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Let's fight against turbulence and embarrassment!

We, people, are so sympathetic rather than being empathetic people means; we feel only sorry for every worst situation, we feel only pain and just literally share our pains making the worst situation even more painful and miserable, we have only sense of pity, not compassion, compassion does mean taking an action following commiseration, we have only feelings, not initiatives, dreams, not actions.

Empathetic pain (empathy) does mean feel sorry for and get initiatives, take pity and action simultaneously to solace and succor to appease someone's sorrow and self-deception! Don't exercise only verbal compassion, verbal succor, and verbal consolation. Be proactive and assertive! Just like this, we have desperation, not inspiration; we don't get inspired by others, our fellows, our acquaintances, our bosses, our sponsors, our compatriots having more pelf or power, influence or opulence because it is all only for their status symbol, it's their privilege, it's for their limelight, sophistication, ostentation, and luxuries which enhances only their standard of living not quality of living; in return, we get nothing more but avarice, envy, jealousy, malice, grudge, rancor, sense of self-pity, frustration, and sense of deprivation which leads our society to nothing but desperation and temptation; resultantly, society gets prone to inequity, injustice, disruption, misery, discontent, and chaos! People tend to become chaotic to feel deprived and forsaken, they begin to get frustrated and desperate inimical to rather getting inspired and motivated.

You can take glaring examples of the dedicated world, i.e Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, founders of Amazon, F.B. Apple, Alibaba, Google, etc. they think win-win believing in core values of altruism, humanity, philanthropy, empathy, integrity, generosity and charity having meaningful and purposeful life is the pioneers, tycoons and the torchbearer of the digital civilization! They believe in sincere returning! They transform their people, people get inspired by reading them, visiting them, listening to them, people become their followers! They practice trust, collaboration, synergy, and entrepreneurship, whereas we tread on against the laws of nature going against the grass having scarcity mentality, misanthropic thinking, fixed mindset, egoistic & pessimistic approach in almost every situation of life. This is commonly why our society creating chaos making people poorer from the poor and richer from the rich leaving behind only desperation and doldrum, inequity and frustration, retaliation and revenge that is not only causing embarrassment & disorientation here but will also become devastation and humiliation on the Doomsday the Day of the Judgment and Reckoning.

Summing up, what we need indeed is to have transforming leadership anyhow somehow as a prerequisite not to blindly follow bandwagon, herd of scoundrels and hooligans so that people could be developed and taught meaningful life, youth could be instilled with worth and values for the sake of better tomorrow free from suicides and miseries, adversity and injustice, inequity and oppression as an unprecedented gift for our young generations...

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