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Avalanches is an innovative information space with thousands of latest news from your city, country and the whole world, all in one beautiful, unique and comprehensive platform, at the tips of your fingers

On our news portal you are gained access to four separate news feeds, three of which inform you of the news happening in your town of residence, your state and worldwide. The filtering of the news is done from the bottom up, which means that a local news headline that is getting a big response from the users, has the opportunity to reach country level and, if shown to be of a high significance to the readers, eventually be discussed by users worldwide. This way you aren’t just getting latest blocks of useless information, but are reading the news that actually matter for the residents of your city, compatriots, or international community.

The forth feed is fully customizable just by you, allowing you to choose which sources of information you are willing to read everyday. Now there is no need in jumping from one site to another to get the maximum amount of information and points of view from different sources. You can personalize your information space in any way possible, by subscribing to various independent writers or news outlets from all over the world, in all languages, for free.  Switch swiftly between four feeds with just one click and never miss out on anything that is happening around you. Find the news of various regions of your interest by using a location filter, navigating through news feeds of different cities in selected country. 

With Avanches, you shape your own information space by getting rid of useless social media trash, fake news and unnecessary information. It is a platform on which you can read and write about things that truly matter and share them with the right people. Gather your audience of users of the same mind and engage in discussions about significant topics. Write news headlines of your own and receive responses from an active community.  

Our team truly believes that every news is significant and is deserved to be seen, and that philosophy has become a crucial part of our product. Information is one of the most valuable things today, that is why we created a platform which allows you to be always in the know and keep track of everything important happening today. Keep abreast of time by using the most comfortable and advanced way of reading and sharing news.

Moreover, you can always be up-to-date with the weather in any city of the World.

Change the way you perceive information forever with Avalanches.