Alle publikasies van Somila . Oos Londen , Republiek van Suid-A


Rising South African Music Star from East London, king Williams town.

A Musician, model, sound engineering producer, songwriter and an independent artist from Eastern Cape at East London(KingWilliamsTown), born on the 23rd July 1999 who’s birth names are Somila Mangqu and he’s artist name is Syn_som.He started doing music in 2017 when he realized that he’s rapping and singing hobby could make him something in life and change his present home situation. He recently released a featuring single in 2019 called Ukiyo with He_Aplo and Kay V, a song that was produced by Hypaphonik. Then on kthe 5th May 2020 he then released a single called Moonlight where he ponders about love, heartbreak and how he feels about the people who comes and go into his life..Now he is working on he’s first EP called Blurry emotions,  where he talks about love, broken promises and vivid feelings. The whole EP is being sound engineered and produced by himself. He’s two singles are already out on all major platforms for streaming, purchases and downloads. 

follow him on Instagram: @o_somilla_o

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