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Pink October

Seminar on Breast and cervical cancer organised by Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation Cameroon, 15th Oct 2022

Website: https//sites.


A seminar was organised on Saturday 15th October 2022 by Dr Tumasang swiri foundation to sensistise women on the causes, symptoms and prevention of breast and cervical cancers.

1. Arrival and Installation of participants

As early as 9am, the first particpants made their way into the beautifully decorated hall. The hall was decorated in order to reflect the theme of pink October. As the particpants arrived, the ushers put a pink ribbon with the breast cancer prevention sign on their chests. This was a symbol of breast cancer support. The particpants were then ushered to the conference hall where they sat down and waited for the start of the seminar.

2. Word of welcome from the founder of Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation

While waiting for the arrival of the resource persons, the CEO/founder of Dr Tumasang welcomed the particpants and engaged ina talk with them. She started by presenting Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation, its vision, objectives, activities and zone of action. Insisting on the non profit and non governmental nature of the foundation, she informed the participants that the foundation needed support in any form, be it in cash, kind or even as volunteers. The foundation is out to promote the rights of women, girls and children in the society with emphasis on education, empowerment and transformation of lives. After a presentation of the foundation, she went ahead to talk about the concept of the pink October. She explained that pink October is a concept used to fight againt breast cancer and also to raise awareness on this illness. She further explained that Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation took it as a duty to organise this seminar in order to help senistise women about these killer cancers and also urge women to use the knowledge acquired during this seminar to educate other women in their communities. The participants asked some questions to know more about the foundation and the founder gave them the various contact information: Facebook and website for more information.

3. The various presentations

The resource person of the day was Mr Nufor Marious (Women’s Health Specialist working with the CBC Health Services, etoug ebe Baptist hoispital). He spoke about breast and cervical cancers. for the sake of understanding, the session was interpreted. Dr Tumasnag Swiri, the founder, explained in French in order for all the participants to get the necessary information concerning the theme of the seminar.

a. Breast cancer

He started his PowerPoint expose with breast cancer, the causes, types, symptoms, risk factors, prevention and treatment methods.

Concerning the causes, the specialist told the women that there was no known cause of breast cancer but that certain cells just start growing abnormally and develop to a cancer. At times before you see the slightest sign of cancer like a little lump, it means the cancer has already spread. Statistics show that in Cameroon every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed of breast cancer and one woman dies of breast cancer every 12 minutes. He explained that the risk factors included early menstruation, late menopause, first pregnancy after 35 years of age, smoking and alcohol, poor nutrition ( fatty , oily, sugary etc), overweight, age, exposure to hormonal therapy, family history, prolonged use of oral contraception for more than 10 years etc. He explained the signs (rash, nipple , change of colour, lumps) and insisted that as soon as a sign is noticed, women should rush to the hospital for diagnosis.

He also explained that to prevent breast cancer we must go in for early screening and do a self-examination of our breast at home, we should also try to live a healthy life and avoid attitudes that predispose us to cancer. He explained the treatments methods available and decried the fact that women come to the hospital at an advanced stage due to ignorance, fear of diagnosis, fear of treatment or delay because they are taking alternative methods of treatments. If breast cancer is detected at the pre-cancerous stage, it is 100% treated. He ended his presentation with a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of BSE (Breast Self-Examination). He also explained that every woman should practice breast self-examination so that as soon as you notice a difference on your breast colour or nipple, it should sound like an alert to you. Some pictures were displaced to demonstrate breast cancer.

b. Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a the only cancer that has a known cause. It is caused by HPV ( Human It is the 4th common cancer in the world and 2nd in Cameroon. 275000 deaths per year with 85% found in developing countries. 2770 new cases a year, with 5 deaths a day. He says the figures are so high because since cervical cancer is painless, women only come to the hospital when there are already signs an it is already late. The route of transmission of the HPV is through sex but other causes are non penetrating sex like romance, oral sex, non sexual such as toilet sits, sharing of under-wears, non washing of hands, non sterilised equipments etc, the HPV can be everywhere. The risk factors include infection with the HPV, having given birth to more than 3 children because your immune system reduces with pregnancies, several sexual partners, persistent infection with HPV, HIV positive or sickle cell or low immune system, smoking, early sexual activity,

After explaining the various types, he explained that CBC has a good service where they carry out HPV tests, a PCR test which is very sensitive and effective in determining your HPV status. The symptoms include vaginal bleeding after intercourse, bleeding between periods, foul odour and vaginal discharge, pelvic pain during intercourse etc. all these signs should trigger a reaction from women. He explained genital warts and also said it was also a condition that greatly affects women. He insisted that upto 93 % of cervical cancers can be prevented. the prevention methods are just the same as preventing the causes of cervical cancers. He talked about the various method to diagnose cervical cancer and insited on the digital cervicography screening. He talked about the HPV vaccines (Gardazil) that are available to young girls (9 to 14) before their 1st sexual intercourse. They have been vaccinating since 2010 and is ongoing right now. Though the cost of these vaccines are very high but at the CBC health services, they are subsidised and given for free. He insisted that regular screening prevents death as when women come with precancer are treated using cryotheraphy and other methods such as cutting the cervix or complete removal of the cervix. At the precancer stage, cervical cancer is 100% treated. So women should go in for regular check ups every two years as from 25 years.

4. Free breast screening

After the educative health talks, the women moved to the nearby room that had been prepared for screening. the specialists did clinical tests on 50 women. 6 suspected cases were recorded and the doctor gave them a rendez vous at the CBC Etoug Ebe Baptist hospital as soon as possible for further medical examinations to ascertain whether it is a breast cancer or not.

5. Question and answer session

After every presentation, room was given to the participants to ask their questions in order for all their doubts to be dissipated. It was a very interactive session as the specialist answered to all their questions.

6. Testimonies and experiences with cancer victims

This session was a very soul touching and heart breaking one with a lot of tears and sorrow in the hall as 8 women recounted their cancer stories. The participants told stories of how their loved ones died of breast, cervical, and lung cancers. these stories moved the hall to tears. There was also a story of a cancer survivor which came in to bring hope to the women. The stories shared were out to raise awareness that cancer is real and therefore the necessity for regular screening in order to avoid getting to the stage of cancer and going through the unbearable pain of chemotherapy.

7. Impressions of the participants

At the end of the day, the impressions of women were sought. The women expressed their satisfaction over the organisation of this seminar. They said a lot was learnt concerning these two cancers and they promised to share the knowledge acquired during this seminar. They encouraged Dr Solange Swiri Tumasang, CEO of Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation to continue organising such seminars and many more to raise awareness and help humanity. 7 participants decided to volunteer with the foundation as they were moved to work for the human cause.

8. Close of the seminar

The seminar ended at 2:30pm with closing remarks from the founder of Dr Tumasnag Swiri Foundation thanking the over 50 women who tppk out time to attend this seminar. She promised to organise other women empowerment programmes in the domains of health awareness as requested by women. Some few minutes were given to women to advertise their products. A family picture was taken to immortalise the moment. Rendez vous was taken for 2023 for another pink October celebration.

9. Appreciation

We will like to extend our gratitude to all those who made this seminar a success

- CBC health services for providing us with the resource persons for the educative health talk and the breast cancer screening

- The promoter of Institut superieure de management et de sciences Technologiques (ISEMT) – madagascar yaounde, for the hall

- The volunteers of the foundation for the logistics

- All the participants for making the session an unteractive one.

10. Pictures of the event

i. Flyers announcing the event

ii. The hall

iii. The ceo/ founder of Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation: Dr Solange Swiri Tumasang

iv. CEO and Resource person

v. The screening hall

vi. the resource person: Mr Numfor Marious

vii. The participants in the hall

viii. The family picture

ix. Question and answer session

x. Cancer stories and experiences

xi. CRTV reporting the seminar (participants impressions)

xii. Social media reports

11. Contact information

To contact Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation for support, partnership and sponsorship, contact us on

Website: https//sites.

Done on the 15th October 2022

Dr Solange Swiri Tumasang

CEO/Founder Dr Tumasang Swiri Foundation

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