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Fresno: Couple adopted Dog from Dogs sheltered home just before Christmas Day

A Couple adopted Dog from Dogs sheltered home, he spends 5 years in shelter home but his patience paid off he will be spending his Christmas with his new family.

He has spent 5 years in Fresno Bully shelter homes for Dogs. According to the official representative of the shelter home, he was rescued at the age of 8 months old, and he has spent his half-life in here. We will miss him.

He had his own requirements such as; he did not like other dogs and children around him, finally, he got what we wanted. We are happy for him!

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FRESNO, Califronia. -- Police officers from Kings County trying to investigate shooting at Hanford. 3 November Sunday.

Deputies of the Kings County sheriff was investigating a Hanford shooting. Authorities also closed off to traffic on Eddy Street and Carolyn Avenue near Lacey Boulevard.

Additional information may not have been available immediately. Security officers plan to block the region as they continue to investigate all through the night.

This is a tale that is evolving. Stay updated with Action News.

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FRESNO, Calif. -- In Honolulu on Saturday night, Fresno State (4-4) took down Hawaii (5-4) 41-38.

Fresno State learned a lesson from the Homecoming game last week where they were 14-0 down. The early lead was taken by the Dogs. Jalen Cropper, a Buchanan class, throws Zane Pope with a 36-yard touchdown pass.

In the second quarter, Hawaii replied by converting back-to-back downs to Jason-Matthew Sharsh on the opening drive. The drive would leave McDonald scoring to tie the game at 7 with 9:23 left to play in the quarter on a six-yard run.

Fresno Nation, ready to close the game, came out of the locker room. Team scored 24 unanswered points to take the 38-24 lead. Hawaii will also score back to back touchdowns to tie up the game at 38 with less than 3 minutes left to play. Cesar Silva, from Fresno State, will kick a goal of the 37-yard winning range. The Bulldogs are taking Hawaii 41-38 down and raising their Island win streak to 6 games.

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