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"We have seen individuals screaming and yelling and all going to come out." Folks as well as cops across Maury Road were after a man shot to death at 9:45 p.m. outside a townhouse tower. Monday, in the Maury Street 800 section.

Neighbors in the Vollintine Evergreen Historic District informed a local new channel as they were there as they saw rescuer taking man who was not breathing well.

"We started trying to resuscitate him throughout the emergency care, but he was fired in such proximity that he expired in the moment he received help."

Most of the community thought narcotics linked to the attack. Police has said that the victim wasn't living around and arguing with either a person as someone walked by and began firing.

"The participants have dispersed that they have taken off running and this is typically a peaceful area. Anything between once in a while but late nights it was really sad. "Neighbours reported police took multiple men here into arrest in a suspected car a couple weeks ago.

Authorities had no records of any previous shootings, and they have not said that what the incident was all about.

There's an active investigation.


Memphis Alert Corona-virus positive people count hit 6,423 as of Sunday evening

Cumulative count of positive Corona patients in Shelby County Tennessee hit 2332 as of Sun evening, as per the District Medical Office.

According to the Tennessee Ministry of Medical and Health care; positive cases in the whole state of Corona hit 6,423 Sun evening 123 deaths and 681 people are in hospitals.


Memphis code enforcement officers say they lack training, resources for corona-virus pandemic

The rundown of trivial organizations that must close could keep on developing, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland said for the current week, however a few officials who are bridging the city and closing the organizations down said they are frightened for their lives.

Code requirement officials said they haven't been prepared for the worldwide corona-virus pandemic or given enough assets to remain safe.

They're trusting the City of Memphis will make changes to give more secure conditions.

"They're not setting us up appropriately, and they're fundamentally sending us to our demises," one code implementation official told WREG.

A gathering of code Memphis Code Enforcement officials claims they're working in dread of contracting COVID-19.

Code requirement officials who talked with WREG said laborers got a one-hour instructional class for these phenomenal occasions, and various solicitations for additional covers have been denied.

"Presently their reason is they can't think that its, despite the fact that we informed them concerning along these lines before provisions went short," one official said.

The City of Memphis denied WREG's solicitation to talk with Public Works Director Robert Knecht, rather giving an explanation that said "The city is following all prescribed rules for staff PPE necessities," and "supplies are being renewed at the earliest opportunity."

The Shelby County Health Department demanded they are helping out code requirement as typical.

"We have verifiable cooperated to address issues this way," Shelby County Health Department Director Alisa Haushalter said. "So we'll keep on cooperating and decide for every infraction who's ideal to mediate, regardless of whether it's codes or well being."

Laborers reacted to that by saying these occasions call for new rules.

"It's hard to draw in with somebody from six feet away," one official said. "More often than not, on the off chance that they're extremely furious, they're going to get somewhat nearer than six feet."

Regardless of whether code requirement gets all the more preparing and gear or another office helps share the remaining task at hand, officials seeking after a change.

"There should be greater gear," an official said. "There most likely should be a superior perspective to deal with this—to protect us."

WREG will refresh this story on the off chance that we are permitted a meeting with the City of Memphis or gain proficiency with any new data.