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International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick Pay Tribute to The Queen Elizabeth II

International fashion designer Priyanka Mallick was Designed a Platinum Jubilee crown for The HM The Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee celebration pf of June 2022, she was launched a virtual event on this celebration. She is paying Tribute to The Queen Elizabeth II by design a very beautiful butterfly dress and butterfly Tiara and A beautiful art of The HM The Queen Elizabeth II.

Priyanka Mallick is a member of The Royal family's The Royal Commonwealth Society, The Royal society of Edinburgh, The National literacy Trust of UK, The Royal academy of arts, and The King Charles's Prince Trust.

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Firecrackers with national symbols and images of deities should be banned - Akshay Bhandari

MP, Rajgarh (Dhar). Akshay Bhandari, a youth social worker of Rajgarh (Dhar) city, has demanded a ban on firecrackers with national symbols and images of deities. He also wrote a letter to the Union Home Ministry in which he also sent a photo saying that many such pictures come in firecrackers, many of them are of national symbols, national pride and deities, they should be banned.

Talking to the media, Bhandari said that in the national emblem, the Taj Mahal, Peacock (peacock) and firecrackers with the images of Tiger and other deities should be banned. He had also emailed online so that the matter reached the government, as well as sent this subject through PG portal. In this regard, a reply was received by Jasveer Tiwari, Under Secretary to the Government of India, in which it was said that there is already a provision under IPC section 295-A on this subject.

Bhandari has asked the government through the media why the national symbols, national pride have not been given due respect till date? Has the government limited them only to the national emblem? When the National Pride Prevention Act is applicable to other national symbols, national pride along with the national flag, so that the established national symbols can get proper respect.

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A.S.Sethupathi Comes Out With His First Hindi Book "Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs"

"Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs as per Vastu Shastra in Hindi" is the first Hindi book authored by A.S.Sethupathi. It contains 108 various land areas of beautiful House Plans. This Book covers the home plan design of East, West, North, and South Directions. There are 27 Different land sizes of house plans that are featured in each direction. This book contains 484 sqft to 2400 sqft House Plans. With this book, the CD is attached, inside CD you get 108 House floor plans Images, High-quality PDFs, and Autocad DWG files.

About the Book “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs as per Vastu Shastra“

Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs as per Vastu Shastra Book in Hindi. It contains 108 various land areas of beautiful House Plans. This Book covers the home plan design of East, West, North, and South Directions. There are 27 Different land sizes of house plans that are featured in each direction. This book contains 484 sqft to 2400 sqft House Plans. With this book, the CD is attached, inside CD you get 108 House floor plans Images, High-quality PDFs, and Autocad DWG files. These plans are suitable for any plot, also you can use these plans for your reference too.

In this Book, the available house plans land areas are 22x22 484 sqft, 20x30 600sqft, 30x20 600 sqft, 25x25 625 sqft, 26x26 676 sqft, 20x40 800 sqft, 22x40 880 sqft, 18x50 900 sqft, 30x30 900 sqft, 26x36 936 sqft, 36x26 936 sqft, 24x40 960 sqft, 26x40 1040 sqft, 33x33 1089 sqft, 23x50 1150 sqft, 20x60 1200 sqft, 30x40 1200 sqft, 40x30 1200 sqft, 25x50 1250 sqft, 27x50 1350 sqft, 35x40 1400 sqft,30x50 1500 sqft, 30x60 1800 sqft, 36x50 1800 sqft, 45x45 2025 sqft, 40x60 2400 sqft, 60x40 2400 sqft. These home plans are created as per vastu Shastra principles.

This House plan book is very useful for the people who searching for house plans to build their Dream house, Civil, structural engineers, architects, civil, Architecture, and Interior Design Students. They can keep this book as a reference too. Civil Engineers and Architects can show these plans to their clients as sample house plans. Also, by using this book they can design the best vastu plans.

Many varieties of G+1 House plan ideas are given in this book. In these home plans, pillars are placed in the size 1’6”x9”. Items of Furniture like sofa, Beds, Tv, Toilet, Stove, the washbasin is placed as per vastu. Moreover, the details of where to place the Bore well, Underground water tanks, and Septic tanks are mentioned in some house plans. I hope this book will be more helpful for people all over the world.

For more House Plans check out the website : www.houseplansdaily.com.

About The Author Of “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs”

A.S.Sethupathi is the Author of this Book named “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs”. He is from Anthiyur, Erode district, Tamilnadu, India.

He is the Founder of House Plans Daily Website, Civil, Structural Engineer cum Architect, Blogger, House Plans Creator, YouTuber, Vastu Consultant, Best selling author, Multiple world record holder, and an Awards winning Nonfiction Book Author. He completed B.E.in Civil Engineering (2013) and M. Tech in Structural Engineering (2015) at the Hindustan University, Chennai.

He has been Awarded Twenty plus Awards for his Non-Fiction Books and achievements. He has learned Vastu Shastra by himself. And he learned to make house plans as per Vastu Shastra. Also, he makes blueprints, sections, Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing drawing designs, Elevation drawings, and interior design drawings in both 2D and 3D.

After some research, He knew that many people in this world are looking for house plan design ideas. Hence, he decided to create house plan books as per Vastu Shastra for the people who need house plans to build their dream houses. Now he creates House Floor Plan Designs and publishes them all over the world thru his books and website : https://www.houseplansdaily.com/ .

Moreover, His Books are Available on various Online Platforms. They are Amazon, Flipkart, Notion Press, Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Publishdrive, the pencil app, Kobo, Google Play books, lulu, and more.

He published his books in Tamil, Hindi, and English Languages. Some of his popular and best-selling books are as follows “ House Plans as per vastu Shastra”, “500 Various Sizes of House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “Latest G+1 House Plan Designs”, “Wondrous East Facing 2BHK House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “West Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “Beautiful South Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “North Facing House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra”, “HOUSE PLANS as per Vastu Shastra Part -1”, “HOUSE PLANS as per Vastu Shastra Part -2”, “Small House Plans As Per Vastu Shastra” and so on.

To Find his Books just type his name AS Sethupathi in the Google Search box. In Books Section, you get all of his books. Also, check out his author pages. One of his most popular best-selling book named “House Plans as per Vastu Shastra” will come for sale at “New Delhi World Book Fair “ soon.

About the Book Translator Of “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs”

BHAGYAWATI M is from Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India. She studied B.E Civil Engineering (2013) and M.Tech Structural Engineering (2015) at Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science, Chennai. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science for 5 Years.

She guided several B. Tech and M.Tech projects involve analysis and experimental work related to the construction of buildings. She was also involved in various research projects and published a few papers in Scopus-indexed international journals. She also received a gold medal certificate for the NPTEL online course “Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures” from IIT Kharagpur.

About the Book Publisher Of “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs”

This Hindi book “Modern G+1 Home Plan Designs” was published by INKZOID PUBLICATIONS. It is a UASL(international) & ISO certified independent international publishing chain and community organization along with a mass production house founded by world record holder and celebrity author, Durlav Sarkar.

It is a place of creative people such as a hub of open mic event organizers, dancers, musicians, artists, podcast artists, and photographers by promoting them that is why it is another name for opportunity. They also felicitate people’s true talents through world records and awards. They were also awarded as the best publishing start-up by the West Bengal Government.

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Other News India

Doston Chita Dharti ka Sabse Tej Janwar hai, yah palak jhapakte hi 100 kilometer prati ghante se adhik ki raftar pakad sakta hai

फिर वी ek visheshta inke dusre gunon ko kam kar deti hai,

patla aur halka sharir hone ke Karan hi chita itni Tej दौर pata hai,

kintu yah patla aur halka sharir chita ko Anya badi billiyon ki tulna mein kam shaktishali bhi _ banaa deta hai_ yahi vajah hai ki Chita ko

na chei maarte hue Apne shikar ko teji se todkar pakad to leta hai kintu shikar ko maar dalne ke liye

तो उल्टा चीते की ही जान के लाले पड़ जाते हैं।

या इस वीडियो में यह माता चीता कई दिनों से शिकार की तलाश में थी, सिर्फ यही नहीं बल्कि इसके छोटे बच्चे भी भूख से व्याकुल थे, इसलिए दौड़ लगाती है ।

और एक बड़े बेशक नदीम पाला को पकड़ लेती है इसके छोटे शिकार में अपनी मां की मदद करते दिखाई पड़ रहे हैं !

[ बड़े आकार का नर इंपाला chiyay से अधिक ताकतवर हो सकता है और , सबसे बड़ी बात यह किसके पास अपनी रक्षा के लिए करीब 3 फीट लंबे और भेद होते हैं , चिता पर हमला बोल देता है इस हमले को यह कमजोर , नहीं संभाल पाती काफी दूर तक चीता को घसीटते हुए ले जाता है और इसका एक शिकारी chor kar antata pichay आना पड़ा।

[अभी आप शिकायत नहीं कर पाएगी एक अन्य वीडियो में भी आप एक है काम वाले चिता को देख सकते हैं _ ]

यह भी छोटे गांव को वाली उस्मा धारिता है और इसकी टांग घायल होने का सीधा अर्थ यह है कि अब यह तेजी से नहीं दौड़ पाएगी और शिकार भी नहीं कर पाएगी

मतलब ना सिर्फ यह खुद बल्कि जल्द ही इसके चलते मारे जाएंगे वैसे ही यह चलते मारे जाए किंतु के लिए सबसे बड़ा खतरा शेर होते हैं विचारों को मार डालते हैं ऐसा क्यों होता है।

[email protected]__________________________________________________

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Hunger:-Deficiency Free India: Equal Access to Nutrition!

What is hunger?

According to politics, humanitarian aid, and the social sciences, hunger is the need for a sustained period of nutrients for a person’s physical or financial capabilities to eat enough food.

*Hunger in India* .

India has been facing serious hunger crisis for a long time. As per the Global Hunger Index report 2020 which was released by Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India has slipped down to 101th rank among 116 countries based on three key indicators:-

(i) Prevalence of wasting and stunting among children under 5 years of age

(ii) Child mortality under 5

(iii) The proportion of undernourished in the population.

*Causes of hunger in India.*

✓Failures to invest in agriculture, supporting small farms, to name a few are some of the causes which have stunted the smooth sail of India, a fast-growing economy in the world. The rate of malnutrition is worse in India.

✓Failure of food schemes. A disparity between the real execution of schemes for the greater good of citizens.

✓The inefficient management of food available. According to a report by the United Nations, 40% of the total produce is either lost or wasted.

✓Poverty is one of the most critical factors that contribute to the prevailing hunger crisis in India. The shocking fact remains that two-thirds of the people living in India are poverty-stricken.

*How can we improve?*

India needs a practical multi-dimensional approach to win over the food crisis.

✓Government must ensure that small and marginal farmers can grow more crops in a year.

✓The government should be implemented schemes to reach the lowest strata of uneducated, unaware and unemployed citizens like One Nation, One Ration Card.

✓Last but not least people contribute to provide food to needed people.

Hamri pachan NGO also work on hungry crirs. Volunteer contect with NGO and give own contribution.

*"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."* – _Helen Keller_

So start with Hamari Pahchan NGO to overcome the hungry and make healthy India .


Beant kaur

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