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Ariyan Mehedi returns in music

Md. Mahady Hasan Jewell, known by his stage-name Ariyan Mehedi, is a Singer of Bangladesh. Ariyan Mehedi’s style of music incorporates fusion, edm, rock, pop and electronic dance music.

Ariyan Mehedi, was born on 27 July 2001 in Lalmonirhat District. Ariyan Mehedi was a student at Cantonment Public School and College, Lalmonirhat. Ariyan Mehedi has one a sister. He has been brought up in the midst of songs and music since childhood.

Ariyan Mehedi have started his musical journey from 2017 and yet now he have gained many fan followers worldwide. Recently he released many songs worldwide. Ariyan Mehedi got Official Artist Channel on YouTube at January 2021 and He also got verified Artist on Spoify.

Ariyan Mehedi is a young music artist. This young music artist dreams of growing up. So he is moving forward at a slow pace.

Young singer Ariyan Mehedi currently spends most of his time with music. He is also dreaming of becoming a good quality music producer. I also want to know myself as a music producer. He received the official artist channel Verify on YouTube in January 2021 and received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify.

In this regard, the young music artist said, he started his music journey in 2017. Now the epidemic in the country has become a permanent problem in Corona, in which it is not possible to work outside the home. I have already verified as the official artist of the international music platforms YouTube, Spotify and many others.

The young musician added that my original song will be released from my official YouTube channel “Ariyan Mehedi”. He is also doing music cover as well.

Ariyan Mehedi was born in a Muslim family. He spent his childhood in Lalmonirhat with his family. He was interested in music since childhood and tried to write songs as well as study. His family used to support him, and he is singing under the inspiration of his family.

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Adorn Mahin - Biographic Article

Adorn Mahin (born: 18 May 2004) is a Bangladeshi Singer-Songwriter, Music Composer, Author, and a Multi-Instrumentalist from Bangladesh. He is The Founder, Main Vocal, Lyricist and Lead Guitarist of the Rock band named “Abyssfectus”. He is also a Founder, Owner, Lyricist and Music Composer of the Studio “Adorn Lab”.

Solo Career

Adorn Mahin is A Passionate Musician. He interested in music from an early age, in 2016 he started his musical journey. After 2020 he start his musical career as an Instrumental Artist. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances and continuing to record new singles like; Snow with Beat(2021), Vibe of Summer(2022), Crazy Ghost(2022). Adorn has been earning the admiration and affection of fans since 2021. Since 2022 he Released his first Instrumental Album "Zero Express".

Musical Groups

Adorn and his brother panned for starting a band together. In 2022 they Named a Band called “Abyssfectus”. His brother HR Fahim is a Drummer, Co-founder and Manager of the band. And Adorn is the Founder, Main Vocal, Lyricist and Lead Guitarist of the Band.

Early Life

Tajbhir Ahmed Mahin (also know as Adorn Mahin) is a Bangladeshi Singer-Songwriter, Composer, and a Multi-Instrumentalist. He born on 18th May 2004 in Dhaka Bangladesh. Adorn Started his musical journey as an independent all-rounder musician. In a single effort he learnt to play Tabla, Drums, Guitar and Vocals.

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