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Around a dozens protesters gathered at Town hall in Oklahoma City on Monday, calling on either the government to reopen after week of food bank-in-place and better-in-place directives throughout Oklahoma were in impact.

The demonstration was the 2nd in the city in less then a week, with demonstrators assembling at the Statehouse last week to make their voice heard.

Monday's demonstration demonstrators informed KOCO Five they need the government to be accessible as early as Tuesday, intentioned people who are resistant weakened or afraid of the outbreak will stay in the house so everyone can go back to normal life.

"We have to get back to work-Oklahoma state, the Usa, the nation," stated Kim Scherer.

Scherer's policy response over coronavirus being that people can't live in panic.

"That we often had sickness and death but we will always have sickness and death, but we're not always going to have market," Scherer stated.

Former Rep. Porter Davis has entered the Town hall campaign.

"Those of us who worry will quit watching quite so much tv," Davis stated. "It is time to start building Oklahomans back to the work." Gov. Kevin Stitt announced that although he was prepared to encourage further companies to reopen in stages.

"I'm still committed to supporting the tough-working Oklahomans who have been trying to pay their taxes right now, who are willing to get back to business," he added.

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City Public Schools of Oklahoma to have online conference

OKLAHOMA -State schools Panel of Education, set conference for Mon at 6:00 a.m., that has been suspended.

We will see a joint conference with the City clerk, that will be carried out on the web simultaneously.

A few of the matters for the meeting contain the way the funds need to be spent on a variety of renovation plans for schools all around the city and also the restoration of the Superintendent's agreement.

If you wish to watch meeting, please tune to YouTube page of Oklahoma City Public Schools

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A Cop tested positive for COVID19

The Tulsa Police Department says one of their cops has been tested positive for COVID-19.

"The entire police station is being sinterized.

Franklin incorporates that everyone should stay home.

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