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New Zealand authorities on Tuesday announced the country's return to a tough lockdown, after the first case of local coronavirus infection was detected for the first time in six months.

Several cases of infection are recorded in the country every day, but so far, recently, all of them have been detected in people who have arrived from abroad. Now the virus has been identified in a nurse at a nursing home in Oakland. Nine more cases of infection were announced on Wednesday.

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University of Otago and UK researchers have developed a world-first weight-loss device to help fight the global obesity epidemic.

DentalSlim Diet Control is an intra-oral device fitted by a dental professional to the upper and lower back teeth. It uses magnetic devices with unique custom-manufactured locking bolts. It allows the wearer to open their mouths only about 2mm, restricting them to a liquid diet, but it allows free speech and doesn’t restrict breathing.

Participants in a Dunedin-based trial lost an average of 6.36kg in two weeks and were motivated to continue with their weight loss journey.

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