In the week, a waitress from Sacramento was astonished to get a $1,800 gratuity left by the customer. She hosted a relatively local group in the Wildwood Cafe and bar of the Courtyards on Tuesday night Kathleen Moreno told her. Like any other client that arrives at the restaurant, she retorted that she regarded them with respect and dignity. The payment of the group pertained to almost $165. Moreno said that a female lady in the group paid the bill and that she was shocked by the amount she had transcribed once she got the returned check. She hasn't ever encountered or seen the lady before, Moreno notified. This evening's table was only one of four she had already been clamoring for.


SACRAMENTO — One person stated as man was injured at Oak Park Shooting. Sacramento investigate a Saturday night shooting at Oak Park which really abandoned one person is injured.

The shooting took place around 6:49 p.m. by the police. Towards the San Jose Way 2900. According to the authorities, there is no such life risk and nobody has been dead until now, but further information is provided because there is no idea who is shooting and why the area is being watched.

Sacramento PD stated that the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and took himself to the hospital immediately by the authorities. Police said at this time there is no suspicious information available.


Authorities prepare to ensure social distancing during Memorial Day Weekend

Lake Merritt in Oakland will remain open this weekend, but parking will not be permitted on the street surrounding the park. People will be out trying to enjoy this Memorial Day weekend, but the City Park Ambassadors will also be there to remind and ensure people follow social distancing rules.

Most of the people are acting responsible and following the social distancing norms, but there are a few who do not follow. The Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, consistently promotes the message – “Give the Lake a Break.” Schaaf brought out some guideline regarding the park use during the recent virtual town meeting. Vendors are not allowed in the parks, parking areas are also closed, but a lot of streets will be open to slow street movement. Officers will also be present to monitor the traffic on the Lake Merritt area. The local area residents hope that outside area visitors do not crowd and act sensibly.


Victim’s mother wants justice for her daughter’s brutal homicide

On 31st March, police discovered Anika Crane’s body, stuffed in her grey Ford Fiesta Sedan’s trunk at the intersection of Liberty Street and 159th Avenue, near a 7-convenience store, SanLeandro.

Her mother, Anita Cole, described her daughter as a people’s person, loving, kind and responsible, and thus when Crane missed her work for the first time, her mother felt suspicious. One week later, the officials found her abandoned car and her body stuffed it its trunk.

It was hard for the victim’s mother to accept the suspect arrested as he was the 35-year old victim’s 65-year old boyfriend. Initially, their relationship was not accepted by Crane’s family due to the age-difference, but out of love for her, they embraced the man. Jasmine Shivers, Crane’s cousin told that Crane had started a new job, bought the new Sedan and was talking to go out of Oakland. It seems that the boyfriend could not accept her independence and that if he cannot have him, nobody else can have her. The family told that Anika died due to blunt force trauma to her head and neck. It was a brutal homicide, her death was wrongful, and thus Cole wanted justice.


Huron Valley Guns has a whole intricate in New Hudson, and it's not merely guns

It additionally has a hairstyling parlour and a cafe. Proprietor Ed Swadish has chosen to revive his bistro Thursday amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A post on the store's Facebook page says they won't comply with unlawful requests. They obliged the straightening the bend idea; however, never consented to shut until the infection is destroyed. The condition is genuine, and unfortunately, numerous lives have been lost. Nonetheless, when all the states that are still on lockdown are Democratic, they need to expect there are politically charged inspirations and they are not losing my business for that.

Local four connected with Swadish, who declined on a camera meet, yet discussed his thinking. He revealed to Local 4′s Mara MacDonald that he feels this infection has been politically armed.

He's not worried about his licenses however the on-location hairstyling parlour will stay shut because the beauticians are concerned about their support. The café will have tables outside and social separating. He isn't expecting clients to wear a cover. However, servers will be wearing them alongside gloves.

Everything on the tables will be expendable. The menu has just been printed up and named the "Opportunity Menu."

It is indistinct whether Attorney General Dana Nessel will move to close down the eatery, similar to the state never really hairdresser who revived in Owosso. However, Huron Valley Guns and its Molly Pitcher Cafe could likewise end up in a difficult situation with the Oakland County Health Department.


Who is "Noor Muhammad"?

Many times, I wondered about writing on here, being a silent reader for months here.. i guess there is no better topic to write at the moment, then this person named above.. name is not too different from names in the Punjab region of Pakistan..but that this person above decided to use *taboo practice*, *forbidden laws* to his advantage, in a country where most rape cases are not reported, he put young/old girls, women on YouTube and Facebook without their explicit permission and most without their knowledge..

A Friend of mine, (Azhar Iqbal) a dedicated matchmaker, a person with some medical expertise, a column writer, a story teller told me.. what this person was doing and in process was collecting from "interested" males, a registeration fee about 5-10,000 Pakistani Rupees.. based on profiles of these girls.. he would share some tricky information like these girls all want to do 2nd/3rd marriages, for most men.. from this part of the world, this brings interest.. pictures used were appealing to most men...

Then he would ask (female relatives, his wife) to flirt with these men on cellphones, get more money out of them using cause of *poverty* and then block their numbers, when his supposive registered clients would return to Noor Muhammad also known as (aka) Noor Rajput from Bahawalnagar, Punjab Pakistan..that the women/woman blocked me on Whatsapp, he would then give a lecture to them on *decency*!!

Recently, with help of Exposing his activities on Social media, TV and newspapers we were able to Get those videos taken down from his YouTube Channel.. with so many applications against him, I am hopeful some action will be taken against him!! I trust the Law in Pakistan. I trust the Pakistani People! Pakistan Zindabad!


Madni Abdullah