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A Live Session with Dr. Dipal Patel about Mental Health and Parenting

Dr. Dipal Patel, a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who also serves as the Director of the Insight Cell at Parul University, will be the guest on this RJ’s Instagram Live Session. She reveals that the cell looks after the mental health of both the university’s faculty members and students. She was interested in understanding human behaviour since she was in the 8th grade as she has a background in psychology and the military.

During this Live Session, her opinions on several mental health topics were discussed. She began by stating that while there is no major issue, there is less tolerance in the youth today. In her account, she discusses the difficulties that today’s teens and young children experience, including test anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, depression, and other mental illnesses. She emphasises the need to avoid excessive societal pressure when it comes to school and board exams. She advises parents to turn studying into a fun process rather than a chore or liability. She discussed the artificial pressure that parents put on their children as part of her parenting advice. She advises parents to be on the side of the kids, listen intently, encourage them in every circumstance, and let go a little.

She added that 70% of the students that visit her use drugs as a way to escape reality and the harsh outside world. She advises parents to participate in their children’s enjoyment so that they won’t need to find ways to get away from the cruel world. Confidential and respectful communication with their children offers them confidence that you are there to support them and won’t make things worse. She claims that rather than the students, the parents need to adapt.

She advises the pupils to learn to appreciate the moment in order to live in the moment.She wants children to develop self-confidence and to accept themselves for who they are.

She wants children to develop self-confidence and to accept themselves for who they are. She emphasises how teaching life lessons is more crucial than competitive battles over grades. In contrast to having a healthy brain, being envious of your friends’ achievements will only make them depressed.

Instead of worrying about anything, she encourages everyone to unwind and enjoy life.

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The Major Issue of Period Poverty

Periods are the most natural process to occur for a woman. Why is it that there is copious amounts of stigma around this topic? How is there no shame when a man is tinkling on the side of the road but so much so when a woman is on her period? This cruel phenomena is a major problem in our country. It is high time the stigma, shame and silence is ended.

Menstruation indicates a capable female reproductive system; a simple bleeding from the vagina that occurs once a month; it is a natural thing and must be treated as such.

Manier times, women in rural areas completely disregard periods. These underprivileged girls are stripped of their education because of lack of access to hygiene products; 4-6 days a month can amounts up to 40+ days in the long run! How insane is that.

As a substitute, they end up using a variety of unhygienic alternatives. They include filthy rags, dirt, leaves, and even rocks. This increases their chances of vaginal infections and other serious reproductive issues in the long run. Women in the same age group with no schooling are almost 6 times more likely to use an unhygienic method.

More than 20 million girls drop out of school annually, due to a lack of proper period care, which includes a variety of products ranging from pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

This is due to a variety of reasons, including cultural taboos & social stigmas, lack of proper access to menstrual hygiene products, and insufficient knowledge on this subject. Such stigmas and taboos go back hundreds of years in history. From religious texts to seemingly harmless jokes, it is time we put this to an end.

Hamari Pahchan NGO is to provide period products and education to women and girls in Delhi. The primary objective of Project SUKHAD is to provide every menstruator with access to safe and healthy periods. To further aid this cause, this NGO provides Sukhad kits (menstrual kits) and educates these women on topics regarding menstrual hygiene, and creates awareness to annihilate the taboo & stigma related to menstruation. They even spread knowledge to women and girls about proper menstrual health and hygiene, because the realize the importance of the dual aspects which are healthcare and education.

Their plan of action is multi-faceted. They regularly distribute sanitary pads at distribution drives. They design and implement innovative projects for provision of access to period products. And, they frequently hold informative workshops with renowned gynecologists.

One Sukhad kit costs INR 1400 and it includes 24 packets of pads, 6 soaps, 1 sanitizer, 1 disinfectant, 60-80 Disposal Envelopes. These kits can completely transform the lives of underprivileged girls and women.

To conclude, I believe that it is primary for the social stigma and cultural taboos around periods needs to be stopped. Hamari Pahchan NGO and other forms of crowdfunding are essential in helping aid the bloody wounds caused by this problem.

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