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Riverwalk Trail covered by high waters, Danville residents fear its damage

Danville, especially the Riverwalk Trail, is covered by high waters and many people who stopped alongside to click pictures are worried about the possible damage the trail might see.

Numerous spots along Danville's Riverwalk Trail are submerged. Bounty on the Southside needed to get a glimpse. Long-term neighbour Ray Lawton was left confused taking a gander at the rushing waters. He and his significant other Patricia, stroll along the path frequently. Presently, they watch the waves behind the alert tape.

Virginia and Onsbey Presley likewise utilize the path now and again. They visit from Henry County to ride, on the weekends. They dread flooding could adversely affect the course.

Many people state this is the most exceedingly terrible flooding they've seen in Danville. While some despise it, not every person does.

Paul Hill says he fishes very frequently, and these conditions are the best time to get a fish. Slope says he's not stressed over Danville's future after the storm.

ABC 13 connected with the Department of Public Works about the harm they could see along the River Walk. Authorities there state it's too soon to tell, yet the division doesn't hope to see a lot.

Chief Rick Drazenovich says the greatest issue with flooding in February was the measure of sediment that harmed the path and said he doesn't see quite a bit of that with this flood.

Crews intend to investigate on Tuesday.

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Local officials ready to reopen beaches from Friday

The beaches are almost ready for its reopening after lockdown.

Beaches in resort city will welcome visitors from Friday, as the beaches had remained closed for around two months for anything except exercising and fishing.

New signs are installed, which will remind people about social distancing and other safe practices.

The sand may be soggy, but the boardwalk is bright, and a breeze of summer is in the air.

Drew Lankford, the spokesman for the Public Works Department, said it’s a big day.

“It’s also different than what we’ve done in the past,” he said.

Visitors will sign to remind them of restrictions.

“People got to realize it’s not going to be business as usual but that doesn’t mean you can’t still go down there and enjoy yourself,” Lankford said.

The city is also preparing for the Memorial Day weekend apart from clean teams and beach ambassadors.

“We’re putting in some extra crews. We’re extending hours to have crews down there cleaning up. We’re putting extra trash cans on the beach,” Lankford said.

Lankford also said that the city is ready for Floatopia, the infamous event which made it to national news after people left the shore littered.

“Just in case, we’ve gone and made plans to have extra trash cans, crews down there checking on things, some dumpsters,” Lankford said.

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Armed person threatening self-harm, arrested on Centerville Turnpike in Virginia Beach

According to the police, they reacted to the 1700 block of Centerville Turnpike in Virginia Beach for an armed person who was threatening to harm himself. The authorities informed that the man was arrested around 9:40 pm on Thursday and had first notified the public around 7:30 pm.

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