Antártida pronóstico del tiempo

Penguin nests were covered with snow at the Academician Vernadsky station

Summer began in Antarctica on December 1. So it snows almost constantly there - even the nests of penguins that have settled near the station are frozen.

Now near our station the record height of a snow cover for all current winter - 262 cm is fixed! From December 1, when summer began in Antarctica, it has been snowing almost constantly, and according to the forecasts of our meteorologists, the height of the cover may increase even more, ”the station staff said.


Already 23 British research station personnel have been vaccinated.

"The ability to vaccinate people will help keep the population of the station and Antarctica virus-free," said Matthew Phillips, head of the Rothera winter station.

The next batch of vaccine for the second vaccination will be delivered to Antarctica in four weeks.

London approved the use of vaccines from Pfizer and AstraZeneca last December, after which the government launched a mass vaccination program.


The station, which is run by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), is undergoing much research. The station receives up to 1,000 visitors in the summer in Antarctica from October to February. They all come here to conduct research on various topics.

But here, unfortunately, there is no Internet.

However, this may soon change.

NSF has begun to seriously study the possibility of laying a fiber-optic cable on the seabed, which would extend from Antarctica to neighboring New Zealand or Australia. The idea was expressed more than ten years ago, but then it lost popularity because other projects were a priority.

If this attempt to make the Internet a success, scientists say, it will change both research and everyday life on the continent.