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The Reasons Why It Matters which Name You are Called

What is in a name? Perhaps, what does matter which name you bear or are called?

Take for instance the name Lucifer. You wonder why anyone would choose to be called by the name Lucifer. Meanwhile, Lucifer means something positive and great, but the first owner of the name has corrupted.

Lucifer means the light-bearer, but now, he is also known as Satan or the devil. Hence, Lucifer – the light bearer is associated to devil or anything evil.

The story of Lucifer’s metamorphosis to Satan tells us that it matters what name you bear.

Names and naming are important aspects of life and identity. It is about the first gift you get when you are born. It is also your lifelong and most essential asset, you will always carry with you.

For instance, in countries like South Africa, you can’t get an Identity Card or book without a name.

Therefore, some cultures in Africa, naming is a ceremony that is not taken lightly. Some families perform rituals according to the family traditions on a particularly day- usually eighth or seventh day after a child is born.

Some of the Christian faith names their child in a ceremony that happens on the seventh in accordance with the adopted Jewish tradition- when a child is circumcised.

It is believed a child begins his/her life’s journey the day he/she is named because the name gives him/her identity as a full human being.

Popular belief about names suggests that you are what you are called. In other words, you are your name.

Perhaps, if you are called Goodluck, for instance, all things being equal, you should experience good luck in your life more than often.

More than that.

Other belief indicates your name inspires you and express the core of your being.

Hence, every time someone calls you good luck, you answer. You are good luck. Imagine being called a name without meaning or a name that means sadness or pain (if translated from local language to English), every time someone calls you and you answer, you affirm and confirm that you are sadness or pain.

Take example of Jesus which means saviour. He practically lived his name as a saviour of the world.

But someone would counter and say, this doesn’t work for me; 'my name is just a name.'

Yes, you are right.

The truth is what you don’t know don’t work for you; what you don’t acknowledge or recognize would hardly work. Even if it works, you wouldn’t be able to make the link.

What is however key about names is what meaning the name carries or the meaning the attached to the name. Hence, forever Lucifer which means light-bearer is forever tainted as evil even when it does not mean evil originally.

Hence, it is said a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches.

You see, your name is all you got. It is your number one identity. It represents you even when you are absent. It goes ahead of you and you leave behind where you are.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your name is not dragged in the mud or tainted like Lucifer. It was once a great name, but when Lucifer fell from grace to grass, he lost his name. Even though he is called Lucifer-the light bearer, he no longer carries the light anymore.

Also, evaluate your current name and it is meaning. if it is negative or meaningless, you may want to consider changing it and get an empowering name.

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COVID-19 and Obesity: What Overweight people should know

There are worrying concerns that there is a close association of obesity and COVID-19 in the sense of complications and even death among people infected with the virus, says a report by the World Obesity organisation and a UK-based organisaiton, Public Health England-PHE.

Like many other illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, opportunistic diseases contribute to a patient will dying quickly from a health condition that may not have resulted in death. Health experts have discovered this is possible even in the case of COVID-19.

For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that heart disease, high blood pressure and high sugar are some of the health conditions associated with high complications of in COVID-19 patients.

In this regard, health researchers have also observed that obesity-related conditions may worsen the effects of COVID-19 in patients suffering from the virus, says a report by World Obesity organization.

The organization is concerned about the high rate of obesity globally saying a high percentage of people who will contract the virus, may be among those who are obese (with a Body Mass Index-BMI of 30-40).

PHE’s findings show that risk of death from COVID-19 for people with obesity is higher compared to those with normal or healthier body weight.

One of the reasons forwarded by World Obesity is that it is challenging to intubate (the process of inserting a tube into a person for ventilation) patients with obesity if they require intensive care because of COVID-19 since ventilation is primary need of COVID-19 patients.

Also, obesity makes obtaining diagnostic imaging a challenge because of these imaging machines have weight limits, and usually average obese person may weigh higher than the weight limits.

In addition, health care workers face audacious tasks of positioning and transporting obese people in ICUs because of the burden of their weights.

Worse still, the concern also borders on the inadequate healthcare facilities such as special beds and other patients transporting equipment which may not be available or adequate in many hospitals in different countries.

According to a MAPPS study conducted by the World Obesity and reported in the Clinical Obesity journal, most national health care systems around the world are not necessarily set up to cater for the special needs of patients with obesity, and COVID-19 is highlighting this inadequacies and limitations.

Just like the pandemic is exposing the cracks and gaps in many countries’ national health care systems.

There is also a concern that the pandemic and regulations put in place to curb its spread and infection may have negative impact in the sense that it will have an impact on mobility and enforced physical inactivity even for short periods of time increases the risk of metabolic disease, World Obesity reports.

In other words, lack of adequate bodily movement in form of physical exercises, for instance, may make people to be prone to obesity as they gain extra weight staying at home.

Also, experts have also notice that the need for self-isolation in cases of suspected infection, causes people to adapt to eating processed and canned food instead of fresh produce.

It is believed that if such lifestyle persists, patients and even healthy people may have weight increase bordering on obesity.

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5 People killed in a Johannesburg Church shooting and hostage drama


Five People killed in a Johannesburg Church shooting and hostage drama

The South African Police Service in Gauteng has reported a hostage situation and shooting in a church near Johannesburg.

SAPS reported that it was alerted of the incident early hours of today. The incident took place at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church in Zuurbekom, Westonaria near Johannesburg.

According to the police report, the crime scene painted a picture of a siege on the House of God as the worship place was turned to war zone. The Gauteng Police said thirty (30) suspects were arrested at the scene of the crime, while more than twenty-five (25) firearms were seized.

Exchange of shooting has led to five (5) fatalities on the side of the assailants. At the time of the report, Police said the scene is still active with SAPS Hostage negotiators.

It is alleged that the shooting and hostage are connected to the ongoing leadership tussle among three factions in the church who are contending to succeed the leader of the church, Leonard Modise. Hence, observers believed this is a violent takeover from one of the factions.

Leadership battle at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church is said to have started after the death of the late leader Glayton Modise.

Some months ago, one of the prominent leaders of the church was said to have been wounded with gunshot in a driveway shooting. It was also alleged that the shooting is somehow related to the leadership tussle in the church.

The International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) or simply Pentecostal Holiness Church (PHC) is a Pentecostal Christian denomination founded in 1911 with the merger of two older denominations. including affiliates. The church boasts of over a million membership.

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