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R Meet Biography And LifeStyle – Age, Height, Family, Lifestyle

R Meet

Born Place . Alwar, Rajasthan

( India )

Occupation. Singer, Lyricist, Poet

Years Active. ( 2017 )

R Meet Personal Information

  • Father Name. Gurendra Singh
  • Mother Name . Nihal Kaur
  • Real Name. Manmeet Singh
  • Nick Name. Meet
  • Home Town. (Alwar City)
  • Date Of Birth. 18 Sep 2001
  • Nationality . Indian
  • Religion. Sikhism

R Meet Favorites

Food. Sarso Ka Saag

(Makke Ki Roti)

Hobbies . Book Reading, Cycling.

Colors. Blue, Orange.

Favorite Singer . Diljit Dosanjh.

Favorite Actor . Sharad Malhotra, Gautam Vig

R Meet Body Measurement

  • Height. 5 Feet 4 inch
  • Weight. 45Kg
  • Eye Colour. Black
  • Hair Colour. Black

R Meet Music Careers

First Debut Song Is Ma Paas Released Was

( 2017 ) Music By Harper Singh And Singer R Meet.

R Meet’s Song Writing journey started in 2017. He has written songs for many singers till date and has also sung himself.

R Meet Present And Future

  • Car. Present (Now) Datsun Go
  • Future Car. ( Dream). Range rover

Real Life/Reel Life

  • R Meet Real Life. Very Simple
  • R Meet Reel Life. According to Projects

( Career Dream )

R Meet always dreams of becoming a Song Writer and he thought that he has sung songs together. And they did not learn to sing anywhere, but they decide themselves every song, And his songs are also liked by everyone, so far his 8

20 songs have arrived.

R Meet always calls his loved ones his friend and does not use any words for them. (Fans).

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R Meet Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Family, Wiki, Etc

R Meet is an Indian singer, lyricist, and poet. He was born on 18 September 2001 in the Alwar of Rajasthan state

He lives with his family in Alwar Rajasthan. R Meet is from the Alwar, Rajasthan.

R Meet is also the Indian Punjabi Lyricist, Composer, Writer In Punjabi Music

Music Carrer: R Meet has worked on the Singer's work in the Own Songs and Other Work

R Meet is also the Photographer, Editor, and Worked On his own works.


5 Foot 4 Inch

R Meet

Born 18th September 2001 (age 20)

Residence Alwar (Multan Nager)

Occupation Singer/Musician & Lyricist

Years active 2017 - present

Known for being Singer, Lyricist, And Poet.

Religion India


R Meet lives with His Family In Alwar, Multan Nager. R Meet's family with him along with his sister brother and parents, and R Meet's father is a clerk in the city council and his mother is a housewife.

Mother Name - Nihal Kaur

Father Name - Gurendra Singh

Brother - Pushpendra Singh

Sisters - Komal Jeet Kaur , Simran Jeet Kaur

R Meet had a dream to become a Songwriter so he writes his own songs now he writes different types of songs and listens to his fans.

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R Meet Who is Indian Punjabi Singer, Lyricist, Artist and Author.

R Meet Is a Mix of genres, R Meet lyrics are a mix of languages Taste His voice is a mix of cultures

R Meet Is An Indian Punjabi Singer, Lyricist and Poet. R Meet also an entrepreneur, social activist and a motivational speaker,His Real Name is Manmeet Singh

R Meet have been singing for the last 4 years and R Meet have sung in over 20 albums.

R Meet a Punjabi Singer, Lyricist And Poet. R Meet live In India and He love to Sing, Write and Read Poetry.

R Meet is an accomplished Punjabi singer, lyricist and poet. He has been involved in the Indian music industry for over 4 years.

R Meet has worked on the Singer work in the Own Songs

R Meet is also the Photographer, Editor,

Worked On the own works.

R Meet lives with His Family In Alwar Rajasthan (Multan Nager) R Meet's family with him along with his sister, brother and parents, and R Meet's father is a clerk in city council and his mother is housewife

R Meet had a dream to become a Song writer so he writes his own songs And now he writes different types of songs and listens to his fans.

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Sønu: An Inspiring Story of an Independent Rapper

Are you looking for inspiration in today's music industry? Look no further than Sønu, an Indian independent rapper and beat producer.

At only 16 years old, Sønu has already made a name for himself in the rap game. He started out by recording songs on his mobile phone and is now making beats with FL Studio Mobile. His first song "Maa" was dedicated to his mother, which quickly spread across the internet and made him a known figure in hip-hop circles.

Sønu has released eight songs so far, including "Khwahish", "Dhokebaaz", and "Numankin". Even though he comes from a middle-class family, he shows that persistence and determination can take you to places you never imagined. Learning from Sønu's story will help reshape your view of success and failure to create inspiration for your own journey.

Introduction to Sønu & His Music

Meet Sønu, an inspiring independent rapper whose music has been resonating in India and beyond. Born on the 18th of August 2003 in Kolkata, West Bengal, Sønu started his career at the age of 16. Despite hailing from a middle-class family background, Sønu did not let anything stop him from pursuing his dreams and today, he records his own songs on mobile and even produces beats for himself using FL Studio Mobile.

Sønu’s music is both inspirational and relatable. He has released 8 songs so far and his first song “Maa” is dedicated to his mother. You can find other hits like “Khwahish”, “Dhokebaaz” or “Numankin” that are sure to put you in a good mood.

The Beginning of Sønu’s Career

Sønu is a true example of inspiration for budding artists. Born in Kolkata, West Bengal in 2003, he started his independent music career when he was only 16 years old. Sønu is from a middle-class family, and he recorded his songs on a mobile phone. He is also a talented beat producer, and he produces the beats for his songs himself with the help of the FL Studio Mobile app.

So far, Sønu has released 8 songs, with his first one being ‘Maa’ which was dedicated to his mother. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Khwahish’, ‘Dhokebaaz’, and ‘Numankin.’ These catchy hip-hop tracks exemplify Sonu's unique style and passion for creating music independently without any label or promoter behind him.

Turning Struggles Into Success: Sønu’s Story

Sønu's story of turning struggles into success is an inspiring one. Despite hailing from a middle-class family, he has worked hard to become an independent artist, producing everything himself and taking the Indian Hip Hop scene by storm.

At 16 years old, Sønu was already recording music with his mobile phone and producing beats with FL Studio Mobile, inspiring aspiring musicians to focus on creating their own sound with accessible tools.

To date, he has released 8 songs that reflect his identity as an independent artist and touch on relevant themes like ambition, heartbreak and gratitude. From his debut song "Maa", a dedicate to his mother, to popular songs like "Khwahish", "Dhokebaaz" and "Numankin", each track demonstrates Sønu's unique perspective as an artist and provides insight into the life of a rising star.

Creating a Legacy: Sønu’s Songs

Sønu has achieved recognition from his fans in India and beyond for his songs. Most of his songs are about overcoming obstacles and have powerful messages. His song 'Khwahish', for example, speaks about staying strong and following your dreams despite all odds.

The song 'Dhokebaaz' tackles the issue of relationships, encouraging listeners to take control of their lives and not let anyone or anything lead them astray. Sonu's most popular song 'Numankin' also has an inspirational message of hope, creativity, and self-belief.

Each of these tracks has a unique sound and showcases Sønu's talent as a lyricist and producer. His music resonates with a wide range of audiences, regardless of age or background due to its relatable content.

Overcoming Challenges: Producing Music With Mobile

Sønu has come a long way from recording his music on his mobile. With the help of FL Studio Mobile, the young artist is now able to create professional-sounding beats for his songs. Combining this with his natural talent for mixing and mastering, Sonu is able to produce quality music from only a modest setup.

In order to make the most out of what he had, Sonu invested time in learning how to use FL Studio Mobile for beat production and audio mixing. He also spent time reading reviews of available mobile recording apps and learning about the features offered by each one.

Through dedication and hard work, Sonu was able to make quality beats with just his mobile device—without compromising on sound or musicality. His diligence paid off—Sonu’s music has been praised by listeners around the world, proving that you don't need a big budget studio to produce great music.

Becoming a Role Model in the Local Indian Community

At 16 years old, Sønu has already managed to inspire many local Indian youth to pursue their dreams of becoming an artist. After having released several songs, he has begun to gain traction in the local scene and is slowly becoming a role model for those looking to get into music.

Sønu's story mirrors that of many independent artists in India – he had humble beginnings, recording his first songs on a mobile phone in his bedroom and producing beats with FL Studio Mobile. Despite this limitation, his talents have gradually gained recognition with each new song released and has shown aspiring rappers that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

This young boy from Kolkata is undoubtedly an inspiration to those looking for motivation in achieving their goals. His unwavering commitment to pursue music despite limited resources is something that everyone can learn from - it is the mark of true strength, perseverance and passion.


Sønu is an inspiring story of an independent rapper who has achieved success in his career through hard work and dedication. Despite coming from a middle-class family and starting his career at the young age of 16, he has released 8 songs so far and has established himself as a talented beat producer. His first song, "Maa," is dedicated to his mother and other songs like "Khwahish," "Dhokebaaz," and "Numankin" have made a name for him in the industry. Sønu is proof that with the right attitude and ambition, anyone can achieve success regardless of their background.

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