Bynum said “The City of Tulsa is currently negotiating the renewal of a lease on

one million square feet of industrial work space owned by the citizens of Tulsa, The tenant has

leased that space for two decades at a total lease price of one dollar. The only thing required of

the tenant under their contract is that they properly maintain this taxpayer-owned facility so it is


“A public relations campaign launched (Tuesday) grossly mischaracterizes these

negotiations in an obvious attempt to politicize them. My response: the citizens of Tulsa will not

be played for suckers. I remain confident we can identify common ground to secure jobs and

properly maintain this facility. We’ve done so with great success during my time as mayor with

other tenants, and I see no reason why this case would be any different.”

The original lease said Navistar may have 500 employees by the end of 2001 and 1,200 by the

end of 2005, The Tulsa plant now employs 1,600, according to the company.

Plant manager Rodney Tharp said “The lease was built on the ability to provide jobs

and revenue locally, We’ve been able not only to do that, but we’ve exceeded that by about 30


The city demanded Navistar to improve those facilities that are compromised which include

painting, carpeting, extensive LED lighting, parking lot and road resurfacing and the replacement

of freight elevators.

To this Tharp said “I don’t think the value of new carpet is worth putting 1,600 jobs at risk,

putting brand-new elevators in a plant that doesn’t use elevators, I don’t know how that is going

to help John Smith out here who is having to put rivets in a bus do his job better.”

Navistar stressed on how much they have been contributing indirectly to the local workers,

the plant which manufactures 75 buses a day pays $19 per hour as starting wages while

experienced workforce get up to $32 per hour, thus contributing as much as $60 million to local

workers annually.

He urged the local employees to join the "Save Tulsa Jobs" campaign and express their support

to protecting their jobs.

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Changes made to emergency proclamation by Stillwater mayor after small businesses faced threats

The Mayor of The Stillwater City made some required changes to the emergency safety proclamation in regards to COVID-19 on Friday after the employees of Walmart were threatened.

The emergency proclamation includes the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by face covering. It requires businesses to ask their customers to wear face masks as other cities are following. However, Walmart customers became aggressive when asked to do the same and threaten the employees with violence. Police have responded to Walmart over the issue. Capt. Kyle Gibbs said no report was filed but there were similar instances resulted in physical assaults to the employees but now police have advised having face masks signboards posted inside the store.

“Additionally, the police department has also received an anonymous phone call threatening with firearms if they enforce the face-covering orders. The incident is still under investigation.” Gibbs said in an email.

Mayor Joyce too explained the reversal of proclamation on his social media saying that objections from individuals are common but threatening is completely not expected. He also apologized to the employees who faced the abuse. Adding to it he said that residents have to cooperate during such conditions.

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Police investigate shooting in Tulsa, a man dead a woman injured

Tulsa police received a call and responded to a shooting that took place in Addison apartments at 10156 East Admiral around 2 a.m on Sunday. When the police reached the apartment they found a man in his 20's in the breezeway of the

apartment and a woman in her 20's too. The man was dead on the spot while the woman was conscious and talking, she is now receiving treatment for her injuries. No arrests have been made until now and no suspect description too was released as of now, anyone with information is welcomed to help.

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Food businesses prepare to open up in Tulsa as the state enters into phase one of reopening businesses

As the businesses are opening up in Tulsa, Patio dining on Brookside a popular place to visit for lunchtime is also preparing to open up for the public. With the state entering into phase one of reopening to businesses public are now allowed to dine in at restaurants. Jaine Cole a customer of Senor Tequila said “It’s thrilling. It’s wonderful, what a gorgeous day to

be outside." “I’ve missed it, the socialization of it. Just being with people and enjoying your life."

Torchy's Tacos another popular and loved the place too has gone a step forward to rearranging their entire dining set up so as to maintain physical distancing between the customers that come in. Manager of Torchy's Tacos, Jay Elliott says he is ecstatic to see people inside again after shutting down their dining room for about a month. “It’s great to see people sitting in our dining room, We’ve been picking up as we’ve gone with to-go order and people coming in and out, but it’s great to see some guests sitting down in the dining room enjoying that.”

Johnny Wallace says he has always enjoyed eating a burger with his friends and family at Freddie’s hamburgers. He said, “Seems pretty alright, I’ve spent the last month or so eating lunch in the truck.” He says he also has a list prepared of all the places he would like to go to and missed visiting during the stay at shelter orders. He also said, “I do have a couple of places I want to go to, I want to go to some Mexican restaurants and I want to go sit down and eat a steak without

having to clean up and cook my own food. That’s relaxing sometimes.”

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Tulsa Noise Fest goes virtual for music lover in Tulsa

All the music lovers tune in to the performance series Local Access, featuring experimental artist-musicians in Tulsa, OK every night at 8 pm (CST), May 4–8, 2020, to enjoy the fantastic music by these artists. Tulsa Noise is virtually presenting a series of performances by five experimental artist-musicians who are performing while practicing social distancing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, due to Coronavirus pandemic. Tulsa Noise is an ongoing noise music project created and headed by Nathan Young, an Arts Integration Awardee supported by Tulsa Artist Fellowship. As art place a significant role in enriching the cultural wealth of people, Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community. Tulsa Artist Fellowship is an initiative by the George Kaiser Family Foundation. Tulsa NoiseFest is an annual fest hosted to showcase noise artists held at Tulsa Artist Fellowship’s Cameron Studios. Until, few weeks, it was scheduled in May, but recently it was postponed due to Coronavirus pandemic. Local Access is providing an excellent opportunity for the viewers to take a glimpse of upcoming Tulsa NoiseFest by digital media and highlight the growing noise music scene happening in Tulsa, OK.

The performance schedule is below:

  • I’m Angry About Cities | Monday, May 4
  • Lars Gardner | Tuesday, May 5
  • Gospel | Wednesday, May 6
  • Black Gambit | Thursday, May 7
  • DJ Kylie | Friday, May 8

For more details, visit

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