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The main characters have returned to their roles: Sarah Jessica Parker (Kerry), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Christine Davis (Charlotte).

The sequel will also feature:

Chris Knott (who will return to the iconic role of Mr. Big);

David Eigenberg (return to the role of Steve Brady, Miranda Hobbs' husband);

Evan Handler (who will again play the role of Charlotte York's husband - Harry Goldenblatt);

Willie Garson (as Stanford Bletch's "gay best friend");

Mario Cantone (as Anthony Marantino - designer Charlotte York and partner Bletch).

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Baluchi wanted to run 1600 km on water in a wheel, but he was washed ashore.

Police received a report that an intricate boat with a man inside had been washed ashore on one of Flagler's beaches.

He later told police he had "difficulties in returning to shore" and that he was "safe and unharmed".

The man hopes to resume his journey as soon as the weather improves.

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