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From Infamous to Glorious

By Marlene M. Espinoza

As the economic hardship accelerates in America, the growth of single mothers continues to rise. Not only has it ascended in the U.S., but in other countries, as well.

As stated by, in Brazil single-parent households led by women are just as common as the "traditional" nuclear family.

In fact, The Institute For Applied Economic Research (IPEA) claims that almost 28 million homes were run by women in 2014. Therefore, single mothers are "the breadwinners for 40 percent of all families in the country." Now, mothers must raise their children alone and assume the responsibility of two parents.

According to, 81% of single parent homes are headed by a mom.

There is a definite amount of "over 11 million parents," who are compelled to assume the duties of both mom and dad. Although single mothers have stepped up and responded to their obligations, they are still challenged by numerous "prejudices, doubts, and daily chsllenges."

In today's society, it is difficult for a single mother to be accepted and recognized. Many have labeled us as"gold-diggers" and "uneducated." Single mothers come from all walks of life. We are not seeking pity, or sympathy. Our task should be recognized as a contribution to society.The role of mom and dad is not a burden. It is an honor. In fact, it is rewarding.

As a single mother, myself, I have raised 4 sons. However, society can manipulate us to believe that our job is shameful and degrading.

But, we have already proven to the world that we are definitely beyond demeaning. Our households are similar to the average family. The only thing that distinguishes ua is our role.

It is a blessing for a child to grow up in a home with both parents. But, it is an honor for a child to have a mother, who is willing to sacrifice twice as much.

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A Pandemic Disorder

During this calamitous period, the world is forced to live in isolation, due to the Corona virus. Not only has this epidemic attacking millions physically, but mentally. Just when we all thought seclusion would be our best defense, another crisis arises and hits home. Although it is not contagious, it is a result of this universal panic; the aftermath of terror; Anxiety.

As stated in, anxiety is a normal response to stress. It has been found to affect our daily life. In fact, women are known to be more susceptible than men to get anxiety. Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. are affected.

Anxiety can also create feelings of alarm, nervousness, worry, or fear. In addition to what it can convey to the body, it is genetic.

According to, two important neurotransmitters in our brains, Serotonin and Dopamine, can distribute depression. In fact, researchers discovered that some parts of the brain are linked to fear and anxiety. However, many people have mistaken anxiety for a mental disorder. Since it is not caused by mental health, there is no need to think that you are going crazy.

Anxiety can be both beneficial and a threat to our health. Although it can help prepare us for the next disaster, it can restrict our physical and mental being. When there is no need to be frightened, we can be attacked severely with terror.

Even though we have been ordered to stay six feet away from other people, it still does not guarantee an end to this scare.

As we continue to agonize over the safety of our children it is possible for anxiety to worsen. Now, abiding with alarm and panic is mandatory for children., clearly states that growing up in a family, where others are fearful, or anxious can teach a child to be afraid too. Also,a child can experience certain phobias, which cause intensive fright.

Separation Anxiety Disorder, a fear of a separation from parents or others with parental roles can develop.

Because anxiety can be learned, insecure parents can be a threat to their children and home.

Anxiety can be misinterpreted as being a mood, rather than a feeling. Its symptoms can be anything from diarrhea, sleeplessness, and difficulty focusing. This has caused many parents to neglect the warning signs. Without treatment, anxiety can worsen. Since it is comorbid, it can give a child depression.

Many schools across the U.S. have closed and all social contact has been denied to children, including all recreational activities. Now, greeting neighbors and riding your bike outside is a threat.

As the Corona virus continues to bring fear to America, Anxiety gradually threatens the lives of our future generation.

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