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The Vital Role of Women in Forest Ecosystems and the Need for Gender Equality in Forest Landscape Restoration

By Tendai Gracious Moyo

Women play a critical role in forest ecosystems, providing food, water, and firewood for their families, and serving as primary users of forest resources. Their role is central to sustainable forest management.

However, cultural and social norms, legal and institutional barriers often prevent women from fully participating in forest landscape restoration, hindering their contribution to the sustainability of these ecosystems.

At Let's Green the Future Trust, promoting gender equality and women's land rights is a key priority. Women must have equal access to resources, opportunities, and control over land to participate in forest management and restoration.

To achieve gender equality in forest management, several crucial steps must be taken:

• Address cultural and social norms, such as gender roles, by working with community leaders, providing education and training to women.

• Address legal and institutional barriers by advocating for changes to laws and policies that discriminate against women and creating programs and initiatives that support their participation.

• Ensure women have equal access and control over land by advocating for changes to land tenure policies and supporting women's land rights organizations.

• Recognize and value women's contributions in forest management by highlighting their successes and achievements and providing opportunities for them to share their knowledge and experience.

• Provide access to finance to invest in businesses, equipment, and supplies.

• Strengthen women's networks to provide access to information, resources, and support.

• Engage men and boys in promoting gender equality and women's participation in forest management by raising awareness and providing education and training.

• Promote women's leadership in community organizations, government agencies, and other institutions by providing leadership training and support.

In conclusion, gender equality and women's participation in forest landscape restoration are essential for sustainable forest management. By overcoming the barriers to women's participation, promoting women's land rights, providing access to finance, strengthening their networks, engaging men and boys, and promoting women's leadership, we can create a more inclusive and equitable approach to forest landscape restoration that recognizes and values the critical role that women play in these ecosystems


The Greening Kuwadzana Project Seed Swap: A Step Towards Sustainable Living

By Tendai Gracious Moyo

On the 11th of November, 2023, the Greening Kuwadzana Project took a significant step towards promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness. They successfully hosted a seed swap event that not only facilitated the exchange of various seeds but also served as an educational platform for sharing knowledge on gardening techniques, the benefits of trees, and other sustainable practices

The Seed Swap Event

The seed swap event was not just an ordinary gathering; it was a place where community members could learn, share, and grow. The primary goal of this event was to diversify local plant life and promote biodiversity. This initiative is crucial for our environment, as biodiversity is the key to a healthy and balanced ecosystem. By exchanging different types of seeds, the event aimed at introducing a variety of plants into the local ecosystem. Participants left with diverse seeds and a head full of new knowledge and ideas to promote biodiversity in their own gardens or farms.

Promoting Sustainable Practices

Apart from seed swapping, the event also focused on promoting sustainable practices among the participants. Knowledge on gardening techniques and composting was shared among the participants. Composting is a critical aspect of sustainable living, as it reduces waste and provides nutrient-rich soil for plants. Similarly, effective gardening techniques can help in growing a healthy garden with minimal resources. Participants were also educated about the importance of these practices in achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

Environmental Awareness

The seed swap event was also a platform to raise environmental awareness. It highlighted the importance of biodiversity and sustainable living. By doing so, the event aimed at encouraging the community members to adopt greener practices in their daily lives. The participants were enlightened about the impact of their choices on the environment and how they can make a difference by choosing sustainable practices.

Community Engagement

One of the key aspects of the Greening Kuwadzana Project is community engagement. By hosting such events, the project brings together community members and encourages them to participate in greener practices. The seed swap event was a fun and educational experience for all participants. It was an opportunity for community members to contribute to a greener environment while learning about sustainable practices and biodiversity.


The Greening Kuwadzana Project’s seed swap event was a successful step towards promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness. Through such initiatives, the project aims at making a difference in the community and the environment. It is an example of how small steps can lead to significant changes in promoting a sustainable and green future.


The event was organized by Duri Green finger Nursery, Kuwadzana Press, and Let's Green the Future Trust


National Climate Change Dialogue: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future in Zimbabwe

By Tendai Gracious Moyo

Introduction Climate change is an issue of global concern, a ecting various aspects of life and requiring concerted e orts to address. This universal challenge was the focus of a significant event that took place on November 14, 2023. The event, known as the National Climate Change Dialogue, was hosted in Zimbabwe, presenting a platform for stakeholders to discuss the pressing issues of climate change a ecting the country. About the Dialogue The dialogue was hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), in partnership with the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association, Climate Action Network Zimbabwe (CANZIM), and Magamba Network. It was an honor for Let's Green The Future to be part of this important event. The dialogue attracted civil society members, academics, trade unions, youth, and women from various sectors. The broad range of participants ensured a holistic discussion on various climate change-related topics, including agriculture, loss and damage, biodiversity and ecosystems, gender, youth and women, just transitions, critical minerals and finance, mitigation, adaptation, human rights, and climate. Key Discussions The dialogue served as a platform for stakeholders to emphasize the importance of immediate action in addressing the impacts of climate change on Zimbabwe's agriculture, biodiversity, and ecosystems. Participants also highlighted the significance of genderresponsive and youth-inclusive approaches in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Notably, there was a strong call for a just transition towards a low-carbon economy, reflecting the global shift towards sustainable practices. Furthermore, the necessity of finance in supporting climate action was underlined during the dialogue. The participants recognized that financial resources play a pivotal role in implementing climate change interventions at various levels. In addition, the need to prioritize human rights in climate policy discussions was stressed, reflecting the intersectionality of climate change impacts on society. Conclusion and Recommendations Following the discussion panel, thematic groups presented their recommendations on the upcoming COP 28, thereby ensuring that Civil Society's voice is heard in international climate negotiations. The dialogue was not just a discussion platform but also a step towards securing a sustainable and resilient future for Zimbabwe. The recommendations made during the dialogue are expected to contribute significantly to Zimbabwe's approach to climate change, highlighting the importance of such discussions in shaping the country's climate policy. In summary, the National Climate Change Dialogue was a productive and collaborative e ort. It demonstrated the power of collective action in addressing climate change, highlighting the need for similar dialogues in the future. The dialogue served as a reminder of the importance of inclusivity, immediate action, and the role of finance in climate action, thus setting the tone for Zimbabwe's approach to climate change in the future.


*Poland🇵🇱 International🌍 Entertainment📺*

~ Poland International Entertainment is Instagram promoting page in Poland which was founded by Zimbabwean International Artist _Krizzy Henry cains_ on 13 January 2022 under his label _Hailey cains_ working in hand with _the helping hand_ band to promote art and all sort of good entertainment


~ Poland International Entertainment was founded 13 January 2022 by Krizzy Henry cains.

~ He was inspired by ZimCelebs from Zimbabwe & The Shaderoom from America after he saw so much talent which the Foreigners In the Poland had and they didn't really have that platform to promote their talent that's when he came with the idea of creating this promoting page.

~Krizzy Henry cains founder of Hailey cains and Sean Magavu the founder of the helping hand agreed to work in hand in promoting talent and making sure talented people like him are noticed

~Sean Magavu founder of helping hand also being the the show promoter , event organiser and Krizzy Henry cains' manager agreed to the "Krizzy Henry cains movement" and they work together in making sure the Poland foreign Entertainment goes to many places.

Type of Site : Entertainment Page

Available in : English

Email : [email protected]

Instagram Username : @poland.international_ent.

Link https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/i=iusg0e02qchm&utm_content=nmin0qj

Founder : Krizzy Henry cains

Founded : 13 January 2022

Under : Hailey cains

Purpose : Promoting Talent



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