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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie appeared on the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival in the company of her daughters.

She was accompanied by Zakhar and Shiloh.

The daughters supported Jolie during the premiere of the film "Eternal", which took place as part of the film festival on October 24.

Filming began in July 2019 at Pinewood Studios, London and Oxford in England and the Canary Islands. The tape's budget was $ 200 million.

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Vaccination against coronavirus in the institution began only a few weeks ago. At the same time, less than 12 people received the first doses of vaccination.

This is not the first such case in the United States. A state of emergency has been declared in a Maine prison due to a surge of coronavirus infections among detainees. In addition, the virus was spreading among employees, so there was a critical shortage of staff at the facility.

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After the earthquake in Haiti, locals protested, demanding medicine and food for the first time.

The protest took place in southern Haiti, near the airport. Participants are dissatisfied that they receive assistance from the state too late or do not receive it at all. After the earthquake, many of them were left not only without a roof over their heads, but also without food and water.

A helicopter with supplies arrived at the airport and protesters began demanding food. Police intervened to allow trucks with humanitarian aid to pass.

According to Jerry Chandler, head of the Haitian Civil Protection Agency, which responds to emergencies, humanitarian aid has not been delivered to some areas, but the government is doing everything possible to help the population.

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