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As per the 7 day prediction from the robot-powered weather channel Saildrenone, Nashville is expected to cause moderate showers in the next few days. The rain best opportunity is expected from Thurs through Fridays. Thursday will see the maximum precipitation, with 1.00 inch of forecast precipitation.

Even now the instant weather has light winds in town. On Thurs, winds are expected to rise up to Nineteen miles whereas currently will be cooler with a maximum velocity of just Thirteen miles.

Temps on Sunday will hit their lowest point of the week, dropping to 64 degree and remain cool across Monday.

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Nashville Governor John Cooper stated Monday that while partnering with just the biggest Tennessee towns to restart the market he plans to expand his Healthier at Home directive

Cooper made the comment at the media conference of the regular COVID-19 Task group.

"I expect news on the official expansion of the Healthier at house directive, perhaps tomorrow," Cooper said to press . "I believe people would expect, especially with either the news, that this will be prolonged for a duration of time till we are confident that somehow the outbreak rate in Nashville is decreasing."

Police announced on Sunday there have been 152 reported cases, bringing total reported cases for Nashville to 1,903, as per the Metro Population health Unit.

Cooper stated Monday would meet the current committee that was created amongst Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

"This week that a lot of hard work is happening about how to make a reboot and I believe there would be a lot of change by the middle of week," Cooper stated.

The rise in cases reported in Davidson Community might delay a possibility of financially reopening the area.

"Again we're focusing about how to get a stable reboot. We're waiting for the transfer rate to go down so we can resume."

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City Nashville Police Department is looking into shooting in the southern area of Nashville.

Police officers rushed to FA Napier Homes, Five-hundred block of Charles E. Davis, south of Nashville, following a man has been presumably shot at Five: Fifteen p.m. on Sat.

Metropolitan Nashville cops claim a target with a gunshot wrapped to the below limbs was discovered and transferred to Vanderbilt University Healthcare Facility with non-life harmful accidental injuries.

Cops are looking into the case and trying to find a defendant.

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