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New study has found millenials may hold the cure to COVID-19 the corona virus of 2020.

A new study finds the cure to COVID-19 may be closer than we think. A recent science breakthrough shows that when given instruction to "eat ass" or "not to eat ass" melinials in the ass eating group were 99% less likely to experience symptoms of the COVID-19 virus apposed to 58% of the non ass eating group.

"I don't know why but I just want to eat all the ass I can find."

Qsaid M.D. Morgan Gullisberg of UMTS in Detroit, Washington.

Who continued on to say "I personally believe eating ass could be the cure but we need more candidates to be sure. I urge the public to eat ass at the soonest convenience. I truly believe this could be what we all need right now, what does it hurt to try?"

Updates on the study will be available soon. Stay safe and eat ass.

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