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The HUBSAN H501SS X4 Quadcopter makes flying easy and fun for kids of all ages and experience levels! Equipped with a 1080p HD video camera and 5.8GHz transmitter (2.4GHz receiver), the ready-to-fly X4 includes a flight controller with integrated GPS for advanced autonomous features—including Automatic Return and Failsafe Mode.


Auto Return Home

Thanks to a GPS-backed navigation system, the H501SS is able to remember its "home," or takeoff point. If connection is lost with the transmitter, Failsafe Mode will engage, causing the quadcopter to automatically return to the home point and land. You can also manually trigger Failsafe Mode via a switch on the transmitter.

Altitude Mode

The H501SS can lock the drone's position and maintain a fixed altitude, allowing it to hover.

Headless Mode

Set controls to one direction based on the H501SS's current path.

Flight Transmitter with LCD Screen

The transmitter features a built-in LCD screen that displays vital flight telemetry data, long-distance control capability, and anti-interference ability. There is a microSD slot on the transmitter (card not included), allowing you to record videos and stills.

Brushless Motors

Brushless motors provide a 6-axis flight control system for better performance than their brushed counterparts.

1080 HD Camera

The built-in HD camera is designed to capture stunning pictures and videos from the skies; take selfies with orbiting and hovering flight options.

Large Battery Capacity

The 7.4V 2700mAh Li-Po Battery enables 20 minute flight on one full charge.


* Main Rotor Diameter: 7.3 inch (185mm)

* Drone Battery: 7.4V 2700mAh Li-Po Battery (included)

* Remote Controller Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh rechargeable Li-Po Battery H501S-25 (included)

* Flight Time: 20 minutes

* Charging Time: 150 minutes

* Flight distance:100-500m

* Frequency: 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz

* Weight:1500g

* Dimensions: 22*22*7 /47.5*31*15cm(L x W x H)


* H501SS X4 Quadcopter

* Remote controller

* Drone & transmitter battery

* Blade set

* Spanner

* Balance charger

* Adapter

* Manual


Inspired by the colors of the rainbow, the premium 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set is a must-have for any beauty kit and is sure to quickly become your go-to brush set for easy make-up application and a flawless appearance!

Beautifully crafted, this brush set's eco-friendly, no-scratch glittering handles are easy to hold and are guaranteed not to fade with daily use, while the pastel pink, super soft fiber bristles won't shed and promotes uniform and smooth makeup application. Safe for even sensitive skin, the luxurious feel of the Docolor brush set is sure to help keep you looking gorgeous for years to come!

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The 10-Piece Fantasy Makeup Brush Set comes with the following brushes:

1. Power Brush

2. Flat Kabuki Brush

3. Hightlight Brush

4. Concealer Brush

5. Eyeshadow Brush

6. Blending Eyeshadow Brush

7. Flat Definer Brush

8. Angled Eyebrow Brush

9. Lip Brush

10. Brow and Lash Brush

NOTE: Actual brand may vary



COVID-19 it is not a disease, it is a very strong and spreadable virus.It possible to prevent it by increasing the body's immunity.Eating proper nutritional habits can help prevent the virus by eating nutritious foods, staying physically active, meditating, controlling mental stress, getting enough sleep, and increasing your body's immune system.


Must follow under special instructions.

1.?Stay away from sneezing or coughing and wash hands after you have cough or cough.Infected with this virus and avoid ?smoking.

2.?Avoid intimacy with someone infected with this virus. If you feel that you are infected, avoid intimacy with anyone.

3.?Averything is must be well cooked and eat well.Keep the family and family hydrated at all times.

4.?Use a mask on the face and do not touch the face, eyes and nose without washing hands.Stay away from the crowds and get proper rest.

5.?Wash your hands with soap-water or sanitizer occasionally.Do not touch wild animals or livestock without shock.

6.?Eat medicines only when symptoms appear and do not allow symptoms or conditions to become serious.Try to Keep your house and home clean and use the germicidal spay to destroy the virus.

7.?Do not soak in the rain. Bath with disinfectant soap and mild hot water and drink hot water.

8.?Cannot travel to countries affected by the virus and if you cough or sneeze, cover your face first.A handshake, nose or mouth should be avoided by touching the infected person together.

9.?Talk to each other at a distance of 5 feet and walk around.Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

10.?Avoid cold water, ice cream, alcohol, smoking and processed foods.


1. Cold

You should not have colds in your body in different ways and you should not associate with a person who has a cold or flu.

2. Cough

Cover your face when you cough. Prevent coughing at home. Stay away from people with coughs.

You can also consult a doctor at the nearest hospital.

3. Fever

Corona virus infection will cause fever in your body. So keep an eye on your body so that you do not have a fever.

4. Headache

This virus infection can cause you headaches. Because on the way it will hit your respiratory tract and it will cause headaches. So you should be careful.

5. Sore throat

Drink more hot water, ginger, tea etc. to cure your sore throat.

Also keep a warm cloth around your neck.

6. Ignorance

This virus can make you unconscious in a severe stage. So treat the symptoms before the symptoms of the virus infection reach a severe stage.

6. Pneumonia and bronchitis


Coronavirus infection can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis in children, the elderly and people with low immunity. So some special symptoms can tell if you have pneumonia. For example, if you start breathing very fast with cold and fever, then it should be understood that it is not a common cold fever.

Also, if it is difficult to breathe while calm, and there is a wheezing sound when breathing, then it is a sign of pneumonia. In case of pneumonia, the stomach will enter while breathing. The nose will swell when you breathe. The area around the mouth and lips is blue, with shivering and fever. In that case go to the doctor immediately.


The virus infects the lungs on the way and causes bronchitis in children, the elderly and people with low immunity. In the early stages of the disease, runny nose, sneezing, and mild fever may occur. Subsequent coughing, frequent breathing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and even the sound of a whistle during breathing may occur.

The sufferers are restless and may have difficulty eating and sleeping due to shortness of breath. Some people have an increased heart rate with rapid breathing. It is possible to diagnose this disease by looking at the symptoms. Blood tests and chest X-rays help diagnose the disease. Anyone with acute bronchiolitis should be hospitalized even if they do not have serious complications. If necessary, paracetamol syrup should be given for oxygen, nebulization, fever.

6. Sneezing

If you are infected with this virus

There will be sneezing. You will continue to sneeze after a while. So when sneezing, cover your face and wash your hands.

9. Exhaustion

This virus will make you tired and you may feel very tired. So eat saline, don't overwork, don't worry etc.

10. Difficulty breathing

This virus attacks your airways and makes it difficult to breathe, etc. So your airways should not be allowed to be overly sensitive, you should not be allowed to smoke, you should not be allowed to catch a cold

Here are some tips from Daniel Mack to recover from COVID-19 infection.

Daniel Mack has come up with some suggestions on how to protect yourself from the Corona virus. She is OK now.

At first he was talking about a few symptoms. According to him, it would be beneficial to take action by noticing the symptoms from the first day. He described the situation from his first day.

The first day

Symptoms were sore throat, which means sore throat, sore throat or dry throat. So the fever goes away almost simultaneously with the sore throat.

The second day

Headache and dry cough with first day condition. Simultaneous shortness of breath. The brother was saying that the shortness of breath was such that it seemed that he was missing his breath at once. The fever and cough were not very high then. It was like a normal fever.

The third day

The condition was very bad in the morning. After waking up in the morning, dry throat, sore throat and heavy chest were very painful, it was like running out of oxygen.

Fourth day

The situation is very bad in the morning like the third day. With daily fever, cough, shortness of breath. But on the fourth day, it seemed that his lungs were cold, his lungs were cold. Later, of course, it is gone.

Then the rest of the days were like this.

The fifth day

As before, the situation was very bad in the morning. I was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath like every day.

The sixth day

I became restless and helpless in excruciating pain. Symptoms should be treated because it helps you and

Plays an effective role.

Seventh day

Again the situation was very bad. Now, he said, if someone has these initial symptoms of sore throat, fever, cough, then the advice for him is - these measures should be taken first.

1. Eat vitamin C. (Be sure to consult a doctor.)

2. Hot drinks. Hot drinks with tea, coffee, green tea, herbal tea, ginger, cinnamon etc. Any kind of hot drink has done him great good. He felt as if he was getting comfort after drinking something hot.

3. Steam. Take a towel over your head with very hot water in a container and inhale hot water steam. Matching comfort as well.

He regretted that if he had known from the first day it would have been very helpful, comfortable. He has known since the fifth or sixth day. Steam makes a lot of space. I have seen in some other articles about steam cleaner. The house should also be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Of course, we see that no insects can survive the steam of very hot water.

4. Gargling with hot water (reaching the throat with hot water in the mouth and throwing it again). Here too it is related to heat. As the viruses attack the throat and sinuses, taking something hot inside immediately gives relief. I am now completely healthy. It really protects you.

According to him, if these measures are started immediately, there will be a lot of comfort. There is a lot of potential to be good. So be careful. Work should be started immediately with the advice of a doctor. May Allah grant complete recovery to all.