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NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures stunning image of Saturn's northern lights - firewire - SmallCapNews.co.uk

In every corner of the vast universe to which we belong, there are visual landscapes for us to enjoy. It is only necessary to move away a little from urban light pollution and look towards The sky on a clear night.

The result will be a light show through which thousands or millions of stars can be seen that make up our Milky Way.

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Mysterious signals from the space probe Voyager 1 baffled NASA scientists - teach me about science - SmallCapNews.co.uk

More than 45 years after its launch, the twin spacecraft Voyager 1 and 2 They continue their journey away from our solar system. NASA announced Recently, as scientists working with Voyager 1 try to solve a mystery, the spacecraft is sending out strange data that baffles the team.

The interstellar spacecraft operates normally, receiving and carrying out commands from Earth, as well as collecting and returning scientific data. NASA officials explain that the readings from the probe’s Attitude and Expression Control System (AACS) do not reflect what is actually happening on board.

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