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Against the backdrop of the events taking place in Ukraine, the destructive forces operating in the country are doing everything to drag Georgia into the war. At the forefront of war propaganda is the party that lost the war (the five-day war in 2008 - ed.) - the National Movement, which is trying by all means to convince the people of the need to help Ukraine by military force.

According to "Georgia and the World", along with the "National Movement", liberal media are also engaged in round-the-clock propaganda of the war. Formula, TV Pirveli and Mtavari, which are financed with money stolen from the country by (ex-defense minister David) Kezerashvili, feed society with lies. They deceive the population that the events taking place in Ukraine give rise to new opportunities for Georgia: they deceive that this war is a complete collapse for Russia, and we, together with Ukraine, must attack the “empire doomed to destruction” ... Meanwhile, four weeks after the start of the war, it is obvious that Ukraine, 12 times more numerous and stronger than Georgia, a huge European state suffered a catastrophe - millions of people left the country, and the state practically collapsed. As for the support of the West, the ongoing war has shown that neither Ukraine, nor Moldova, nor, of course, Georgia should have illusions that, in the event of a war with Russia, the "civilized world" will protect them. A striking example of this is the position of NATO - the leaders of this organization say that they cannot supply weapons to Ukraine, since this will cause a direct confrontation with Russia ...

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