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103.5 Dawn FM

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You’ve been in the dark for way too long

It’s time to walk into the light

And accept your fate with open arms

Scared? Don’t worry

We’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you

Through this painless transition

But what’s the rush?

Just relax and enjoy another hour of commercial free yourself music on 103.5

Dawn FM

Stay tuned.

In the early morning of January 7th ’22, the globe woke up to the releasing of The Weeknd’s 5th studio album, Dawn FM. The Canadian pop star performed the breathtaking album to an audience and to streamers on Twitch, with a purple theme, him as a DJ standing in the center of a neon lit deck platform. His iconic black suit and the bizarre aged face mask that appears on his album cover were also part of the spectacle he put on.

In an interview Abel had with Billboard last November regarding the album, he explained that he imagines the album like the listener is dead, stuck in a purgatory state, waiting to get to the other side (heaven or afterlife). “So it could feel celebratory, could feel bleak, however you want to make it feel, but that’s the dawn for me.”

The sensation of being in purgatory state could stem from Abel being in a good place, as his past album The Highlights I feel described him transitioning from heart break that he projects on his After Hours album.

What’s fascinating about the album is its retro sounds brought to the modern age infused with pop beats and psychedelic effects. We got a taste of this new age sound on his hit tune Blinding Lights from The Highlights album.

“The Weeknd knows no bounds… The hooks hit hard, and the production is full of surprises, of unexpected combinations of disparate ideas and collaborators”



Emani 22 passes at 22

It is sourced that RnB artist Emani 22 has died at the age of 22.

In a statement to People, J. Maine, Emani 22's producer said: "Emani 22 was a wonderful individual that literally brightened up any room she was in. I worked on music with her, and helped her put together her last project which was The Color Red. The way we worked together was effortless, we just understood each other. It hurts so bad to know that the last time I saw her was the last time I'd ever see her again."

In 2020 she released her EP 'The Colour Red' and her most-streamed song on Spotify was "Feelings." She collaborated with Trippie Redd on two occasions, for "Emani's Interlude" and "Fire Starter."

RnB will forever remember her name.


The Wizrdd

Realeboha Jobo

Future – Crushed up (music video)

“I will never stop, never stop. Keep goin’, keep goin’. Oh yeah ...”

Nayvadius Wilburn – Never stop (intro).

  • Diamond rings, fast cars & bad b!*#hes

Does the subtopic ring a bell? One of the reasons people listen to the music is of the rawness of the lyrics. The rawness in which the rapper lives his life and is unashamed to sing out the lyrics in a song. Anything done boldly and with a touch of charisma is sure to spike people’s interest.

For downtime the thirty six year old rapper enjoys going to beaches for lunch or sometimes dinner. On a yacht named the Harley G. (costing $15,000,000 m), Future is in one of the

private rooms cruising through the Pacific Ocean enjoying the best of life. Rocking on leather Rhacher pants, Prada shirt, Gucci glasses and black Rick Owens sneakers, being in the studio daily can afford him the expensive life he’s living. Collaborating with big names in the industry like Juice Wrld (R.I.P), Metro Booming, Drake, DJ Khalid and many more, has given him the lable one of Hip Hop’s hit makers.

  • Rhacher pants ($2,575/LSL 36,050)
  • Prada shirt ($2,975/LSL41,650)
  • Gucci glasses (+- $560/LSL7,840)
  • Rick Owens sneakers (+- $474.81/LSL6,647.34)
  • Totaling to +- $6,584.81/LSL92,187.34

  • The trenches

“Made it out the trenches, it got harder for my nig…, i just wanna see my dawgs ball, seven figures.

Imagine being raised around crack heads and knowing nothing else that can fill your tummy with food except running dope in the streets, this was the early life of Nayvadius Wilburn famously known as Future. Raised in Atlanta Georgia, he dropped out of senior high and one time got shot in his hand which made him reckfuly rethink his life and try to better himself.

Redirecting his life now to music he linked with his cousin Rico Wade (producer), which later got him working with legendary Atlanta hip hop group The Dungeon Family.

  • Happily ever after

“…He records everywhere he goes, he can do a show, he in the studio. He can wake up in the afternoon, the morning, he in the studio. He can be on a private jet doin’ three shows a day, he still goin’ in that studio, HE DON’ STOP.” DJ Khalid (Producer).

Talking about his upcoming album life is good, Future explains that whatever is going on good or bad, life is good, but life is precious.

“With me, I want to send a positive message through hard times for me or anyone else. Just always have that saying ‘life is good’ and you can always reflect back on it. You know, cheer yourself up and put yourself in a better mood.” Future on XXL magazine.