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Allabakash Khan is a musical artist and internet celebrity. He was born on 03th January 2002 ( age 20) in Jaisalmer Rajasthan, India .

  • Allabakash khan, is an Indian Musical artist, songwriter, Singer, Author, EDM Producer, YouTuber, and

He was born on 03rd January 2002 in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan India. He grew up in basanpeer, Glater 

moved to Jaisalmer then later moved to basanpeer Juni Jaisalmer Rajasthan, Rajasthan where he was 

raised by his parents. He attended gsss basanpeer Juni school Jaisalmer (passed class 0-10), High 

School ends his School Life (passed class 11-12). Then He started his new College Life in Government 

sbk College, Jaisalmer (passed graduation in 2021-2022). 

Allabakash Khan started his career at the age of 19(running 2021) in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan as a music 

producer online. He later started releasing his originals on major streaming platforms. He first released 

"later melody allabakash khan" on Spotify in 2022 and then after a few months he released his music on 

many other international platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Anghami Music, 

Musixmatch, Tidal, Resso, Wynk Music, Jana, Hungama, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, YouTube, 

Facebook & Instagram. Allabakash Khan created his popularity & Famously in a concise time with a lot 

of love from people. 

Allabakash Khan is best known for his singles “ later melody allabakash khan", and "love melody" on 

Spotify and other music streaming platforms & his best album is “ Allabakash Khan” with Top Ten 

Music. Example: kesariya allabakash Khan is the first Music in this album & it's recently released on all 

platforms. He created a YouTube channel he uses for music and also to teach, provide tips, guide, and 

help fellow producers & artists fit in the world of Music. 

allabakash khan born in 03/01/2002 basanpeer Jooni, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Their profession is 

photography, music artist, and influence, he started his career in 2018 on Facebook. At a very young 

age. He started working as a photography and music artist now he is much more successful in social 

media. Allabakash khan is an Indian music artist. Allabakash khan released many songs worldwide. He 

started his musical career journey in 2021. Allabakash khan began his career at an early age, with 

official tracks, and later he started remixing official tracks and he released his many songs worldwide. 

Allabakash was born and raised in Jaisalmer Rajasthan where he learned music. None of his family 

members liked music, so he had to practice his singing secretly. 

Allabakash khan, popularly known as allabakash, is an Indian music artist and YouTuber. They were 

introduced to the music industry by launching their first soundtrack, "later melody allabakash khan" on 

SoundCloud.after a few days he released his thirty-plus (30+) soundtrack on various music platforms 

like Spotify, Google plays music, Apple plays music, itunes, Amazon music,jio savan, and many more. 

allabakash Khan has released its soundtracks on foreign music streaming platforms such as Deezer, 

Tidal, and napster. you can also find allabakash khan's music on Instagram and Facebook library. 

Basically, allabakash khan starts his career first as a YouTuber. Sometimes later he enters the field of 

music. Now if you search about allabakash khan on YouTube. Then you will get all the information about 

allabakash khan. YouTube officially verified their YouTube channel as an official artist. YouTube gives 

him a music-verified badge on YouTube. Also, Microsoft bing officially verified allabakash khan it's bing 

search. You will find allabakash khan's knowledge panel on being searched as a YouTube personality

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Collector Namit Mehta instructed the CMHO to ensure proper arrangements for first aid in the areas where dengue and fever patients have been diagnosed. He also directed that they should ban the medical officers and ANMs of the area to ensure immediate arrangements for treatment wherever fever patients are found. Along with this, by conducting awareness program regarding dengue and fever, people should be informed about their goals and measures.

Collector Mehta gave these instructions in the weekly meeting of water, electricity and seasonal diseases held at the Collectorate Auditorium on Monday. In the meeting ADM O.P. Vishnoi, Chief Executive Officer Omprakash, Deputy Commissioner Deputy Investor Devaram Suthar, District Logistics Officer Bharat Bhushan Goyal as well as District Officer were present. He emphasized that the CMHO should get the arrears of Rajshree Yojana and Janani Suraksha Yojna in a state of zero by expeditious payment.

He directed the Commissioner Municipal Council to do fogging in the city for the prevention of mosquitoes, while carrying out a campaign to harvest the acacia. Keeping the Deepawali festival in mind, he emphasized on making the city's sanitation system even better, as well as proper arrangement of roadlight and lights. He also called for decorative lighting on the fort. He also instructed to run the rain shelters smoothly in view of the winter season.

The commissioner informed that fountain operations have been started at the main intersections of the city. The Collector instructed the Superintending Engineer to maintain the drinking water supply in the district and repair the defective hand pumps in time. He took information from the Executive Engineer PWD about the screw work of the roads and instructed to get the screw work done soon and make the list available. He instructed the Superintending Engineer to clean the soil of the skins and miners soon.

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The festival of diwali was celebrated with gaiety at the Gandhi Bal Mandir festival. The students participated enthusiastically in the program. On this occasion, plate decorations, lamp decorations, rangoli and mehndi competition were organized. On this occasion, Phuljariya was lit by young children. All the teachers supported the program.

Principal Anjita Jain thanked everyone and congratulated diwali. Similarly, Deepotsav was organized on Monday at the local KDR public school. Under which the Diya Making Competition was organized among the students. Along with this, a classroom decoration competition was also organized between the three house ground squads, water squads and air squads of the school. The classes were observed by Committee President Kamlesh Changani, Secretary Prem Prakash Bissa and Principal Deepak Vyas.

Gift packets were distributed by the Principal to all the students on the occasion of Deepawali. Competitions were conducted by teacher Mansi Chacha. During this time, teacher Piyush Bisa, Krishnapal Singh, Saurabh Shrimali, teacher Hema Chura were fully supported. Similarly, the Deepotsav was celebrated with joy at the Kremlin Public School run by Santosh Shikshan Sansthan. A diya making competition was organized on the occasion. All the students hugged each other and greeted Deepawali and burst firecrackers. Organization Manager Parmanand Soni thanked the guests and highlighted the importance of Deepotsav.

Similarly, a two-day Deepotsav program was inaugurated at the local St. Paul's School. In which, on the first day, about 32 Rangolis were made in different groups by the students of class VIII to X. Similarly, Diwali festival was celebrated with pomp at the local Little Heart Secondary School. Various competitions were organized on this occasion.

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Reasons For Hunger in India

The main reason for the hunger in oru country is poverty. People don't have money and don't have anyway to earn a livelihood. If they have a regular income then we can find a way to reduce this hunger. If they are able to earn a regular income then they don't need to ask help to others. We should try to make them self sustainable so that they can stand on their own leg. We need to teach them skills that could help them to earn a livelihood. The skills like stitching, craft works etc. This will to enhance their skill and help them to earn a livelihood. By this we can remove the hunger from the stomach of many. After this we need to educate them so that they can earn more and help others like them. By this continues process this will can solve the hunger problem.

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A certificate of origin is an essential Document for export business without Certificate can't export anything commercially.

Suppose you want to do export business or wish to send goods from India to other countries. In that case, you need a Certificate of origin, and this certificate can get from the Southern Gujarat chamber of commerce and industry if you or your business have in the south Gujarat region. In the same way, you can get a certificate from your local chamber of commerce or from the trade promotion council of India.

Certificate of origin can issue locally by two Trade associations.

  1. Chamber of commerce (Southern Gujarat Chamber of commerce and industry, Indian Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Trade promotion council of India

How you can get a certificate of origin from the southern Gujarat chamber of commerce and industry?

SGCCI is authorized by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and the Director General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics vide letter no. 14(1)74EAC dated 14th May 1974 to issue Certificate of Origin in prescribed Format to exporters as per article 11 of the International Convention relating to Customs.

SGCCI has two official branches which are located in Surat one is the Nanpura area nearby Adajan & Ring Road and the other is Sarsana Khajod gam. SGCCI is Always open from Monday to Saturday and the time is 10: 30 am to 07:00 pm.

Requirements of documents for issuance of ‘Certificate of Origin’

In connection with the above subject, you are requested to submit the following relevant documents and complete the formalities compulsorily: -

  1. Applicant (Company/Firm/Proprietor) must have the Membership of the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SGCCI). In case Applicant does not have the Membership, it has to first become the Member and take the Membership No. of SGCCI.
  2. Final Indemnity Bond & Authority Letter for Signing of Certificate of Origin & Export related Documents, every Financial Year duly sealed and signed by you and duly Indemnity Bond notarised. (Seal of Notary and Signature with document registration number.
  3. Covering Letter on your Company’s Letter Head giving details regarding the SGCCI Membership No. and GST Registration No. along with the Govt. GST Certificate while applying for the first time. A Draft Format of Covering Letter is attached herewith for your reference.
  4. Minimum 5 printed copies each of Original Invoices.
  5. One printed copy of the Original Packing List.
  6. Self-certified/attested Xerox copy of Original Bill of Lading, duly stamped by Shipping on Board, in case export by Sea / Original Air Way-bill, in case export by Air / Original L.R. final on Board, in case export by Road Way.
  7. Application for Certificate of Origin (set of 4+1 Application) in the Prescribed Format, duly filled in and signed by you.
  8. Except Certificate of Origin, if you need any other documents, you have to submit self-certified/attested Party’s Email, L/C Conditions, etc., compulsorily.
  9. Rs. _____/- will be charged for one Certificate of Origin. In case you need any other documents like, Packing Price List, Declaration, Free Sale Certificate, etc., and you have to pay Rs. ____/- extra charges for each and every document.

How you can get a Certificate of origin in India online?

· Visit DGFT Portal for online Coo Certificate: https://coo.dgft.gov.in

· Prior Registration on the portal

· Log in with valid credentials

· Select Apply for New Certificate of origin

· Fill in initial mandatory details

· Fill in Details of the Exporter and Importer

· Upload Document Details

· Declaration by the Exporter

· Pay the Government fee and Submit the Application

As per the government rules you can take COO (Certificate of Origin) online and offline.

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શું તમે ફૂડ, અને એગ્રીકલ્ચર સેક્ટરમાં બિઝનેસ કરો છો અને તમારા બિઝનેસને વિસ્તારવા અને વધારવા માંગો છો?

"SGCCI ફેબ્રુઆરી 2023માં સુરત ખાતે ઇન્ટરનેશનલ ફૂડ એન્ડ એગ્રીટેક એક્સ્પોનું આયોજન કરી રહ્યું છે તો ચાલો આ એક્સ્પોમાં ભાગ લઈએ."

For Info: http://www.fatech.sgcci.in

#BookStall_in_Fatech #ParticipateinFoodandAgritech #Join_SGCCI #Become_Member_of_SGCCI