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The current state of Islam Written by Azhar Iqbal Mughal

Every country and each spot has its own specific manner of life. In perspective on its lifestyle on the planet, it is perceived what the customs of the people of this country are, their business and their religion. Some part of the lifestyle of this state is that we are Pakistani. If we move to another country, people will see our affinities that it is Pakistani since some spot in us, there will be something in us that shows that this individual is somebody. Having a spot with the spot, by and by the lifestyle of the West is something other than what's expected, the people living in the north are encountering their own specific way. Comparative religion and culture are significantly related. Since every nation lives on its own subject by its religion. Religion is huge in human life. If an individual changes a religion, by then he fathoms that he needs to change his lifestyle, regardless that religion It can't be totally practiced as things which are unlawful in Islam are halal in various religions. If an individual recognizes Islam, then he needs to devour his time on earth according to Islam. The things that preclude Islam ought to be avoided. At precisely that point he is an authentic Muslim as are various religions. If one changes his religion,

he needs to follow a comparable religion and totally organize himself into this arrangement. The area wherein we are living today is incredibly out of date and is an immense number of years old. People having a spot with religions are neighborhood, yet brutes are the most settled and indigenous tenants of this locale, who have been following the strategies for their antecedents for a significant long time, the best instance of which is up 'til now found today in India. In Pakistan's lifestyle, various things are the equal and extremely remarkable, which is the explanation when Islam brought about these current conditions district in 712, it had a substitute concealing. Regardless, numerous people around here recognized Islam incredibly brisk, they realized that what they were doing wasn't right and Islam was spreading in gigantic numbers around at that point, Islam was spreading rapidly yet the change was preposterous properly. Around that point, there was an absence of specialists in this way that early guidance couldn't be offered in light of which there was no improvement around at that point. Coins made Pakistan an alternate country on the reason that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations. There is a complexity between our lifestyle and religion. They need an alternate country where a wide scope of chance. Whether or not Muslims living in Pakistan are investigated today, there are a lot of things that have been a bit of the lifestyle of our begetters and are a bit of our lifestyle. Regardless, we have not totally constrained Islam on ourselves. We have made today the functions that we got from our more established people. We have made them part of Islam, which isn't right. These things may end up being a bit of our lifestyle. Islam can never be a bit of it, so we need to take the edge of these old

traditions and subject ourselves to Islam and not to these functions. We should become hostages to whom Islam cautiously blocks. We, authentic Muslims, can end up being such power and can oversee such enemy segments. We are still prisoners to these old and purposeless services and made them part of Islam. As there is no comprehension of fairs in Islam, really, in case bit of the lifestyle is called, by then it would not be correct. There was no practical wellspring of redirection in the period. There were no media like today. The market detests today. Fairs are made for the delight out of the people, where people from far off areas abroad look into the festival in the wake of working all throughout the whole year. It was the best source and from the festival, people got what was not open in the market and the fairs held a lot of fun and exciting competitions for the youthful. In obsolete events sensible was the best wellspring of beguilement yet today we Muslims have made the festivals a bit of Islam, anyway have started open polytheism. Moreover, all the functions of weddings that Islam denies have gotten so imparted in us today that there is nothing dreadful about it. Additionally, appreciate participating in these offenses,

we have to modify ourselves to a comparable Islam and Vedas ought to discard these customs and the people who make changes to Islam in the coming days will consistently be thankful that they have to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah, envisioning that what we are doing today is allowed. Whether or not Islam gives or not considering this deadness of our own, various advancements in Islam have quite recently started. In case they are not ended in time, then Islam could be at genuine hazard. In like manner, each individual needs to change himself. Expelling the frauds of Islam is the conflict of being an authentic Muslim. The life of Hazrat Muhammad (concordance show up) is a perfect model for us Muslims. It is simply to follow and not to bend the certifiable area of Islam by extending Islam from ourselves. At precisely that point would we have the option to join as a Muslim wax and weaken the adversary's points. Today much idea is required. Before we do this, if we know a smidgen about the way that whether or not Islam is allowed to do this, we won't get sin by doing it, by then achieve the work that we do today. Are picking up remunerations or expanding

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The curse of intoxication


Today, where Pakistan is encountering various issues, there is a troublesome issue with drugs that have kept most of the youngsters over it. Subjugation is a censure that has driven the more young age into the remote expanse of ​​destruction. It is particularly difficult to get out, which is the standard explanation that unlawful medication use can't end aside from if the establishment of road drug specialists. Road drug specialists should be made an engraving so no one can spread the dangerous substance in the individuals to come. There are unlimited adolescents in Pakistan who have lost their lives. Reliance is a censure that conveys regard to a person. Individuals abuse themselves just to intoxication and drive themselves into the shadowiness of everlasting humiliation and disfavor. There are various adolescents whom I for one I understand they are soliciting in the wake of being caught for illegal medication use. Home product has been sold, sisters are scaled down to drugs. There are various youths who are shocking to see. They surrendered their lives and became bums. Dropped his place in the open eye. Obsession is such a castigate, that even an overall population subject to a prescription addict sees it with disdain. These dull pennants are filling the veins of the more energetic age consistently into the expanse of ​​humiliation. Drugs are a berate that is transforming into a danger to society and the governing body must put forth a strong attempt to hinder it. Moreover, by getting rid of the enormous fish that should

convey them to their end, we should support the organization at the present time. Today Pakistan is far from going up against issues like dread based persecution, anyway these prescriptions are what our young age gives. By driving our new age into the lack of clarity of wretchedness and demolition everlastingly, these people are more dangerous than mental aggressors. Moreover, the enemy of the nation. Such people should be rebuked for general execution since it is an indefensible bad behavior in which enormous people are incorporated. Such people should be repelled for death. Today, every street in every street is reliant on energetic drugs. Up until this point, informational establishments are not immune to this incessant medication use. Reliance has spread like fire in a Pakistani nation. In case this fire isn't cooled, by then the whole country could be immersed right now nowadays sedate use is ending up being prevalent everywhere. Youngsters and young fellows use drugs. Has become a side enthusiasm also. Various women have been reliant on addictions for their whole lives, and the streets are transforming into a sign of disrespect. Everybody looks with sickening, countless them are women from great families. A propensity isn't life, passing can be butchered, people can not live and become cure addicts. He continues to fail miserably alive considering the way that that individual just gets reliant on drugs. Family, watchmen are totally needy, they are separated from their own, so gathering doesn't attempt to banter with a person. A comparable person who lives in a joke doesn't convey one to his distinguishes. The oversight hurls him into one genuine ceaseless hellfire that makes it difficult to get away, considering the way that a lot after medical treatment, he again falls heavily influenced by the people who make him subordinate once more. The addict gets away from the lowland again, and his addicts again drive him into this outwardly weakened well. Finally, destruction can give such an individual an open door from all thought consistently, or else such foes of humankind radiate an impression of being productive in their inspiration


Whatever degree will they continue playing with our lives and we will keep seeing the area of the display, the youngsters of any country and nation are the important asset of this nation. That is the explanation the youngsters of Pakistan are our significant capital which we are spending on drugs. If it isn't stopped, by then one day it will happen that we will lose everything, by then we will have just a handshake. About 5% of the people in Pakistan are the people who discard unlawful medication use after treatment. The clarification behind this is in Pakistan people, all things considered, don't have that much care. We need to take care of the youngsters of this nation. These youths, who are our significant assets, are our future. They should be removed from this swamp. As a reliable inhabitant, it is our commitment to refine the addictions of drug addicts rather than attack them. Mix the core of the people who are snoozing on the lap of intoxication. Participate in jihad against drugs so the youngsters of our nation can discard this scold. The people who are passing on the medicine like upbraid into the veins of the pre-adult ought to report war against them and with an affirmation to bring the completion of the oddball who is enemies of Pakistan and the people impacted by the drug. They have to focus on bringing them out of this stunning dimness into the light. The whole of this is possible just if we are made plans to convey such threatening people to their end so our coming tomorrow will be satisfactory if we have our own today. If you endeavor to make incredible, tomorrow will be satisfactory. As an individual sows a collect that produces as extraordinary a result as it does, it makes a huge amount of thought and moves to save Pakistan's future. Can come

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Increased incidence of domestic workers violence

Created by Azhar Iqbal Mughal

Pakistan is considered as a piece of the backward countries. Additionally, progressively common masses. That is the explanation such an enormous number of local people move to the urban territories considering the way that the towns have poor livelihoods. In the urban networks, they face various issues, the most huge of which is There is an issue with housing. The whole family goes to work to deal with this issue or by reaching a job in a well off the house, they deal with this issue considering the way that most by far of the huge men have made worker quarters at home. Are used to live for the employees. Or then again, the people of the town take their little adolescents from the owners and hand them over to them. A couple of owners would have been commonly great.

Agents win the hearts of laborers because of their incredible mindset. Regardless, a couple of managers are so one-sided and crazy that they censure agents just like the beat and take on several things. People from the town who are starting at now pulverizing intensely in destitution plants who have no pieces of clothing to eat without sustenance much of the time become the father of such adolescents. Being a newborn child is incredibly difficult for the mother to breastfeed the adolescents. All mothers and kids collaborate to meet the father's impulse. They get their stomachs also. That is the explanation these people are so compelled and attentively accustomed with each denouncing of these nobles, and inconspicuously take on a wide scope of abuse. Or then again various moms. Fathers keep their tongues shut for money, since what Adonis gatekeepers have taken he can't return or talk, even an enormous number of the rich youngsters or aristocrats themselves regard the offspring of their agents. Games go on, yet those trapped in the lowland of desperation are quieted like a dead animal. They bear the best loss of this chip. Astonish people of pride have now begun to execute the posterity of these agents. Various scenes of violence are happening. In which 10-year-old youngster Tayyabah was presented to genuine ruthlessness at an adjudicator's home in Islamabad. Additionally, in 2002, a youngster named Samiya was tormented in Faisalabad. Property Dealer worked with Property Dealer's sisters and mother used to kill Samiya with sharp edges. In Lahore, a Muslim head executed a young woman named Atiya and a 16-year-old adolescent named Tahir, which incited the death of Tahir. Furthermore, in Bahawalpur, 8-year-old Shamim who was tormented by Mian Yunus. Sana 10-year-old owner in Karachi

A 10-year-old youngster named Khadija was tormented in Multan Shalimar Town after she escaped. The couple tormented Saadia, a 10-year-old laborer in Lahore, as well. For a brief, it includes stress that sanctioning has been set up to prevent this anyway it must be cautiously maintained, else it is a wild animal as individuals whose shapes resemble those of disciples yet this wild beast in Karta. Are moreover vanquished by human educators on human rights. You have to reveal the savage man who is furiously tormenting legit laborers and playing with irreproachable animals. A little kid who is hardly 10 to 15 years old is going to grow in his day. The baby is snoozing in the shaft manufacturing plant during the day. This newborn child also has a couple of feelings since God made each and every individual an equalization that an authority engineer has set in a comparative laborer if a rich person. If a man has his needs, a poor man is also a hostage to needs. The rich's wants are fulfilled. The poor holds his needs under his impact, yet B needs of needy individuals man are poor over it incite to pernicious. This is the explanation at times poor delegates get taken, nonetheless, the control isn't to kill her or evacuate her if a child has been broken or she has not practiced any work time. Be it furiously tormented or executed, Allah made everyone free. No one is a slave. Every individual fulfills his needs with another person. This is the course of action of giving. There is no suitable for an astonishing to torment the fragile to end the life of a weak one. Must consider, by then take a go to catch poor hate the rich guy. Ju called people to welcome their lives into violence on poor specialists

Such people should not be rebuked. Those NGOs working on human rights, which have a name wherever all through the world, have scrutinized such countless mind-boggling stories that no one has achieved more than them on their language on occasions rebuking such ruthlessness. So the slugs may not be explained, various colossal stays are closed on such occasions. Private laborers need to talk all the more boisterously against the judgment of violence. Morning shows talk about each point today, yet not a lot of have seen any typical program being cultivated for exemplary agents, including their Of rights

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Universe is expanding faster than '"SPEED OF LIGHT '" (THE END IS COMING)

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*ڈیپ فیک ٹیکنالوجی*

*تحریر:سیفی ملک*

فحاشی آج کے دور کا ایک بڑھتا ہوا مسئلہ ہے۔ یہ ایک ایسی بیماری بن چکی ہے جو نئ نسل کی سوچ کو متاثر کر رہی ہے۔ اس سے اعصابی نظام میں خلل پڑ رہا ہے اور درجنوں بیماریاں وجود میں آرہی ہیں ۔ فحاشی آپ کے جسم کے ساتھ ساتھ آپ کی روح کو بھی متاثر کرتی ہے۔ اسلام میں بدفعلی ایک عظیم گناہ ہے اور اس کی سخت سزا مقرر کی گئی ہے۔ فحاشی پھیلانے میں سب سے بڑا کردار انٹرنیٹ اور موبائل فون کا ہے۔ یہ سچ ہے کہ گوگل سے دنیا بہت فائدہ اٹھا رہی ہے۔ مگر یہی گوگل دنیا میں فحاشی جیسے بیسیوں غلیظ ترین کاموں کو نئ نسل میں ابھار رہا ہے فحش انڈسٹری میں کام کرنے والے زیادہ تر لوگ بے روز گار طبقے سے وابستہ ہو سکتے ہیں۔

جن کو کام نہیں ملا اور وہ اس قابل نفرت دهنده پر لگ گئے۔ ڈیپ فیک ٹیکنالوجی بھی اسی فحاشی کی ایک قسم ہے۔ یہ ایک ایسی ٹیکنالوجی ہے جو آپ کی شکل یعنی چہرے کو سکین کر کے کسی بھی فحش ویڈیو میں لگا سکتی ہے۔ اس کے ساتھ ساتھ یہ چہرے کے تاثرات کو ویڈیو کے مطابق بدل بھی سکتی ہے۔ اس ٹیکنالوجی کو استعمال کر کے کئ نامور شخصیات کی فیک فحش ویڈیوز بھی بنائ جا

چکی ہیں۔

جنیٹک ایڈور سیریل ٹیکنالوجی ڈیپ فیک ٹیکنالوجی میں استعمال ہونے والا اصل آلہ ہے جو چہرے کے ساتھ ساتھ اس کے تاثرات کی بھی نقل اتار سکتا ہے۔ بات اگر سیدھے الفاظ میں کہی جائے تو یہ سادہ لوح یا شریف آدمی کو بدنام کرنے کی ایک سوچی سمجھی سازش ہے۔ انسان کو اپنی جان سے پیاری اپنی عزت ہوتی ہے۔ عزت کے بغیرانسان کا کچھ باقی نہیں رہتا۔ اس ٹیکنالوجی میں زیادہ تر عورت کو نشانہ بنایا گیا ہے۔

سیکڑوں مردوں عورتوں کی تصاویر فیس بک یا دوسرے سوشل میڈیا اکاؤنٹس سے اٹھا کر ان کی اس ٹیکنالوجی کے ذریعے فحش ویڈیوز بنائ جا رہی ہیں ۔ جب کہ ان بے چاروں کو بھنک تک نہیں پڑتی۔ یوں ان شریف لوگوں کو معاشرہ غلطی فہمی کی بنا پر بے غیرت کہنے لگ پڑتا ہے۔ اس ٹیکنالوی کو بند کرنے کے خاطر خواہ اقدامات فی الحال نہیں ہوے ۔ البتہ فیس بک کے مالک نے اس انسان کے لیے دس ملین ڈالر کا انعام رکھا ہے جو اس ٹیکنا لو جی کو ختم کر سکے ۔ مگر یہ بھی حقیقت ہے کہ اس ٹیکنالوجی کو ختم کرنا عام آدمی کے بس کی بات نہیں ۔ اس کے پیچھے بہت بڑے گروہ کا ہاتھ ہے۔ المیہ تو یہ ہے کہ ان جھوٹی ویڈیوز پر چند لمحوں میں لاکھوں ویوز ہوتے ہیں ۔ درحقیقت جب تک ہم اپنی سوچ نہیں بدلیں گے کچھ بھی بدلنا ممکن نہیں ہے۔

جتنا ہو سکے خود کو عبادات میں مشغول رکھیں اور خود کو خدا کے سپرد کر دیں ۔ اس کی ذات سے زیادہ نگہبان کوئ نہیں ۔ اللہ پاک آپ کا اور میرا حامی و ناصر ہو۔ آمین

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*White callar's Mafia's vs A common Pakistani*

*By Abdul Malik Khaqsar*

There are lot off white callar mafia's in my great and golden sparrows country pakistan some of these are kinds like (Mobile phone companies mafia's) are these farces of mobile companies’ or action of government ?

Few years ago When a common man were recharged a 100 rupees of card the tax detected 25 rupees and other balance for common Pakistani’s were 75 rupees in which when they were used 19% tax was added which were detected 15 rupees and consumer of mobile companies as common Pakistani’s have only & only 60 rupees it mean's consumers of mobiles companies had been about to pay 40 rupees to every 100 rupees recharged, There are approximately more then ten (100000000) crore’s mobile consumer's in Pakistan if five(5) crore’s consumer's had been recharged hundred (100) rupees in a day it mean's common Pakistani’s had been recharge that time five(5) billion in past few years ago now a days there are no big difference past days when masses are recharged then get 85 rupees 19% tax is added which is 15 rupees detected now, There are different terminologies used by mobiles companies have to fulfill their old requirements like no one don't know about ring tones but the mobile companies detected 1 to 2 or 5 rupees this is personal experience and if someone toked loan of 25 to 30 rupees then mobile companies detected 28 to 29 and 35 rupees behalf of services charges wherever’s common Pakistani’s recharged again automatically is detected figures are tell us that consumer's of mobiles companies in our country are padding daily basis tax of mobile recharged (1.25)billion's if it is multiply by 30 days then this recharged tax's are becomes (37.5) billion's rupees or yearly this recharged tax’s are becomes (450) billion's the question is this where were go these are all of big huge amount? or where are going now a days this amount? This is just simply calculations there are lot of different kind of package’s each and every company's have which are not concluded so I appeal to beside the common Pakistanis rural of Pakistan just checked it out deeply because there are right's of common Pakistani’s.

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