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WES MOORE EXPOSED: Lies and Left-Wing Lunacy, Militant Marxism and Race Hustling

IF YOU WANT A GRIFTER FOR GOVERNOR and An Enemy of the State, Go Ahead and Vote for Wes Moore.

Did You Know?

* He lied for years about where he was born in order to curry favor with Baltimoreans, the core of his Leftist constituency.


His actual place of birth was Washington, DC or in his first place of residence, Takoma Park, Maryland, as his website now attests -

* He's only spent a relatively trivial amount of time in Baltimore, and only because of his studies at Johns Hopkins. A portion of his college career was spent abroad in South Africa -

* He's backed by George Soros - the Hungarian but Globalist billionaire who spends his fortune meddling in the political and social affairs of other nations.

Wes's charitable foundation, Robin Hood, funded in large part by Soros, has come under fire. It's difficult to determine what its specific objectives have been, or, how it has actually helped those who would be its clients.

Incidentally, it's reported that Wes draws an annual salary from the organization of $900,000.


* He advocates for open borders and using massive amounts of revenue, both from private donors and taxpayers, to afford newly-arrived migrants with subsidies such as food stamps and Medicaid.

It ensures that those persons will eventually be Democrat voters - because voting for the opposite party when the opportunity comes to cast the ballot would be like biting the hand that feeds them.

* He concerns himself with issues of race when we would do better in being a colorblind society. Dr. Martin Luther King said that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

* He's a definite Marxist. There are cues in the language he uses - such as the term "Anti-Racist". (It's Ibram X. Kendi's favorite -

His aim is to Indict The System, overhaul it entirely, and punish those members, especially the police, who do the most to make it function.

He would have Qualified Immunity removed, so that cops would be prosecuted or sued for the ordinary acts of force necessarily used to properly defend against violent assailants who resist arrest.

He seeks to defund the police, and reroute that funding to social workers. He would send them in place of the officers, to be potentially stabbed and / or shot.

See and

* He used the other Wes Moore, and threw him away, like a dirty Kleenex.

After weeks of pressing him for information on his life for the book, the free Wes stopped visiting, does not speak to the other, nor does he send any form of support.

The book, which contains numerous discrepancies according to persons named within it, is here to obtain in PDF form without cost -

* He is denounced by both families directly involved in the tragedy that launched this controversy.

The other Wes Moore's relatives, and that of Officer Profero, would prefer that he stop exploiting the images of their loved ones, and invading (by proxy through press conferences) the precious little privacy they've had since the scandal first broke.

In fact, the other Wes's community, led by his uncle, has asked that Wes Moore step down.


* He is endorsed by the embattled Biden Administration and Hillary Clinton (who now wants to blame Paul Pelosi's attack, committed by a Nudist, on "MAGA Extremists").

Both said entities are overly controversial in their own right, and represent their own perceived or actual forms of extremism.

Clinton is the author of the Russia Collusion Hoax - - and Biden is noted as the most authoritarian President we've ever had - issuing several hardline Executive Orders that were challenged in court as being unlawful - in particular his "Jabs for Jobs" imposition.

It would likely be Wes's plan to reinstate lockdowns, shutdowns and / or mask mandates, and possibly to mandate vaccine passports. It's been his requirement that we be vaccinated to attend his rallies.


It appears that Wes's desire is to violate the larger portion of our Constitutional rights.

We don't need that kind of "leadership". It's Dictatorship.

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Newly Formed Organization Seeks to Help American Citizens Hold Their Governments Accountable for Riots and Other Endangerments

An Advertorial

After the May 25th death of police brutality victim George Floyd, Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States of America and The World erupted into spontaneous protests that unfortunately went far beyond our control and the original purpose for which they were intended. Instead of quitely and constructively honoring the memory of Mr. Floyd and others who suffered his fate, the said demonstrations became wild, raging free-for-alls in which every law on our books was violated.

Our cities were and are filled on a daily basis with new incidents of vandalism, looting, arson, shootings and other marks of mayhem. The police find themselves almost powerless in stemming the tide of ever-increasing crime; and unfortunately still face the threat of being defunded or deactivated altogether.

There was a time (all of our modern history before just now) in which the National Guard would have automatically been called out to tactfully assist in restoring the rightful balance of power. It was done in Ferguson and countless towns everywhere for decades on end. Why has a standard and effective protocol for riot containment suddenly been abandoned? Political Correctness and in particular "Social Justice".

What is most unjust is that the American people have to continue to languish in a hell of unrest when they could be at peace. This fiasco, in addition to COVID-19 and its deadly effects on our bodies and our economy, is simply too much to bear.

That's precisely why M.A.S.A. was formed. Make America Safe Again is an interim, conservative grass-roots movement which calls citizens to respond, through legal and social action, to restore law and order and general civility to American society.

The founder of the organization is Black and unashamed to say that Black Lives Matter along with Antifa have done this country great harm.

These articles detail how badly things have gone:

Please consider taking efforts to bring America back on track. Visit for more details.

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The Never-Ending Virus-Go-Round... New Strain from China Might Rival COVID-19

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's chief immunologist, is acutely aware of a recent introduction to the group of Superbugs having originated in China. Its characteristics are like those of the 2009 Swine Flu, or H1N1 as it is alternately called, and the 1918 Pandemic Flu. Its swine-esque profile component is due to prevalence in the country's pigs. Though it poses no current threat to humans it displays "reassortment capabilities".

Apparently, if allowed to mutate to a more advanced form, then "G4 EA H1N1" will have the same potential as its predecessors to become an epidemic or pandemic.

H1N1 came forth through Mexico in April of 2009. It infected more than 60 Million in the U.S. and 700 Million worldwide. By an estimate, 151,700 to 575,400 people died.

The 1918 occurance killed between 30 to 50 Million according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Its death toll claimed approximately 10 Million people over the count of those who died in World War I at 20 Million.

This news comes as the Coronavirus continues to spread increasingly in states such as Texas, Arizona and Florida.Thus far 10.4 Million people around the world were infected and more than 500,000 were killed.

Many U.S. jurisdictions are reinstating Stay at Home Orders and it's unclear as to when life in the nation will return to normal.

Photo Taken from Reuters News Service

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Black Lives Matter Activists Call for Increased Violence (If Necessary)

All over the country heated protests turned into full-scale riots with record numbers of incidents of destruction to property and people. Many political pundits have tried to downplay the frequency with which they occurred and their severity. A particular city mayor, Jenny Durkin, said that the outbreak was “more like a block party atmosphere” than an “armed takeover.” However, there are too many victims of violence left behind to testify to the atrocities.

The most well-publicized situation, which no doubt left them Sleepless in Seattle, involved the assault of merchants in the business district there. According to Daily Caller reporters on the scene at the time, some among those protesters who set up the six block "Cop-Free Zone", CHAZ or CHOP (which stand for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone or Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) went well beyond anyone's expectations.

A false report was spread that one of their members was being held at gunpoint in a location just outside the assumed area. The place was an auto shop called "Car Tender". The occupiers tore down the fence surrounding its lot and pushed past those who were guarding the storefront.They broke through the doors to confront the people inside despite the owners' insistant denials of the rumored cause. Then one of the angry hoard set fire to the building.

The garage's proprietor is quoted as saying:

“I can’t even get the police to show up, I can’t get the fire department to show up. I mean, I had to put the fire out myself. The fire department’s one block away. And this kind of mob stuff, that doesn’t work. I’m not doing that stuff. I caught somebody in my building with my property, so I detained him, hoping the police would show up, but they didn’t show up."

"So I detain him, trying to get him to let us frisk him to see what he had of our property still, and he wouldn’t let us frisk him. So, you’ve got all these people out here saying that we had him at gunpoint. We didn’t have him at gunpoint, there’s an attorney that was here that we let in here to make sure he was safe. That he wasn’t being hurt. And this is what I get.”

The man closed with the lament that his heart is broken for every person in America.

Another Capitol Hill resident, who would only be named as Brandon, stated:

“I’m scared. I’ve been scared every day since Sunday, and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. For the first time in my life in Capitol Hill, I hear gunshots every single night. I’ve heard people screaming every single night outside. And they’re not protest screams … I’ve also heard screams of terror out there, and I don’t know what’s happening out there.”

Brandon anticipated and received threats of personal harm for speaking out.

And there were numerous attacks on both professional and amatuer journalists for merely attempting to record video footage. Kalen D’Almeida, the co-founder of Scribber, said he was punched in the back of the head. He narrowly escaped with help from one conscientious CHAZ member. The assault was apparently ordered by the movement's self-appointed leader, Raz Simone, a rapper and self-described "warlord".

An independent pro-life activist used his phone to catch a clip of marchers as he walked along side. In response, the captain of the group abruptly turned to his followers and shouted, "Who doesn't matter?! This mother-f**ker!" The question turned into the crowd's chant. Then a few of the males surrounded the videographer and the lead CHOPer manhandled the victim while tugging at his pants with the taunt, "Do you want me to pull down your panties?" Afterward the observer was shoved further into the street.

The most serious occurances were shootings. Two people were shot in the encampment on the Saturday before the last, with one passing away at the site. Certain protesters blocked the police's access to that and / or the companion victim. Two additional shootings and a stabbing were reported in later days.

The aforementioned followed the CHAZers seizure of the East Precinct of Seattle's police department; which is located at the head of the autonomous region. They overtook the building entirely, ousted the officers there and are alleged to have stolen equipment which presumedly included weapons. Police have yet to find their way back to headquarters as negotiations are still being made. Black Lives Matters and other social justice representatives (who at one point seemed to include members of the terrorist organization, Antifa) demand that the station be turned into a community center - in keeping with their attempt to defund the police.

During an interview at the height of the chaos Mayor Durkin was angrily answered by CNN journalist Chris Cuomo with, "The counter will be, block parties don’t take over a municipal building let alone a police station and destroy it, basically thumbing their nose at any sense of civic control. Do you believe that you have control of your city and that you would be able to clear those streets? Because you haven’t.”

Though the area of concern is still a great nuisance; the rebellion has died down as the city's famous rain, marcher fatigue and boredom set in. There are still a few hold-outs, but the majority were successfully encouraged by the mayor to either expand their activities to outlying areas or go home. That came after desperate pleas from Capitol Hill's property and business owners for a resumption of normal life - and - the launch of a pending law suit.

Meanwhile the statement was made by Hank Newsome, Black Lives Matter Chairmain, that, "if this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it."

Fox's Martha MacCallum, his interviewer, confronted him by quoting that he wanted to “shove legislation down people’s throats,” and then asked him, “What exactly is it that you hope to achieve through violence?”

He returned with this:

"... But the moment people start destroying property, now cops can be fired automatically. What is this country rewarding? What behavior is it listening to? Obviously not marching, but when people get aggressive and they escalate their protests, cops get fired. Now, you have police officers and Republican politicians talking about police reform. I don’t condone nor do I condemn rioting, but I’m just telling what I observed.”

And at the end of the session he added, “I just want black liberation and black sovereignty by any means necessary."

WARNING: The Following Video of an Incident at a CHAZ / CHOP Demonstration Contains Foul Language and Other Potentially Distrubing Content.

P.S.: There are more recent developments of Black Lives Matters protest-related violence. A couple from St. Louis, MO was admonished by some when they displayed arms to a group of protestors who surrounded them after crashing the gates to their home. Also, a photographer who was a key supporter of the BLM movement was shot to death during a demonstration in Louisville, KY by a protestor, an individual suffering from bi-polar disorder.

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Alternate Police Reform Bill Passes Vote


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, formed an allegiance with the Congressional Black Caucus to draft the Democrats' alternative to the GOP's police reform act. It passed with the aid of 3 Republican Congressmen's votes - at 236 - 181.

Said came one day after Senate Democrats blocked the original proposal on a procedural vote Wednesday without debating the relevant issues.

The legislation will deal with the area of racial profiling as well as police brutality.

Photo taken from a story posted at

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Nancy Pelosi Accuses Republicans of Murdering George Floyd... 'Heinous' says Tim Scott

An Editorial

The May 25th 2020 incident that rocked (and still rocks) the world was one of the ugliest and most inhumane it has seen. It was indeed murder most foul. There seems to be no debate on that particular ruling. Everyone knows what's what in that which Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd.

However, our reinstalled Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to lay the charge for George's death on the Republican Senate and, by proxy, those who voted for them. The party is confirmed by a Wikipedia article as making up 30% of our population, with Democrats at 31% and Independents at 36%.

Ms. Pelosi has just demonstrated what partisan politics is in its corruption - rotten to the core. She in her desperate attempt to solidify the Liberal and Black vote has slandered nearly one-third of Americans in the least - and more of us if Independents who are also Conservative are counted.

The affected Senators naturally demanded her apology. She refused with, "Absolutely, positively not...", and in regard to the Rebublican-launched police reform bill stated, "The press has given them so much play for this unsalvageable piece of legislation and then say, ‘well, can’t you compromise with that?’ No, it’s because it is no and we are yes. So when they admit that and have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration, but so far they were trying to get away with murder, actually. The murder of George Floyd."

How dare Ms. Polosi level such a baseless allegation? Those to whom she is opposed proposed the legislation when there was no remedy, current or contingent, in place. How can she impugn the Representatives who stand for so many with the indictment of premeditated homicide? How can she say that so many of her peers and countrymen are beyond cold and be that frigid herself?

It's obvious that what happened to George Floyd greatly offended sensibilities around the globe - to the extent that it sparked global protests (and riots).Its devastating impact is clear. Why wouldn't virtually all of Mr. Floyd's fellow Americans (and humans) be just as upset?

The Speaker's misstatements threaten to devide this county more than ever before - and tear it to shreds - to a greater degree than the massive post-riot destruction of property did. Senator Tim Scott, a Black man from South Carolina said, “When Speaker Pelosi says one of the most heinous things I can imagine: that the Republicans are actually trying to cover up murder, the murder of George Floyd with our legislation, that’s not politics. That’s not a game to win. That’s you lose. You will sooner or later lose. But immediately every kid around the nation that heard that nonsense lost that moment."

Those who are less than legally or politically savvy fail to realize that sometimes bills contain "deadly clauses" that defeat the purpose of what's on their face. Depending on the severity of the adverse inclusions, certain proposals cannot be voted in with good conscience. However, it's not readily apparent what would keep this measure at bay; especially since Democrats flatly refused to formally debate any of its issues. Would-be legislation almost always sees weeks or months of argumentation before going to a vote. A factor maybe Senator Mitch McConnell's cloture, which called for action much sooner than expected. But given the fact that what is at hand is also a national emergency it would be the time to hash things out.

Blacks and many others on both sides of the political aisle still draw much offense from Senator and Vice-President Joe Biden's 1994 crime bill, entitled "The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994". Wikipedia says, "It is the largest crime bill in the history of the United States and consisted of 356 pages that provided for 100,000 new police officers, $9.7 billion in funding for prisons and $6.1 billion in funding for prevention programs, which were designed with significant input from experienced police officers." Said was sponsored by Representative Jack Brooks of Texas and signed in by President Bill Clinton.

How quickly we forget history!

And remember... You can't have your cake and eat it too.

(See the video of Ms. Pelosi's CBS interview here -

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'Woke' Social Justice-Convicted Companies Change Marketing Strategies to Respect Black Consumers

It was just announced by PepsiCo, owner of Quaker Oats, that Aunt Jemima will be retired. Her namesake, the country's favorite brand of syrup and pancake mix, will finally reflect our modern sensibilities. The acknowledgement was made in clear terms by Kristin Kroepfl, chief marketing officer, that the friendly smiling mammy, around since the 1890s (and awkwardly updated in 1989 for the 1990s) is "based on a racial stereotype". The new name of the soon-to-be re-issued product has not been revealed.

Incidentally, there has been some controversy over Uncle Ben's brand of parboiled rice for many years. However no plans are known regarding a change to his image. Mars Inc. states that he's based on an actual person, a rice grower by the name of Gordon L. Harwell, a black entrepreneur who supplied a high-quality grade to the Armed Forces during World War II. In 2007 the character was promoted to "The Chairman of the Board" in an ad campaign. That would seemingly be the justification for keeping Uncle Ben as he is.

Nike continues to support Colin Kaepernick, the controversial African- American NFL player who was shunned by the league for his displays of kneeling during The National Anthem. An ad he did for said sportswear company in 2018 was revived after the George Floyd incident and gained renewed popularity. An updated survey done on consumer response to the commercial showed that almost half of those originally opposed to its message or messenger now see it positively - even the most conservative viewers.

After Mr Kaepernick's four-year absence from the game more than half of its fans are petitioning for a team to take him on. Despite the objections of a core group of traditionalists who still find his actions to be anti-American, the NFL has decided to make concessions. Its commissioner Roger Goodell made a public statement to that effect. It appeared that he was reluctant or altogether insincere in doing so to many. The President of the United States tweeted his opposition to the move, with questioning its adherence to our patriotism.

But in the meantime Nike carries on with its objectives. Its general division pledged 40 million dollars to remedying racial inequality and other social justice-based issues and the sub-brand owned by Michael Jordan will contribute 100 million. The new CEO John Donahue announced that Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America, will be a paid day off for its workers.

The travel and fashion industries have jumped on board the Good Ship Justice as well; but with mixed results.

Airbnb, the site offering use of private homes to member guests reiterated that it will do more to curb discrimination at the time of booking. The travel journal, AFAR, posted this as the subject of a notice:

"AFAR Is Too White—and We Plan to Change That".

Famous celebrity stylist and fashion entrepreneur Rachel Zoe for several days on end has made the focus of her web magazine's features / e-mail newsletters the work of up-and-coming Black designers. Virgil Abloh, who is also Black, the owner of the brand Off-White and the principal designer for Louis Vuitton men's line, bowed under pressure when he received pushback for criticizing the actions of those Floyd supporters turned rioters who looted the Vuitton stores.

Though it's deemed by many that Abloh spoke with the most tact that could be applied, he inevitably apologized for speaking out and donated money to the bail fund for his legal adversaries. A quote from The Business of Fashion, a trade magazine, reads, "People responding to looting but not to black cries for change is irresponsible and dismissive."

It's obvious from the recent change in corporate response that social controversies (legitimate or not) are known to be bad for business.

UPDATE: Mars Inc. has conceded to the need to review the image of its Uncle Ben's line.

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A Big Black Attack - Race-Baiting in America

An Editorial

It seems that so much more often than we field racial epithets hurled at us by White Supremacist groups such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis, we Blacks encounter the patronizing and pathetic attempts of White Liberals to safeguard our "delicate" sensibilities and repair our self-damaged reputations.

Several days ago Senator and former Vice President Joe Biden made a completely tactless statement in the effort to cement his support with Black voters. The Democratic nominee has been known (and mocked) for his awkwardness in both his physical interactions with others (especially with women) and in speechmaking. He has repeatedly made what are universally deemed to be off-base comments in answering the most simple and casual of inquiries, earning him the nickname of "Gaffey". In a 2009 article posted on the website of NBC 4, DC's broadcast affliate, the title reads "Biden Annoying Obama More Than Ever". An excerpt from said states, "... [he is] a man with a talent for saying exactly the wrong thing in any situation."

The aforementioned gaffe was expressed in an interview within an installment of a podcast called "The Breakfast Club" hosted by Charlemagne tha God. It was stunning. And again, though Mr. Biden is known for his lack of verbal finesse, he should have known better than to say this:

"Well I tell you what, If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

So, Joe Biden never having been black himself can determine what Blackness is for all the people of our color? Why should he have been like that sassy Black Know-It-All Sistah with her hand on her hip? And are Blacks supposed to mindlessly follow the others wherever they would go like lemmings heading toward the edge of a steep cliff? Or are we all just sheep in a heavily politicized pasture waiting for the wolf to gobble us up unless our Good White Shepard comes in to save us?

In addition, these forgotten remarks from previous years were made by Mr. Biden:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," Biden said in relation to Obama. "I mean, that's a storybook, man."

"We got a real clear picture of what they all value," Biden said. "Every Republican's voted for it. Look at what they value and look at their budget and what they're proposing. Romney wants to let the - he said in the first hundred days he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, 'unchain Wall Street.' They're going to put y'all back in chains."

Though the second quote in the passage just above would be taken out of context if assigned a racial connotation, it and the reaction to it still reflects both our insensitivity and our hypersensitivity to ethnic stereotypes.

The image imposed on us, partly by others and partly by ourselves, is so insulting and demeaning. Things Biden touted remind me of the time when many Whites said that we all looked alike. If memory serves correctly that cliche was referenced by Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker (or a corresponding character) in an episode of All in the Family. But contrary to the somehow lovable biggot's perception, we do not all look alike, think alike or vote alike.

But somehow in the meantime we as Blacks at-large have paid a false debt to The Left and its Progressive and often radical activists. Most of us have thought that we owe them loyalty and total solidarity - especially if we want to keep all of the goodies that the government has to offer. And several representatives of the Democratic party have come to collect their own assumed entitlement over the years through grandstanding for it in our churchs' pulpits.

Blacks are told that "The Man" is out to get us while we let him lead us by our collective hand. And many of us rail against the establishment, wanting to tear it down, without the vaguest idea of how to reform it.

As with Reverse Racism we are also guilty of Reverse Race-Baiting. We assert that any and all who do not agree with the objectionable actions of militant Black demonstrators, or, opinions of controversial Black public figures (especially elected officials) are by their nature racist. We will not acknowledge that not all of our concerns (and especially theirs) are race-based.

What we do not need in any civilzation is anarchy. Yet during the marches over George Floyd's death the streets were filled with violence and general lawlessness, overshadowing the efforts of legitimate protesters. It appears that only a few of us realize that a segment of our own community grossly distorted and permanently marred George's memory. Young Ultra-Leftists (and pure opportunists) saw theft, generalized destruction of property, arson (a capital crime) and physical assault as appropriate outlets for their frustrations and ambitions - and their enablers - politicians and the Hollywood Elite - foot the bill for their bail money. There is evidence to suggest that the most disruptive actioners were staged by paid agents hired by the likes of megamogul George Soros.

How will we ever overcome the notion that we're a bunch of heathen savages who need to be manhandled by the police (and otherwise minimized) if we keep rioting, burning and looting? How will Black Lives Matter if we continue to present ourselves as enemies of society and an outright nuisance?

Even the celebrated Black fashion designer Virgil Abloh (owner of the label Off-White and a creative director at Louis Vuitton) was chastised for criticizing merely the acts of looters who raided his stores. After receiving immense pressure from his "peers" he acquiesced to their demand to be excused for their behavior and granted $50 toward their release. As quoted from an article in The Business of Fashion, a trade magazine, "People responding to looting but not to black cries for change is irresponsible and dismissive."

What's irresponsible and dismissive is the failure to hold grown Black folks to account for their own choices. It's as though we're the strange Freaky Friday-like cross between the justified and righteously indignant victim and the cranky and bratty child who acts out because he was kept up past his bedtime. But as long as we misbehave there will be someone to spank us for it.

The protests of the 60s and 70s put on by our parents placed a distinct and strict emphasis on non-violence. And it's not that riots didn't occur; but they were condemned when they did. Our chief examples were Dr. Martin Luther King and college students seated at sit-ins; not arsonists and Antifa. We cannot expect constructive change in the midst of destroying respect for ourselves and others.

And displays like those of football player Colin Kaepernick (who kneels during The National Anthem) only serve to demonstrate a disregard for our patriotic traditions and to offend the majority of the Americans that grew up with them - White and Black. There were always better means to specifically and therefore more effectively address the problem of police brutality and racial inequality. Refusing to engage in a practice that has cultural significance but no direct or indirect correlation with law enforcement will not strike the targeted goal. Also, it must be understood that our nation and the police on the whole are not copeable for the misdeeds of rouge cops - only those officers and their departments are.

What we need now more than ever is what unifies; not what divides. Though we speak to being of different races, we are in fact only of one such group - The Human Race. Our ethnicities are only colorful varieties of the same species... But we are so much more than glorified animals - so let's act like it.

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Derek Chauvin - A Disgrace To The Uniform: The Embattled Officer Did More Than Kill George Floyd

Mr. Chauvin, now ironically in a jail in which he put so many others, has and always had serious issues. It is apparent that for some reason they were all but completely ignored.

The 44 year old, in his 19-year career with the Minneapolis Police Department, was the subject of 17 investigations and the respondent to 12 formal complaints against him. The documents pertaining to said are heavily redacted but still reveal pressing problems.

His most obvious display of excessive force occurred in 2007. It involved a mother and her infant (with the family's german shepherd) on their way home from a local grocery store. Officer Chauvin and an unnamed partner forced the mother to stop. Initially she was unsure of the cause. It was cited as her driving 10 miles over the speed limit. Then without another word exchanged the officers opened her door and began to pull her out of the minivan - well before she had the opportunity to unlatch her seatbelt. She was pulled through her restraints out to the street and then into the back of their squadcar. With her child crying loudly in the background she insistantly asked why she was arrested. After a long period of his refusal to answer Chauvin muttered that her vechicle "fit a description".

There were also incidents with shootings in which his use of firepower was questionable. 1 of the 3 or so reported described him as chasing and firing at a man who was already running from another (presumably non-police) shooter.

Those things coupled with the fact that he was perpetually in massive debt (which was brought into his marriage at its start) and the years-long dissatisfaction of and relational distance from his wife evidently took its toll on his mindset and the community he swore to protect and serve.

It was said by onlookers (primarily the couple's neighbors) that the Chauvins' relationship had been under visible strain for years and that Chauvin's wife had been looking for some time for the right opportunity to divorce him. Conflicting schedules and conflicting views caused further estrangement between them. Also Mrs. Chauvin bore concern for the children she had from a previous marriage. What was done to George Floyd was the last straw, finally giving her the courage to leave. She in disgust over her former husband's actions and the desire to make a clean break decided to forego spousal support and petitioned the court to change back to her previous name.

After analysis of the video that rocked the world, Mr. Chauvin's indictment was necessarily moved up from manslaughter to second-degree murder plus the previous charge. A group of bystanders are heard pleading for Mr. Floyd's life as Chauvin continues to drive his knee into his victim's neck, fatally asphyxiating him. The other three officers on the scene were taken in as co-conspirators and will share the same fate as the first. As appalling as Chauvin's example is, it seems that his presence on the force and this case are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Major Study Says Officially Misreported COVID-19 Statistics Were A False Alarm - Americans Are Scared Over Minor Risks

As reported on a podcast entitled "The Daily Daily Caller" (hosted by Derek Hunter and affliated with Daily Caller, a prominent Conservative news magazine) the jig is up on The Coronavirus. Though its impact has had a devastating effect on The American People, it has not directly impacted as much of our population as we have been led to believe.

Only 39 of the 50 US states were respondents in the said survey. The remaining eleven were reticent to report anything, with the prevailing coincidence being that their governors were Democrats. It's found that while Conservatives have been taking ordinary precautions, Liberals have demonstrated an especially stringent approach. The old maxim rightly says "it's better to be safe than to be sorry". However, it appears that the Progressives have progressed past the point of being useful in our shared crisis.

The data taken, which is touted to be a strict result of number crunching only, shows that 43% of COVID-19 fatalities come from what is merely 0.6% of the general population - i.e.; nursing home residents.

It was further stated that such controversy arose over both the detailing of the involved statistics and the handling of protocols set for the homes that Governor Cuomo of New York was forced to take down his published directives for said from the state's website. That development would suggest that there were serious issues with the collection and interpretation of Coronavirus stats all along.

It is still widely asserted by leading epidemiologists that the virus is of much greater concern to the elderly than to the younger of us - and that the status of a person's health before contracting COVID-19 is the key determining factor as to whether or not the infection becomes lethal. Also, best practices in hygiene have done their job.

For a more comprehensive review of these matters please link to the podcast here -

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