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Kindergarten teacher makes the children feel celebrated, brings graduation to their houses

A kindergarten teacher at Enterprise Elementary School, Ashley Hicks makes the children feel celebrated. The teacher brought a graduation ceremony for all her 16 students at their houses with complete stage and props. Hicks said that she wants to make the children, as well as their families, feel special during these difficult times when the parents have also gone through separations and job losses. She also says that the biggest thing was when they are taking a family picture, standing together in unity. The parents are very grateful to the teacher for making their children feel memorable and celebrated.

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President deemed church services essential, pastors still cautious

President Donald Trump has deemed church services essential. Yet Wichita churches stay cautious with the reopening plans. Reverend Jeff Gannon with Chapel Hill United Methodist Church says that as a pastor, if a person falls sick, transmits to another and eventually dies, it is on him. The Alter Church is looking forward for its congregation on May 31. The pastor of the Altar Church informed that the church would reopen from Pentecost Sunday, a week after March 31. For people cannot attend church, the pastors understand their hesitation and thus will be continuing their live streaming along with the reopening.

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Kansas’ COVID-19 updates

Coronavirus cases have been identified in 84 out of 105 counties of Kansas. As per the reports from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, 8539 instances exist in the state. And the death count statewide is 178. The probable cases are not yet described in the statistics of the health department. There have been a total of 62,664 negative tests. The data reveals that the patients range from infant to 100 years, where the median age is, and the average age is 43. Also, 258 ICU admissions have occurred, and 116 patients required ventilation.

Sedgwick County Health Department reported 539cases and local death count is 20. Three hundred sixty-seven recoveries occurred. With additional security measures, Sedgwick County Courthouse and Juvenile Courthouse will open and people will be permitted inside after screening and will be given masks.

Elective Gifts International, a charitable situated in Wichita, has made $19,200 in gifts to 16 food washrooms and sanctuary organizations over the United States.

A news discharge also revealed that Mulvane’s Kansas Star Casino Hotel Event Center would reopen on Saturday.

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Local gaming store decided to close to keep people safe in Southeast Wichita

Jennifer Burton and her husband are local residents, and they opened Grinning Goblin in 2018. The building for the store was empty without walls.

Around two months ago, they had to close their store due to COVID-19 and planned not to open it again. "I would rather close to prevent people from getting sick, that I hold dear to my heart, that I consider family, and I mean it's just not worth it to me."

A week ago, the landlord asked them for the rent for the last two months, and they didn't have any money to pay for it. Many local consumers are sad that one more business is going to get shut due to Coronavirus.

According to Burton, it was a tough decision to make, but he feels it was a correct one. "I'm sad to see it go. We really were a home for a lot of people, and I didn't really expect the amount of support we got over this, it kind of blew me away."

Burton also told that one more gaming shop in Wichita decided to close. She also wants the customers that they will soon return to the business, and just the location will be different.

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Kansas case count jumps 454

Last weekend, Kansas witnessed its substantial hike in its cases. The cases got a shoot up from 7886 to 8340 according to Kansas Department of Health and Environment Coronavirus Pandemic Report. The cases had an escalation by the number of 454 according to the Public Health Officials Report. Sedgwick County exhibited a case number of 512 and stood as a contradiction to KDHE report. While KDHE stated there was no significant difference in cases of Sedgwick County. The statistics for substantial cases were available while no record of plausible cases was found. 58650 negative cases were found that proved to be sort of encouraging news according to sources.

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Thunderstorm, downpour: Causes damage in the Wichita fall region

The overnight storm started late Friday, damaged trees around the Wichita Falls region. Along the streets and at certain houses, tree appendages could be seen on the ground.

Although Lucy Park trees were uprooted and the Wichita stream expanded a couple of feet, Wichitans could at present be discovered strolling the path.

Around three creeps of downpour fell on the zone with drivers solicited to stay alert on the chance of flood.

As per the National Weather Service on Sunday it'll be radiant with a high of 83.

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27-year old Wichita man attempts to abduct a 12-year old girl

The court records state that a Wichita man blamed for attempting to kidnap a 12-year-old girl in the Planeview neighbourhood was charged with endeavoured grabbing, tranquillize ownership and crime robbery.

Police captured 27-year-old Victor Manuel Lara-Aguilar in the 2900 square of South Hillside. Specialists informed that on Sunday, the young lady was strolling alone in the zone of 31st Street South and Clifton around 3:50 p.m. On Saturday, Lara-Aguilar moved toward her, snatched her arm and "said she was accompanying him. The young lady shouted and pulled away at that point, rushed to her grandma's home for help. She and her mom called police, who found Lara-Aguilar with the assistance of a physical portrayal the youngster gave.

Lara-Aguilar showed up in Sedgwick County District Court on the charges Wednesday, and the neighbourhood holds the culprit in prison on $75,000 bond. His next court date is May 28. The open protector's office, selected for the situation, didn't quickly react to a solicitation for input.

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A restaurant in Wichita got destroyed due to Action fire, suspects arrested

The city police department had arrested two men as the suspect for the fire at a Wichita restaurant Tuesday. According to Police, the two suspects are Tareo Hadi Hadi, 25, and Ali Taraq Hadi, 21.

According to investigators, the two suspects may have connections with the fire at Wichita Chicken Fried House on North Hillside early Tuesday. The flames were so high in intensity that the fire crew had to get in a defensive operation to battle the fire. Battalion Chief Doug Winter, Wichita Fire Department, said, “We had a few utility issues and a few other things we had to address before we could get it extinguished. I can just tell you extensively. We had some structural issues inside, roof failure, and a few other things.” No injuries were reported from the scene, but the damage to the restaurant is estimated at $200,000. The WFD will present the case to the district attorney’s office to decide the charges.

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Parolee charged with murder in the shotgun killing of woman

A malefactor suspected of killing a Wichita lady with a shotgun was charged weekday with second-degree intentional murder and possession of a weapon by a felon, court records show.

Police inactive 27-year-old patriarch Julius Pankratz on Sunday at a south Wichita housing many hours when officers found wife Phillips dead in an exceedingly aim the 4900 blocks of East Murdock. Police visited the address in response to associate degree unknown need facilitate and located the 36-year-old with head trauma. She was pronounced in dead on website.

Investigators later determined Pankratz, a follower of Phillips’, was at the house together with her, unemployed a shotgun at her and fled subsequently. The motive for the shooting was unclear.

Pankratz, United Nations agency has used the alias “Prodigy,” created his beginning in Sedgwick County District Court on the costs weekday to the afternoon.

The native public defender’s workplace that has been appointed to represent him failed to straight off answer associate degree emailed request for discussing the costs. His different previous convictions embody assault, felony and law-breaking felony.

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Kansas reports a decrease in coronavirus cases

Kansas has reported a decrease in the number of fresh positive cases. The Kansas health department stated the total number of positive cases are 7116 and 158 deaths across the

state which 132 fresh cases since Sunday. Sedgwick County did not report any new cases and the county has a total of 451 cases. The KDHE released an update that there are four probable COVID-19 cases in Sedgwick County. Across the state 660 people have been hospitalized, but, KDHE hospitalization data is only available in approximately 63% of cases.

Of all the hospitalized cases, 233 patients have been admitted into intensive care units and 101 have required mechanical ventilation and 376 patients have been discharged from hospitals. The youngest patient to die due to COVID-19 in the state was 36 years old and the oldest was

99, and the median is 82. Black or African American, Asian and Hispanic or Latino communities are said to be affected by

the disease out of proportion.

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Snider’s new book is treated to all book lover's

"I will Judge You By Your Bookshelf" one of Snider’s one and the two-page comic is a total favourite

to all those book lovers out there and has been company for many in times of the current

lockdown situation.

Snider is an orthodontist based in Wichita and also a writer, artist who creates incidental comics.

His first book, “The Shape of Ideas,” dealt with the simple nuances of the creative process while

his latest work is for book addicts.

This book is a treat to all those who cannot function without having a good read daily and likes to

immerse themselves in engaging and interest write-ups.

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Contact tracing may reduce the number of cases in Kansas

The contact tracing team of the health department of the county, come every day to the office and keep dialling phones to many people around the county to know their conditions and symptoms of Coronavirus.

The team in Sedgwick county call those who had either reported for the positive test or those who came in connect to a positive person.

Sometimes they have to convey a person the message of being positive for COVID-19, and they have to do this with empathy, said Kaylee Hervey, the county’s epidemiology program manager.

This procedure is followed all over Kansas, and anyone found positive have to be interviewed, including their close contacts.

Contact tracing is a crucial factor in reopening the state, as this will provide the necessary records, and proper information will lead to better treatment and reducing the number of cases.

As the restrictions will be lifted slowly, the importance of tracing will increase, people will start venturing outside with more chances of contact.

According to Hervey the load on her team will increase after Kansas will start reopening but she estimated that her team could even trace contacts for 40 cases a day in Sedgwick County.

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Kansas Food Bank announces donations to COVID-19 relief

On Tuesday The Kansas Food Bank in collaboration with "Giving Tuesday Now" has announced donations worth $325,000 in light of Covid-19 relief. CEO of Kansas Food Bank, Brian Walker said "We are extremely humbled by the outpouring of support from the communities we serve, there has been such an increase in the number of people seeking food assistance due to this pandemic. These gifts will help us provide the most

basic of needs, food. In this time of uncertainty, there's a fundamental truth that gives us hope – that together we can do extraordinary things." The food bank is also giving away $60,000 for Rudd Foundation, $25,000 for Dillons, $25,000 for

Koch Industries Inc, $10,000 for Roofing Services Unlimited, $5,000 for Emprise Bank. Koch also donated $25,000 to the Wichita Family Crisis Center. Meredith Olson, the company’s

vice president of public affairs said “Koch Industries calls Wichita our home, We are honoured to be able to help the Wichita Family Crisis Center and Kansas Food Bank, which have seen an extraordinary increase in demand for

their services.”

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67-year-old died in a car collision near North Oliver in Wichita

67-year-old Bruce Reed of Wichita, died after a car collision on the road on Monday, according to Wichita Police Department (WPD).

Around 3:15 p.m., Police got the report of an accident at the intersection of North Oliver and E. 2nd Street.

When Officers arrived at the site of the accident, they saw a silver Hyundai Tucson and a blue Chevrolet Malibu had collided into each other at the intersection.

The 66-year-old female driver of Tucson and the 65-year-old female driver of Malibu got minor injuries and were taken to the hospital by EMS.

Reed was on the backseat of the Malibu, got critical injuries, and was immediately taken to the hospital, but he died shortly after reaching the hospital.

According to an initial investigation by the Police, the driver of the Tucson was traveling south on Oliver, and Malibu was traveling west on E. 2nd Street that resulted in a collision.

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Answers to people's concerns on reopening

Gov. Laura Kelly has been planning to slowly, gradually and cautiously reopen the state of Kansas. But since a lot of people have questions in mind on how to get on tasks, the following

are answers to them.

When will swimming pools, gyms and fitness centres reopen?

The City of Wichita is not planning on reopening them at least until May 18th. Spokesperson Megan Lovely said that they are reviewing the governor’s recommendations and hopes to draw a plan to reopen municipal pools and splash pads pretty.

Spokesman Sean Amore told The Eagle earlier this week that The Greater Wichita YMCA too is working on reopening its branches and pools soon and according to CDC there isn't any

substantial evidence regarding spread of the virus through water as treating water with public pools etc with disinfectants will potentially kill the virus. But for now, CDC says we are all better of maintaining physical distancing and proper hygiene if planning on visiting these places once opened.

When will the courts reopen?

The district courts remained close as of Friday statewide but proper information on when and how they will open to their usual is yet to be announced from the Kansas Supreme

The court. The Supreme Court ordered closures until March 18th. Office of Judicial Administration spokeswoman Lisa Taylor said in a Friday morning email that “the Supreme Court is in the process of working through those details now.”

Court administrator of Sedwick County District Court, Ellen House said the court is expecting a phased-in approach to reopen which will include following social distancing and preventing crowding in the courthouse. Wichita Municipal Court too remains closed and all hearings are suspended at this time. Notices will be sent out to defendants and lawyers when it reopens, according to the city’s website.

When will the mall open?

Towne East Square is all set to open to the public from Monday to Saturday between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Simon Property Group has prepared protocols to

follow once they open for business which includes ensuring occupancy that doesn't exceed one person per 50 square feet, closing high interaction areas like play areas, screening employees and recommending tenants as well as taping off “every other sink and urinal” to encourage social distancing.

Towne West Square is owned by Kohan Retail Investment Group and the company’s website stated that they will reopen their shopping centres “when we feel it is safe to do so again in

accordance to local governance and Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.”

What about summer childcare programs and camps?

Daycare programs have been excluded from the governor’s stay-home order from the beginning and now in the reopening plan, summer camps are cancelled until June 1st.

The Wichita School District is planning on how to take forward their summer Latchkey programs, which includes daytime childcare to kids between ages 5 to 12. Spokeswoman Wendy Johnson said the district hopes to make a decision soon.

The Wichita Catholic Diocese announced on Friday about canceling summer Totus Tuus and Prayer & Action youth programs and YMCA summer camps enrollment too have hit a pause for now.

How many people have died in Sedgwick County? I can’t find a source.

12 deaths have been reported in Sedgwick County up until May 2nd, of these six of them belong to the Clearwater Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Sedgwick County has been giving daily

updates and the case numbers are updated from time to time on the website, and in The Wichita Eagle along with state’s updates on and the The county also gives updates on Youtube and at its website,

Do we have sufficient numbers of RELIABLE tests so that the basic guidelines of TEST..TRACE..ISOLATE can be followed?

Despite Gov. Laura Kelly's repeatedly stressing on the importance of widespread testing, Kansas has failed to do so along with many other states. In this context in her speech on Thursday evening, she addressed on the progress that they made with regards to widespread testing which experts believe is quintessential. She said that the state has ordered 500,000 testing kits from an overseas supplier and of these the first 5,000 are en route and shipments of 10,000 a week are expected. An additional 50,000 kits are expected

from the federal government in a coming couple of weeks.

The World Health Organization recommends a positive test rate of less than 10% before reopening and Kansas as of has 16% test rate which could mean that many cases may go


Why in the first phase are schools/daycare/ colleges opening up?

K-12 school buildings will remain closed for the rest of the school year. Less than 10 people are allowed into school facilities for cleaning crews to deep clean facilities or letting teachers into the building for short times to retrieve materials from their classrooms since student instruction has moved online. The decision on whether or not to reopen schools after the summer break will be made at a later date based on conditions at the time. Daycare has always been excluded from the stay-at-home order that ends Monday, although facilities will from now on have to follow extra set of regulations to reduce the spread of the virus. Higher education institutions will remain closed indefinitely and only a few educational activities or events can be held on campus, with not more than 10 people.

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, what type of sanitation takes place — to protect customers and fellow employees?

It is left to the choice of an individual business owner or management. However, Federal guidance recommends cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in an employee’s

workspace if they leave work because of illness.

What about public libraries?

The Wichita Public Library says it will discuss plans this week on when and how to reopen.

When can youth sports teams begin practising again? How do we practice and stay 6 feet apart?

The Executive Director Scott Martin said, Southwest Boys Club, Genesis Sports Complex and the

Park City Youth Baseball/Softball League could receive a green signal to start on practices at the

start of next week.

About 1,000 Wichita area kids make up those three leagues, and there are more than 10 players

per team hence Martin said practices will be cut down to no more than 10 players to ensure


In-game rules will be amended to best fit social distancing recommendations, too, Martin said.

Dugouts will be extended down the first- and second-base lines. The umpire will stand behind

the pitcher instead of behind the catcher. And rules for leading off the bases and picking off

baserunners will be fluidly adjusted based on the phasing of Governor Kelly’s plan.

The first tournaments are scheduled for Memorial Day weekend with the first league games

scheduled for June 1.

Westurban Baseball is following almost all of the same self-imposed guidelines, Executive

Director Eric Blasdel said. Westurban is adding one other rule of note: Players will be allowed

to sit with their parents when their team is hitting and they are not up to bat. The league has

submitted its changes to Sedgwick County, Blasdel said.

Two Rivers Youth Club and the YMCA make up the other two largest youth baseball and softball

leagues. They have not responded to the Eagle’s inquiries.

Wichita Regional Soccer Association and American Youth Soccer Association, Wichita Region

208 have not responded to the Eagle’s enquiries either.

When will barbers, like Great Clips, open?

Barbers and stylist shops will remain closed according to the governor’s order for Phase One of

the reopening plan, but in case the state decides it’s safe to move to Phase Two at a given point

of time they may be allowed to reopen.

How will any of these plans be enforced? What happens if a sports league goes ahead in defiance of state order — is that up to sheriff or whom?

Violations of mass-gathering standards will be handled through citations at the discretion of

local police, sheriff’s deputies or other law enforcement.

Sedgwick County Commission expressed its reluctance to enforce the guidelines and voted

unanimously on Friday to shut down a Web portal that had been set up for residents to report

suspected violations. Though no one was prosecuted under the governor’s stay-at-home or

mass-gathering orders the county did issue about 160 warning letters.

Is it safe for people to be close together (less than 6-ft) if people are wearing cloth masks?

Would that be an acceptable precaution for resuming normal public activity?

Though the answer isn't simple and conclusive it is better to follow the set guidelines, The U.S.

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention currently is recommending people to wear masks

when they step out and maintain social distancing for as much as they can.

Recent research reported by three South Korean universities and the University of Minnesota concluded that cloth masks at most can only stop the spread of infection from

already infected people.

Can more than 10 people but less than 30 attend a wedding in a church in Kansas?

This is not allowed according to Phase on reopening but the second phase of reopenings, which

is set to start no earlier than May 18 will be allowed no more than 30 people at once.

The third phase, which will start no earlier than June 1, will be allowing mass gatherings of up

to 90 people. The governor will look at various health measures before deciding to move to the

next phase.

What is the expiration date of the “10 people gathering” part of this plan?

Phase one, which limits gathering to 10 people, lasts until at least May 18.

What is the timeline for this plan? If this is only phase 1, then what do future phases include?

The timeline will be starting from Monday and will go on until at least June 15 to get through all

four phases. When and how the state will move to the next phase will totally depend upon the

extent of the spread of the virus.

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Local leaders clearing doubts on the reopening of businesses

After the announcement of the reopening of the economy, many questions are arising in people's minds. All these questions are answered by Governor Laura Kelly on which businesses can open and which cannot. In her address on Thursday night, Gov. Kelly, a question was posed to Eyewitness News concerning the reopening of restaurants Monday while bars have to stay closed for the next two weeks(until May 18) to reopen. The big question: What's the difference between a bar and grill and a grill and bar if both establishments serve food and alcohol?

Sedgwick County commissioner Pete Meitzner says he cleared the doubts on which establishment among bars and restaurants can reopen. "If it's a restaurant that is a bar also, as long as it's serving food, in what we all know, then it's eligible to be open Monday." According to Meitzner, the bars which serve only alcohol, which doesn't offer food (pretzels and peanuts don't count), will have to remain closed. He advises all the businesses to follow social distancing guidelines to keep the employees and customers/clients safe.

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Business owners in Kansas prepare to reopen once the stay at shelter orders will be lifted

Kansas City will most likely lift it stays at home order by Monday and the Sedgwick County

Commission recommending not to extend the orders is a huge relief and a rejoicing matter to businesses owners who are excited to reopen their closes businesses.

Reopening barbershops, salons need guidance before they start. Prime Time Barbershop owner Nelson Tovar said: "We're just hoping lets us go back to work, hoping that she trusts in the community for them to take the right precautions."

Linda Burton owner of Sister Moses Boutique and store manager Lyndsey Roman said that they are ready to reopen and are talking all steps necessary like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer. Central Standard Brewing appears to have a different approach to the Governer's decision of lifting stay at home orders since the risk of the virus is still pretty much in existence co-owner Andy Boyd said "We've decided to stay curbside delivery through the end of May, that's just, you know, a personal decision. So, whatever they decide to do really won't have any bearing on us. Our staff is not comfortable opening up to the public at this point."

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Don Hall passes away in a road accident

Wichita radio DJ Don Hall died in a car crash on Wednesday morning at Kellogg and Rock. On this note, Wichita police have arrested a 43-year-old Ray Watkins charging him with second-degree murder connecting with the accident. Also, alcohol and drugs are suspected to be factors involved. By the time the officer's reached the site of accident Hall was found to be trapped in the vehicle, the fire department had to come and free him out but by then he was pronounced dead. 70-year-old Hall had been working in radio for the past 45 years and hosted KEYN's morning radio show along with Barbara Baan. He also worked as the public address announcer for shocker basketball games at Wichita State University. When the news came out Jack Oliver, the program director at Entercom said that he and staff got worried when he started so early to work.

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Confusion on how to run businesses after a stay at shelter orders are lifted

There are dilemma and confusion everywhere as to happens to local and other businesses when they stay at shelter orders will be lifted in Kansas, on this note Sedgwick County Health Officer Dr. Garold Minns stepped forward to she light on what should be done and followed once businesses open, he said the owners should ensure that they keep following all the instructions that we all are practicing already, which includes good hygiene, proper handwashing, sanitizing, physical distancing. Though this has been mentioned by Dr. Minns no official statement or instructions have been passed by the State of Kansas directing to the business owners about

practicing already existing safety measures, these are soon expected to come from state and local leaders at the end of this week. In South Carolina a maximum of 20 people are allowed into the shop at once, modified seating for customers in restaurants, one-way aisles to prevent face-to-face contact in stores and staggering restroom stalls for employees and guests and following CDC guidelines meticulously. The County leaders are planning to lift the stay at the shelter order on May 3rd.

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