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In Britain, residents will be able to find out the level of air pollution in the area before buying a house

British real estate agencies will now provide people ,who wish to purchase housing ,with information on the level of air pollution in a certain area.

The media shared that many Britons bought expensive housing, not knowing that it was located in an area with a high level of pollution. Researchers urge the government to monitor air quality continuously in every residential area.

They also insist on the introduction of stringent restrictions recommended by the World Health Organization, which will help reduce pollution.

According to scientists from the Royal College of Physicians, dirty air kills about 40,000 people a year in the UK.

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Glasgow ready to accept Euro in 2021

This was reported by the press service of the Scottish Football Association.

The organizing committee of the European Championship in Glasgow has confirmed its readiness to held Euro matches in 2021, according to the press service of the Scottish Football Association. The tournament, to be held in 12 cities in 11 European countries, was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in the British media there was information that Scotland could refuse to host Euro 2020 in 2021.

The final announcement of the Euro hosts will take place on May 27. In Glasgow there will be three tournament games in group D and one game of the 1/8 finals.

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Found evidence of the hot bowels of Mars

Scientists claim that a meteorite formed deep beneath the surface of Mars is the first chemical evidence of magma convection (its constant movement) in the mantle layer.

For many years, we thought Mars was dead. A dusty, dry, barren planet where nothing happens. Only the winds blow. However, evidence has recently begun to appear that there is volcanic and geological activity on Mars.

Crystals of olivine (rock-forming mineral) in the Tissint meteorite, which fell to the Earth in 2011, could be formed only at temperature differences of about 574-582 million years ago. And this process can take place on the Red Planet today.

“Previously, there was no evidence of convection on Mars,” explains planetary geologist Nicola Marie of the University of Glasgow. “This is the first study that proves activity in the bowels of Mars from a chemical point of view and using a real Martian sample.”

When Marie and his colleagues began to study olivine crystals in the Tissint meteorite, they discovered something strange: the crystals were distributed unevenly in a piece of rock, forming phosphorus-rich veins. The same veins are found on Earth - a trap of solute. It was unexpected to find them on Mars.

“This happens when the crystal growth rate exceeds the rate at which phosphorus can be evenly distributed throughout the rock, penetrating its crystalline structure,” explained Nicola Marie. Traces of nickel and cobalt have confirmed previous evidence that a piece of rock came from the depths of the Martian crust - from 40 to 80 kilometers below the surface of Mars.

The Martian mantle probably had a temperature of about 1560 degrees Celsius. The Earth’s mantle (1650 degrees Celsius) 2.5-4 million years ago had the same temperature.

This does not mean that Mars is like the early Earth. But this means that Mars could store a lot of heat. “I think Mars can still be volcanically active - the results of the study indicate this,” said Marie. “We may not observe a volcanic eruption on Mars for the next 5 million years, but this does not mean that the planet is inactive. This may mean that the periods between eruptions on Mars and the Earth are different. "

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5 Best Nuru Massage Therapist in Dubai and UAE offers the best Nuru Massage therapist in Dubai and the masseuse are French, Spanish, Russian, Europeans and Indian. WhatsApp +447452250135 for booking

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is a Japanese massage technique that is known for its sensual and intimate nature. It involves the use of a special gel that is made from seaweed, which is applied to the body of the recipient and the masseuse to create a slippery and erotic massage experience.

The word “nuru” is a Japanese word that means “slippery,” and the gel used in nuru massage is known as nuru gel. The gel is made from the seaweed species known as Sphaerotrichia divaricata, which is native to Japan. The gel is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, and has a slippery texture that is similar to that of aloe vera gel.

Nuru massage typically begins with the masseuse applying the nuru gel to her own body, and then using her body to slide and glide over the recipient’s body. The masseuse may use her hands, arms, legs, and other body parts to apply pressure and stimulate the recipient’s erogenous zones. The massage may also include elements of body-to-body contact, as the masseuse may use her own body to massage the recipient.

Nuru massage is often performed in a warm room, with the recipient lying on a waterproof surface such as a vinyl air mattress. The slippery nature of the nuru gel allows for a unique and intimate massage experience, as the recipient is able to feel the full weight and pressure of the masseuse’s body as she glides over him or her.

The Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is known for its sensual and erotic nature, but it can also offer a number of physical and emotional benefits. Some of the potential benefits of nuru massage include:

  1. Relaxation: Nuru massage can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation, as the gentle pressure and sliding motions can help to release tension and promote feelings of calm.
  2. Improved circulation: The pressure applied during nuru massage can help to improve circulation, which can help to promote healing and reduce inflammation.
  3. Enhanced sexual pleasure: Nuru massage is known for its sensual and erotic nature, and can be a powerful tool for enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy between partners.
  4. Increased body awareness: The slippery nature of nuru massage can help to promote awareness of the body and its sensations, which can be a helpful tool for individuals looking to increase their connection to their bodies and enhance their sexual experiences.
  5. Improved skin health: The seaweed used in nuru gel is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can help to nourish and hydrate the skin. This can help to improve the appearance and health of the skin.

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  4. Eden Harper - She is a British Nuru Massage therapist in Dubai offers the services including add-ons.
  5. Vandana Luthra - She is Australian Indian mix Nuru massage therapist in Dubai offers the services including add-ons.

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Your ultimate guide for Erotic Massage in Dubai and UAE.

Searching erotic massage in Dubai? is the best erotic massage therapist in Dubai. WhatsApp +447452250135 for booking.

Erotic massage is a form of sensual massage that involves touching and stimulating various erogenous zones of the body. This type of massage is often performed in a romantic or sexual context, and is intended to enhance arousal and sexual pleasure.

Erotic massage typically involves the use of hands, fingers, and other body parts to stimulate the erogenous zones of the body, such as the genitals, breasts, and buttocks. It may also involve the use of oils, lotions, or other lubricants to enhance the sensations of the massage.

Erotic massage is often performed by a trained professional, such as a licensed massage therapist, or may be performed by a romantic partner. It is important to ensure that the person performing the massage is skilled and experienced, and that both parties have clear communication about boundaries and expectations.

Erotic massage can be a pleasurable and intimate experience for couples, and can enhance sexual connection and intimacy. It may also be used as a form of foreplay or sexual exploration, and can help to increase sexual desire and arousal.

However, it is important to use caution when engaging in erotic massage, as it can also be a potentially risky practice. It is important to ensure that both parties are comfortable and consenting to the activity, and to avoid any activities that may cause pain, discomfort, or injury.

Additionally, it is important to practice safe sex and use appropriate protection during any sexual activity that may involve bodily fluids or genital contact. It is also important to avoid performing erotic massage on areas of the body that may be sensitive or prone to injury, such as the neck, spine, or genitals.

Overall, erotic massage can be a pleasurable and intimate experience when performed safely and consensually.

It is important to communicate openly and clearly with your partner, and to take necessary precautions to ensure safety and prevent injury or discomfort.

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Your ultimate guide for Prostate Massage in Dubai

Searching authentic prostate massage in Dubai? Audrey Segal is the best prostate massage therapist in Dubai. You can book me via WhatsApp +447452250135 or visit my website

Prostate massage is a form of therapy that involves massaging the prostate gland, a walnut-sized gland located just below the bladder in men. The purpose of prostate massage is to help alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of prostate conditions, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostate cancer.

During a prostate massage, a medical professional or trained therapist inserts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum and gently massages the prostate gland. This can help to increase blood flow to the prostate, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Prostate massage can be performed in a clinical setting, but some men prefer to perform it at home. It is important to use caution when performing prostate massage at home, as it can be difficult to reach the prostate gland without proper training or equipment.

Prostate massage can also be performed as a form of sexual stimulation, as the prostate gland is considered to be a male G-spot. This can enhance sexual pleasure and potentially lead to more intense orgasms. However, it is important to use caution when performing prostate massage as a sexual practice, as it can increase the risk of infection and potentially cause injury.

While prostate massage can be beneficial for certain medical conditions, it is not recommended for everyone. Men with acute prostatitis or prostate cancer should avoid prostate massage, as it can potentially worsen their condition. Additionally, men with hemorrhoids, anal fissures, or other rectal conditions should avoid prostate massage, as it can exacerbate these conditions.

Overall, prostate massage can be a helpful therapy for men experiencing certain prostate-related symptoms. It is important to discuss the potential benefits and risks of prostate massage with a medical professional before attempting it, and to seek professional assistance if performing it at home.

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