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Americas Rapper and Radio Personality Andre Roxx has called out Donald Trump for being repsonsible for the Global Panic that is currently going on, and that Trump has an agenda of boosting Americas economy through massive sales,

He also explains how thousands of people die of hunger everyday and it gained no media hype or panic. The rapper says if less than 11,000 people has died out of 8billion of the worlds population in the past 2months, then it shouldn't be a global panic. We should worry more of the thousands of people who daily dies of hunger. He calls the trending pandemic (COVID-19) a common cold. Andre Roxx who is currently in Africa does a live broadcast of his show the chamber and he streems live on social media.

He caused a massive attention when announced that he has got the cure for CoronaVirus. He gave millions of listners hopes while he got lots of critics as well.. In his words:

Corona virus cure: chicken soup, plenty of fluids, rest, and aspirin


Mr Independent as he's called has been in West Africa for a month now, has been showing off how happy and free he is in Africa. And has been encouraging African Americas to come experience what he is experiencing. To make it easy he has established a tour program through which he calls Andre Roxx Black Stars Tour. He shows off his pictures on social media to show Americans how he loss weight naturally in few weeks without any major diet. His social media post this few days has been very controversial, and also has been serving as eye opener to lots of Africans globally

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