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Many millennium had refined

The aspirations changed

Even the past became the past.

From the summit of a mountain to the bottom of the lake

The beauty of nature


My source of imagination

Is the appealing flags

That wave in honor and for glory.

Developing my inspiration with you into the future

And the sucess shall taste sweeter for us.

Found happiness in my self through you and learned to move on.

So now the time has come

To make it happen

So our sucess shall be preserved

Let the people know the path we forged for the greater tommorow,

And the growth of our heavenly country.

Now as time develops

We shall too.

We shall hold hands and take the path to the

Greater tommorow that awaits.

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Father and Son Reunion After 24 Years of Search

A Chinese man who spent 24 years riding a motorcycle across the country searching for his missing son has finally found him.

Guo Gangtang’s experience is what the 2015 road movie Lost and Love, in which Hong Kong actor Andy Lau starred for free, is based on.

The two people accused of abducting Guo’s son in 1997 have been arrested, said the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday.

Guo, 51, and his wife cried and hugged their son Guo Xinzhen when the family was finally reunited in Liaocheng, Shandong, on Sunday, state media CCTV reported.

“My baby, you came back!” said the mother whose name was not released, the video report showed.

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