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The Office of Public policy at the Town of El Paso records another extra COVID-19 incident, for an increase of 9 incidents. In his 60s the individual is a man and workers are examining potential underlying health issues.

The Town also records nine (9) confirmed cases of COVID-19 taking the total area amount to 540. Positive incidents involve 278 women and 262 men in El Paso City; see the corresponding illustrations and graph. There have been 38 admitted cases, and actually Thirteen (13) among those admitted are in Intensive care unit.

"Each moment we announce increased death certificates, whether they are nine, twenty or fifty, bear in mind that such recent cases imply that our group has a better opportunity for publicity. It is particularly problematic for those who might have existing disabilities, "Dr. Hector Ocaranza, Healthcare Association Town / District says. "In the fight with this outbreak we can't afford to be paranoid and risking the lives of those who are vulnerable. You need to remain at home whenever we request you to remain at home.

COVID-19 is transmitted by spreading germs, physical contact such as shaking hands, contacting a disease layer and instead contacting the eyes, nose and mouth. There are quick measures anyone can take to prevent keep them from propagating: Clean your hands regularly for at least Twenty sec with washing with soap. If there is no warm water accessible, using a sanitizer dependent on the alcohol.

Do not contact your lips, your nose or your mouth via dirty hands.

Remove personal interaction with patients.

Remain at home, stop big crowds, head only out for important business / functions.

Protect with a tissue around every sneeze, then drop the tissues in the garbage.

Sometimes affected items and structures are washed and disinfected.

Population health authorities tend to advise people when conducting important duties or activities using face coverings. The Prevention (CDC) recommends that the use of plain face coverings in fabric may reduce the progression of the disease by supporting people who might have the virus and don't know it pass this to others.

Illnesses and indications of COVID-19 involve fatigue, coughing and shortness of breath. When such conditions are not getting better, notify your healthcare professional or seek medical help.

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1 El-Paso mom sit tight 2 weeks before obtaining returns for a COVID-19 check she had given after she developed indications for the disease.

Mother of 2, Leslie_Collins informed K.T.S.M she was checked at the M.D Clinical community ride-thru research clinic in north east El-Paso at the start of this month however didn't obtain her outcomes after she was informed she would.

"I initially contacted them previous Wed wondering where my tests were yet still no reports Friday I contacted again, yet no reports, I informed them it has been 10 days that's crazy, they told me they'd get in contact with a director to contact me and yet nothing, they actually never return to me," Collin stated.

She described to MD Clinical that she had been going to obtain reports 3-5 days after the study, which later turned into 7 to 10 days and instead 10 to 14 days respectively.

"I pleaded for documents because my spouse had been away for 2 weeks, he wasn't going to get employed without documentation... they said 'yeah we're going to send it to you, no send they actually never got around to me," Collins stated.

It was not till K.T.S.M became interested in the circumstance of Collins that MD Clinical sent her COVID-19 results of the test to Collin.

M.D Clinical informed KTSM that even more than 5 thousand clinicians have been screened for the disease, and that human intervention is possible.

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Corona cases in El Paso increased to 301, Thankfully death count stood at 3

The El Paso State Health Unit verified Seventeen latest positive corona cases on Weekend, increasing the cumulative count to 318, but no new deaths recorded.

According to Doctor. Hector of State Health Unit stated, "the number of positive corona people are grown and will keep on to grow, however, we're grateful that we have not recorded new fatalities and all of us keep on being positive of the fact that general public will adhere to the warnings to make sure you to be home more and not travel until it is completely necessary."

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