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Abioye M JR

formal Csm fetesti midfielder recently replies to a comment on his post on LinkedIn (30th Nov 2022 , 🕐1:14:09 pm) the 23 year old posted on his LinkedIn profile and a concern followers throws its shades on the player relationship....

(Flws- 💬bro you don chop am welcome to the hood.

Abioyejr- 💬lol love is crazy but it’s well.)

as reveal it all counts that the 23 years old is facing its difficult relationship and family issues, from Avas to tkashi and Romedia all headlines sending love and support.

We hope to see you recover and back on the pitch soon .

Avas tkashi

pub (DGv1)

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Filip Geanina , noua Miss Romania !!!

Totul a inceput cand tanara speranta a orasului Navodari , Filip Geanina , s'a decis sa se apuce de sport si sa aiba putin mai multa incredere in ea.

Aceasta a martutisit ca nimic din toate acestea nu ar fi fost posibile fara mintea mirobolanta a fretului sau , magnatul , Iulian Filip . In continuarea aceasta a afirmat ca nu va mai crede orice cacat gaseste pe internet .

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Abioye Mpemppe jr unsettled as slobozia out of interest amid of agent demanded transfer fee.

"According to ( Says the player intermediary/management meets with the slobozia municipal president for the transfer of the 21 years old midfielder, The president confirmed that the team cannot afford to secure the player due to financial issues says slobozia president, Further.. The player was happy to stay with us we confirmed that .

but the team was on FIFA dept and we can't afford to pay the player salary for the moment, we can only secured him if the management agreed on annual payment if this is good for the player we can secure him, we had an agreement with the ( ffR) As a Românian citizens will accept 8000 Ron monthly but as a foreigner the minimum salary was close 15000 Ron.

We can meet up annually but it could cause damage monthly.

™ Ovidu popescu reporter©

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®Mpemppe jr (liga 1) dream crashes <

The Nigerian 21 years old told acebid sport report earlier today while his team was interviews over the failed liga (2 )qualifications promotion playoffs.

... Indeed we gave everything out there , we try to convert all our chances but this is football sometimes defeat sometimes favoured, but sure we will come back stronger .

™The liga doar side unareal slobozia though season ahead continue after a poor second division campaign in 2020/2021.

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