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Kwankwaso slams Ganduje for the dethronement of Sanusi II

Rabiu Kwankwaso, the man who served eight years as the People's Democratic Party''s (PDP) governor of Kano State has returned to public eye. This time around, he is pointing his fingers at his successor and incumbent All Progressives Congress' (APC) governor of Kano, Umar Ganduje, for the dethronement of Emir Sanusi II.

Sanusi II, a unique figure and a vocal critic, was appointed as the Emir of Kano back in 2014 by then Governor Kwankwaso after the former Emir, Muhammad Sanusi I, passed away. His enthronement came at the time when he had just been sacked as the Central Bank's governor by then President Jonathan.

After Kwankwaso was succeeded by Ganduje in 2015, Sanusi became critical of his government's and the APC's policies.

Sanusi II was suddenly deposed from his position as Emir of Kano in March of 2019 by Governor Ganduje on the basis that he showed "total disrespect" to the Kano State government.

Kwankwaso, in a statement signed by his Principal Private Secretary, Muhammad Ali, on Tuesday said Ganduje couldn't stand the influence of Sanusi II, as such found a way to get rid of him.

The statement reads in part:

"We know that Ganduje always feels diminished and inferior in the presence of the Emir, and we know that Gov Ganduje harbors a pathological hatred for the Kano Traditional Institution, that was why he had to dethroned him.”

“We also know that Ganduje was madly obsessed with reversing everything that Sen. Kwankwaso did in the state. And we are aware, for these reasons, Gov. Ganduje was set, ab initio, to destroy the Kano Emirate. And Emir Sanusi II was marked to be the first victim."

He also pointed out how Sanusi II was deposed, saying he was "abducted and illegally dethroned by Gov. Ganduje and his cohorts."


Opinion: What You Should Know Before Blaming Buhari For Visiting His Farm And Not Abducted Students

The news of the abduction case of students being kidnapped from school grounds has been evenly spread across the country, and thus a lot of fellow students, teachers and parents have become overly concerned over the state of health and condition of these kidnapped students, placing great faiths in the government to provide a solution to this case as soon as possible.

However, the lack of results after the government had reacted to the update, had made a lot of people believe that the government is turning a blind eye to the incident, which is probably not the case.

Based on the reports from verified sources, the abductors made an appearance at the school's premises at an ungodly hour of 11:00pm on Friday, shooting sporadically in the night to create the necessary panic in order to scare the students.

After this exchange, a lot of students from the Government Boys Science Secondary School in Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina, had been kidnapped, leaving others in the school premises.

According to "ThisDayLive", the security personnel in the area responded to the raid on the students, even though the response was slow, the operatives were able to exchange shots with the abductors and therefore rescue some students.

However, what had captured the attention of Nigerians most is the action of president Muhammad Buhari the next morning after the abduction case, because at 6:00am in the morning, the President made a visit to his farm in Daura.

This made Twitter users launch severely criticism on the president, blaming him for being in the state when the abduction happened, and yet not visiting the students the next morning after the incident.

But before more criticisms are rained on the President, has anyone stopped to consider the tasks of a President, and how possible it is that the reports had not reached him before he set out to visit his farm?

Mr Garba Shehu had revealed to the correspondents of "PremiumTimeNg", that after their arrival in the state, the President visited his farm without knowledge of the kidnapping that happened the night before.

Thus, the president need not be blamed for visiting his farm, instead Nigerians should be eager to know how the President, after hearing the news will deal with the situation and ensure that the boys are returned to their schools.

Chibok, Dapchi, Buni Yadi... And We can only hope and pray that the Kankara student kidnapping will not end up joining this list of abductions that were never unraveled.


Mother sells baby to childless couple so she can buy sweets

Police in Russia are now investigating a mother who sold her newborn baby to a couple for £250.

Police say the woman, Chechena, 30, was arrested after childcare services became suspicious about the baby's whereabouts.

She told the police that she needed the money to "buy sweets and clothes" for her other three children.

Chechena gave birth at a maternity hospital in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

"When I gave birth to a son, my maternal instincts appeared. Before we were discharged from the hospital, I breastfed him myself,” Chechena said.

But after giving birth, she proceeded to selling her baby to a couple she said she met on Facebook.

A midwife at the hospital was said to have given the baby to a man, whom she thought was Chechena's husband.

The couple agreed to pay her £250 but she said she didn't receive the money until during Summer.

"In the summer they transferred me the money to my bank card, like a lump sum. I used it to buy sweets and clothes for the children," Chechena said.

Authorities say the couple have been arrested and the baby is now in the care of social services.

Chechena has also been put in house arrest in order to take care of her other children.


Nigeria afropop upcoming artist known as ALEX DOLLARS set to drop two (2) amazing fresh jam featuring with the Afrovibes artist YO VIBEZ.

ALEXDOLLARS has set to take is fans on amapiano level title Flex To Flex featuring the afrovibes artist YO VIBEZ .

The 2nd jam title PROPHET was a big motivational song especially on our lifestyle how brother treat brother.

Keep anticipate for the 2 songs.



EndLooting, Enough is Enough: Stop the Looting of Public Funds in Nigeria!

Nigeria ranked 145th out of 180 countries in the 2023 Corruption Perception Index, with a score of only 25%.

This means the public perception of corruption in our government is alarmingly high, and it's impacting all of us.

Elected and appointed officials are supposed to serve the people, not themselves. Yet, we see looting of public funds, financial indiscipline, and misappropriation happening right before our eyes.


  • Hospitals lacking basic equipment while legislators cruise in N160 million SUVs.
  • Teachers struggling to make ends meet while public officials pocket unrealistic salaries and allowances.
  • Infrastructure crumbling while funds meant for development disappear into private pockets.

20 most corrupt Nigerians

This blatant disregard for the people's well-being is stealing our future. It's impeding development, eroding trust, and deepening inequality.

We can't stay silent anymore!

Here's what we can do:

  • Speak out! Share this message, raise your voice on social media, and demand accountability.
  • Report corruption! Transparency International provides a platform to anonymously report suspected cases:
  • Hold your elected officials accountable! Ask them tough questions, demand transparency, and vote for candidates who prioritize integrity.

Together, we can fight corruption and build a better Nigeria. It's time to reclaim our resources and our future!Spread awareness, share this message, and let's make a difference!

Let's work together to create a more transparent and accountable Nigeria!

#StopTheLooting #EndCorruption #Nigeria #DemandAccountability